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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

How to Redpill “Woke” Friends and Influence People. (By Jack Handey)

Let’s start off with 2 unpopular celebrities.

Bing bing bong bong.

Many radical leftists are desperately spamming Twitter with pics of Epstein posing with Trump. Let’s take a look at 4 well known lefty predators.

Here’s one more on Bree Newsome Bass.

This last one is probably the most traumatic for far leftists.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Womens Soccer Team player Rapinoe, Hillary Clinton and a short haired blonde, Chuck Schumer and Harvey Weinstein, Chuck Schumer and Weinstein again, Harold Moody and Hillary, Former Senator and SNL star Al Franken and Hillary, Hillary Schumer and Bill Cosby, Obama Weinstein and Schumer, John Conyers and Hillary, Anthony Weiner and Hillary, Hillary and Weinstein again, Bill Epstein and Hillary, Hillary, Laura Silsby, Weinstein and Hillary, Weinstein and Michelle Obama.

The woman with the red hair on the bottom is Laura silsby.







6 comments on “How to Redpill “Woke” Friends and Influence People. (By Jack Handey)

  1. Judy Eun Kyung Kim

    In my opinion they’re ALL sick predators and
    pedophiles, Trump or the Clintons, Weinstein
    and Cosby…no real difference. The game is rigged, there is no true democracy, read Chomsky he’s a truth teller but no one listens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Digital Empire

      I like Chomsky. He sounds very on point everytime I watch his videos. Especially about Palestine.

      It’s true that democracy is very elusive. Money is always at play, and power is the reward for playing. In the midst of all the blackmailing, I do believe there is a bit of leeway for one to make autonomous acts. I think we see this when Alexandra Cortez butts heads with Pelosi. Tulsi Gabbard criticizing warmongers who want war with Iran. Trump giving the Swiss embassy a phone number that the Iranians can call for peace talks. Tiny glimmers of light.

      It should be noted too that Donald Trump signed an executive order that specifically targets human rights abuses. I don’t claim to know of Trump’s past, but I’m willing to grant him points for getting the ball rolling for the arrests of all these pedophiles. I believe that there have been over 300 arrests of pedophiles and human traffickers already, and it was all kept hush hush to prevent the crminals from scattering too early. They’re cracking down on human trafficking and saving lives as a result, which I think is very good.


      • Judy Eun Kyung Kim

        I think Trump’s executive order isn’t aimed at the pedophiles who have the power enough to protect them from any law; I think anyone who has been caught, I haven’t heard specifically about 300 arrests but if that happened they were the Scapegoats. There will always be scapegoats, people low on the power scheme who can “take one for the team”, none of the real culprits in power have been brought to justice. This argument of Democrats vs Republicans is another old game, there’s no real difference between them, they are puppets of the ruling elite.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Digital Empire

        I hear that. So far, the big names haven’t yet been touched. People like Dan Schneider (Nickelodeon), Steven Spielberg (E.T.), Alan Dershowitz (O.J. Simpson’s lawyer), Bryan Singer (X-men director). All of them are Jewish interestingly.


      • Judy Eun Kyung Kim

        Well I’m not into Jewish bashing or stereotypes of them, if those celebrities are guilty they are as individuals in my opinion. I’m sure the true list of famous people who are abusers is much longer and is very diverse from All religious backgrounds/ethnicities, perverts are perverts period.


      • Digital Empire

        Oh I agree, I’m not into Jew bashing either. Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, James Gunn…Just saying. American pedophile elites with vast wealth and who occupy positions of power. Facts are facts unless we’re going to resort to calling the news organizations who have reported on these things in the past antisemites too. Or worse, to just not talk about it and keep it silent.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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