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Weird. Why Didn’t Slate Publish Disparaging Articles on Sex/Grooming Cult NXIVM?

“Slumming it” can be fun.  It’s when you purposely avoid premium news sites, to go and read emasculating articles in a bid to feel a little bit of fake humility. And I thought Slate would be the perfect place for it.

I was looking at the landing page. Looking. Looking. And then I noticed a very snarky headline on the sidebar. I couldn’t resist so I clicked.

Weird indeed.

Thursday as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York’s Southern District announced charges against Stephen Calk, the CEO of Federal Savings Bank. Calk is accused of facilitating loans in 2016 to Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, that Manafort might otherwise not have qualified for because he was on the verge of going broke—and Manafort, the feds say, paid Calk back by getting him a spot on the Trump campaign’s economic advisory committee and, later, recommending that the Trump transition team consider him for the position of undersecretary of the Army.

Nevermind that it was a Manafort/Caulk thing and not a Trump/Caulk thing, but it wasn’t even close to being a Trump thing. It was a Manafort/Transition team/Caulk thing.

And Manafort was working for Israel during the Maidan war, which is what Manafort’s whole indictment was about. (Because Obama was on Yatsenyuk’s and Tymoshenko’s side, while Manafort was on the Ukraine President’s (Yanukovich) side.)

But Slate would call that “grasping at Straws,” and so we’re not going to say it.

Why did Slate just pretend that bribes and corruption aren’t ubiquitous in all politics?

First you have to look at Slate’s target audience. Nobody talks like this except for douchebags.

-I, for one, am.-

Why make it more complicated than you have to when all you had to say was: “I’m disappointed?”

“I, for one, am” is like telling the choir that you’re preaching to that you are different from them somehow. It’s illogical.

This is Slate’s target audience. Reddit.

They all talk like this. Trust me.

But Slate has a lot of other freaky stuff too!

Especially the advice column. It’s full of amateur pornstar role players! This site is a sanctuary city for spit swapping and gangbangs!

Dear How to Do It,

When I had sex with my first boyfriend when I was 17, he came very quickly, within a minute. He was embarrassed. I told him it was normal—I think I confidently asserted…

The other thing is, I started to really love this. It turned me on so much that he couldn’t help but lose it with me. We did plenty of foreplay—with me barely touching his penis, granted…

Well, we broke up last summer…My problem is that I miss my two-pump chump, so to speak…my vagina gets pretty tired after a few minutes!

 I find myself seeking out premature ejaculation porn…I’ve had about a half-dozen partners now and just…

If bribery and corruption is such a dilemma for Slate, then why didn’t Slate say anything about NXIVM?

Something about the Bronfmans…




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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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