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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Before Discord, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Can you believe that this came out in 2003? This was before internet conspiracy theories. The tinfoil hatters you knew wore trench coats, and they had Faraday cages encapsulating their households. They were outcasts and were treated as such because gang stalking was a real thing. The spooks would follow you and throw hints at you to let you know that they were on your tail. On purpose. To make you paranoid.

The thing was, the only way you could do research on conspiracy theories back then was to read, read, and read.  This is not to say that all books are trustworthy. You just take a look at some of the most disingenuous people in this world and you know that what they wrote was total fiction.

But if you did read, you got an insight into how their brains worked and with this you understood better why politicians and military commanders react the way they do to certain things. You end up piecing things for yourself.

Here’s proof that the US is not yet energy independent. That the US still depends heavily on oil imports. Not so much for domestic consumption but for resale and market control. This explains why Aramco stocks are shrouded in mystery and why Venezuela appears to be a target.

Some people theorize that the US plans to pilfer Venezuela’s stocks to prop up Aramco because Aramco’s stocks are depleted. In exchange, Saudi Arabia will play foster parents to Palestinian refugees. You can guess what Israel’s role is in “creating” Palestinian refugees.

The King of Jordan is the defacto caretaker/steward of the Jerusalem temple. He’s bound by tradition to protect it. But the US has been plying him tricks AND treats as of late, because part of the peace plan is to displace Palestinians to Jordan.

And it’s a strange thing. The US “needs” oil to keep a vexed grip on the global money flow. There’s plenty of oil that Iran wants to sell. Perhaps if America truly wants sage status and truly wants to appear to be brotherly, he would use brotherly diplomacy to resolve his disputes with Iran, rather than ratcheting up tensions. Wouldn’t that be an achievement? Hmmm?


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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