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Baltimore Police Video. Hundreds of Black Teenagers Attack Random White People. Memorial Day Weekend

This happened in Baltimore over the memorial day weekend. Watch this in case it gets taken down. Only 6 teenagers were arrested out of hundreds. The people in the video … Continue reading

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Why Did Bob Mueller Slam His Head Into a Wall?

What was his name again? Ah, yes, Bob Muller. If he had anything to bring to the table, he would have done so by now. The Muller Saga Abridged -Muller’s … Continue reading

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Fresh Pics of Touchy Feely Joe Biden

Lock your doors and hide your kids. He’s not done touching, groping, and feeling yet.

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China’s Proposed Credit Score System. S Class Heroes Earn Top Marks.

It’s like the ten commandments with a focus on Government and Citizen cohesion.

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If You Know What I Mean

Even before John McCain’s death, I had already contemplated dedicating monthly anniversary posts, reminding people of all the vile things that the man stood for. So after he died, I … Continue reading

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WTF, I’m a Cruz Missile Now!

The immigration issue will always cause people to claim “RACE.” But because for decades, none of this has ever solved the issue, you must go back to basics. A merit … Continue reading

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Weird. Why Didn’t Slate Publish Disparaging Articles on Sex/Grooming Cult NXIVM?

“Slumming it” can be fun.  It’s when you purposely avoid premium news sites, to go and read emasculating articles in a bid to feel a little bit of fake humility. … Continue reading

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Someone Behind the Scenes Was Pushing Iran to “”((Resist))””

This explains Rouhani’s repeated usage of the word “resist” which is popular inside of Democrat circles. This action benefited the Democrats because it undermined Trump’s call for negotiations. This also … Continue reading

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Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged.

The Israeli military had originally claimed that only Palestinians set fire to West Bank fields, but changed versions after video released by NGO B’Tselem showed otherwise The Israeli military admitted … Continue reading

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Breakthrough. Rouhani Tells Us What is on His Mind.

The latest from President Rouhani. The JCPOA strikes me as the most important issue on president Rouhani’s mind. It means that nuclear power is what this phone tag conversation is … Continue reading

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Abortion Memes Posted By Mainstream Normies on Social Media

Yeetus! He must work out! Pro abortion women are soulless robotic vessels. Excuse me but no-one wants to have anything to do with your body. Make way for experimental facial … Continue reading

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Why is Iran so Afraid of Talking to Trump?

It’s because peace would result in Iran being deprived of a reason for building nukes. There’s coal, solar, and a plethora of green alternatives that Germany could provide Iran with … Continue reading

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Caribbean Ninja Pets Sharks

Check out this cool wildlife activist removing hooks from sharks. What a cute hobby! Christina Zenato is known as the Shark Whisperer. 22 years of experience with sharks. If space … Continue reading

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The Price of Peace is Very Cheap. The Iran Phone Call.

Everyone’s buying tanks, jet fighters, and bullets. Everyone’s selling arms, services, and rumors. It’s a war preparation and so all the prices are expensive. But peace is an overlooked commodity. … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Dip by Grandma.

  I was starving, so naturally I went to Youtube looking for a recipe. I came across this…

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Vice Media Loses Tons of Money

Well, they have been pushing drugs, polygamy, racism, and unhealthy propaganda for years. It’s not a big mystery why they would lose money. Walt Disney Co. wrote down its investment … Continue reading

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Point Goes to President Trump on This One. The Iran Phone Call.

On Thursday, President Trump extended an olive branch to Iran by hinting that he was open talking things out with maybe Zarif or Rouhani. And accusations have been flying … Continue reading

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Urgent. Peace Talks Happening?

If I had the ability to convince the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to extend an olive branch to the Israelis as a first approach towards peace, I … Continue reading

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The War May Have Already Started. US or Israel Possibly Using ECM’s at or Near Iran.

An Airbus A-340-313 disappears from radar over Iranian airspace. French and Indian nationals endangered. This is just speculation but this could be a test run of ECMs being used by … Continue reading

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Netanyahu: America is Easy. Won’t Get in His Way. Clap Clap. Standing Ovation.

Hey guys and gals. Check out what Netanyahu thinks about congress’ unconditional support for Netanyahu. Video 1 Here’s where the quote came from. Screencaps of the conversation. Video 2. Here’s … Continue reading

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Positive Opinion of Iran Increasing. Negative Opinion of Israel Increasing.

If you had asked me two years ago if a Trump presidency would have made this possible, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yay! Also, if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, now … Continue reading

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Before Discord, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Can you believe that this came out in 2003? This was before internet conspiracy theories. The tinfoil hatters you knew wore trench coats, and they had Faraday cages encapsulating their … Continue reading

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Sonic the Movie

This is my reaction to the new movie about to come out about Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s been so long since I first played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega … Continue reading

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Isn’t That Odd. Take a Look at What the Police Found on Social Media

1:09:10 Look at the flag. Isn’t it peculiar that this would appear on a continent thousands and thousands of miles away? Terrorism has a long reach! 25:55 Jesus is watching … Continue reading

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US Backed Prison Escapees Use Live Fire in Retaliation to Police Teargas. Venezuela.

4:14 The Venezuelan armed forces fired teargas. Guaido’s soldiers returned live fire. 8:57 First Lieutenant Betarmin reports that Guidoo tricked Venezuelan soldiers to deliver a thousand rifles to Tocoron prison. … Continue reading

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Crack Coke Weed of the USA

The latest shill to hit the underground is accusing Venezuela of drug trafficking. These are talking points disbursed through yellow sticky notes to make the talk of the day all … Continue reading

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Venezuela Endures America’s Assault. Guaido’s Coup Fails Yet Again.

Imagine being Guido, riling Venezuelan rebels up and using them as meatshields while sitting in an air conditioned RV and sipping champagne with the Venezuelan cleptomaniac oligarchs. Poor rebels, they … Continue reading

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Theresa May Fires Gavin Williamson

Theresa May has done something tremendous. She has sacked Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. From Sputnik Compelling evidence indicating that UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was behind the Huawei leak led to Prime … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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