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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

San Francisco. What Memories!

There are a ton of people who were born after Facebook came out!   I’m so glad that I’m not on Facebook! I can imagine the pressure of keeping up appearances; you brawling with others over whose opinions are loudest.  Highschool without the internet was traumatic enough; imagine the self imposed incarcerations of tens of millions of millennials and Gen Z’ers, in a virtual cage replete with it’s own unique cacophony of social norms and expectations.

When I was very young, it was urban gnosis in San Francisco that you would get shot if you cut people off.  There were many incidents of people just snapping from roadrage. Many people hinged the sanctity of their motorist beliefs on really stupid things.  It was sacrilege to change lanes without your blinkers, you were forbidden to go below the speed limit on the fast lane, the HOV lane is not for blow up dolls, etc. And people greedily enforced these rules by killing other motorists. Yep that wasn’t one of San Francisco’s golden ages.

This was also around the time when the word “LGBT” was commonly referred to as “homo.” There was no “LGBT” back then.  The homosexual trend extended only as far as crossdressing and latex fetishes, and no further.  I asked a family member what all those rainbow flags hoisted up on people’s patios meant, and I was told that it meant that a homosexual person was living there. But it wasn’t a big deal. These things didn’t have a negative impact on the city; everyone conducted themselves very un-abnormally. Cross-dressing was entertainment, homosexuality was comedic trope. Even members of the homosexual community were happy with this arrangement because they were making money by being actors and entertainers. In that era they were considered unique.

Oh, what else do I remember about San Francisco.

Oh geeze, San Francisco was so windy. It didn’t matter that San Francisco was on the 36th parallel. It could be a sunny day in SF in spring and you would still freeze your ass off due to the wind. If you had a sweater on, that wouldn’t help. You needed a windbreaker to combat the wind. I used to love going to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was icy cold and it smelled like fish, but it was like DisneyLand without Mickey. You know it felt like stepping into another world with all its boats and old buildings.

And San Francisco’s trams. How could you not love the trams.

I remember this one afternoon, I was flailing my arms talking to my friend, when I accidentally smacked a woman’s boobs. I didn’t even see her because she was behind me. She said “hey!” But that was it. She walked away with no further incident.

You know that human arms and clavicles don’t extend past the shoulder blades right? That woman would have to have been right up next to me for my backhand to make contact with her boobs. I still don’t understand what happened that day.

San Francisco can get windy, but at night time…fuggedaboutit! The night air would freeze a mermaid’s tits off.  You couldn’t go out without your lips chapping and your ears turning beet red. The minute you stepped back indoors, you would feel as if you had been hit with a fever. But it was comfy because there was always a hot meal waiting. The smell of food. Those were good memories for me.

You know on social media, hardly anyone ever tries anything new anymore without first asking for strangers’ opinions.

-Hey what’s Facebook’s opinion on this?

-Hey someone give me a TLDR on this. (Too Long Didn’t Read)

-Hey should I buy this thing here or not?

-Hey give me the pros and cons of this!

Who among us are individuals anymore? Which one out of all of us is unique? People are simply copying each other…like software programs. Like software programs.

These kids, they will never know what it’s like to see Fisherman’s Wharf for the first time. They’ll never imagine the faces of people who live in houses with rainbow flags. They’ll never know what it’s like to have their hearts pound from accidentally smacking a woman’s boobs with their backhand. They’ll go out there with Chapsticks in hand, and toques because they’re completely unfamiliar to pain.

They’ll simply live vicariously through the written experiences of strangers on the internet.

So, forget about what I said. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry about becoming individuals and thinking for yourselves. Just obey the corporation. Censorship doesn’t hurt anybody. You know…



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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