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Western Style Liberalism. San Francisco’s Street Shitting Problem.

I wouldn’t have even known about this if people hadn’t been making fun of ultra liberal San Francisco. Between 2011 and 2018, San Francisco experienced a massive increase in reported … Continue reading

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The Project Veritas Video is Now Protected

Amid a record breaking slew of arrests of Democrat aligned human traffickers, the left retaliates by censoring conservative voices on social media.  The Google expose was very damaging and that’s … Continue reading

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For People Who Support a War with Iran

Note: These aren’t coming from the military industrial complex. These are coming from Iran itself.  I side with the anti-war crowd, but Iran is acting like Klingons from the 23’d … Continue reading

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Hot. The New Project Veritas Video. Google Whistleblower.

Since Youtube is now the equivalent to a foreign entity actively subverting the nation and destroying western culture from within, we won’t link to Youtube. Instead, here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Concentration Camps? Photos from 2015. (Obama Regime)

I stopped watching CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC in 2010-2011. Can you imagine how much disinfo the average person consumes just by plugging into these fake news networks? Here are … Continue reading

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Poland’s Catholics Protect Children’s Pilgrimage from LGBT Protesters.

Plus Romanian pro normalcy groups counterprotest the LGBT march in Romania. Mainstream media silent. From Lifesitenews, June 18, 2019. Hundreds of Polish Catholics protect children’s pilgrimage from LGBT marchers -CZĘSTOCHOWA, … Continue reading

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Boogers & Pubes. Facebook Contractors’ Desks Littered With Human Waste…

The slippery slope…we have gone well beyond that now fellow intrepid adventurers. From the New York Post -Employees at a Tampa, Fla., office of Cognizant, an agency Facebook contracts to … Continue reading

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The 5th Column Goes Berserk After Hearing that Trump Cancelled the Iran Strike

  Take note of who your true enemies are. Always be weary of those who cry in pain when war is averted.

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President Trump’s Tweets on Iran

“10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigrant Set for Deportation After Heinous Act on Fiancee’s Dog

Federal immigration officials lashed out at authorities in Multnomah County, Oregon, and local sanctuary laws Thursday after a man residing in the U.S. illegally was set free upon serving 60 … Continue reading

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“I Need People to Break the Laws of the Country I Swore to Protect”

By mentioning “demographics,” is Kamala Harris saying that whites need to be replaced? What a racist thing for a senator to say…that laws need to be broken in order to … Continue reading

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There are Plenty of Ways to Install Walmarts in Iran.

When talking about Iran, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying “full scale invasion.” But that’s Talmud geopolitics and that’s something that you’re not meant to hear. What … Continue reading

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With Only 2 Words, Rep Steve Smith Talks Major Trash. (And It’s Beautiful)

Dr. Pizza? Some of you might have already heard of Peter Bright, a male feminist liberal Ars Technica writer who was arrested for attempting to arrange a 7 and a … Continue reading

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Furry Fetishist Posts Aftermath of Furious Night of Lovemaking…on Twitter

NSFW – How much do you want to bet this guy is a democrat? A furry is someone who has a fetish for people who wear animal suits. These are … Continue reading

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More Police Raids As War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide — Desultory Heroics

By Caitlin Johnstone Source: The Australian Federal Police have conducted two raids on journalists and seized documents in purportedly unrelated incidents in the span of just two days. Yesterday … Continue reading

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New York Times Reporter Admits on Twitter He Made Up Novichok Story+Clinton Body Count’s Newest Victims.

Hmm, the Washington Post is owned by Bezos while the NY Times is owned by Carlos Slim. I always get the two mixed up. Anyways, Julian Barnes covers the “Intelligence” … Continue reading

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Not Odd at All. Youtube Turns a Blind Eye to Hatespeech

I’ll just list a few lines off of one of Eminem’s songs, and we can count together how many times in one song he violates Youtube’s standards of conduct.  This … Continue reading

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Old Movie Review. Don’t Call me Grandpa.

Movie night. My friends and I would gather for half off Wednesdays. Our cars were minty, we had on our freshest gear, everybody showered, and it was always the liveliest … Continue reading

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Transcript in Mueller’s Investigation Doctored + How Much Bait Did Hillary Really Use?

So now that Muller has resigned, multiple cracks in the investigation are beginning to show.  First one is this transcript.  The original message was in a tone that sought to … Continue reading

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Snapchat Releases a Filter That Says “Love Has No Age”

R Kelly would love this. For “Pride Month” Snapchat unwittingly reveals an LGBT agenda which seeks to normalize adult to child relationships.  They don’t talk about it openly, but it … Continue reading

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Akira Toriyama Knighted by France

By Lynzee Loveridge at the Anime News Network The French government conferred the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) decoration … Continue reading

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Baltimore Incident Picking Up Traction. Whites Assaulted at Random. Racially Profiled.

The incident that occurred over the memorial day weekend is slowly picking up steam on Twitter.  White people were targetted for their skin color as hundreds of youths rampaged the … Continue reading

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The US Takes the High Ground. Pompeo is Advancing as a Skilled Statesman.

Big shift in the international scene. Pompeo employs sophisticated strategies, while Iran continues to regress. Here’s the proof. Pretty soon public perception of Iran will collapse and they will be … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Irrepairable Change is Bad. Memes are an Endangered Species.

Before 2016, the internet was ablaze with Hill memes. Congress, pundits, peasantry, they all grilled Hillary. Now there is only silence. Celebrities, congressmen, lawyers, police, and judges all live in … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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