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The Word “America” is now Racist, and Monogamy is Now Bigotry?

Is anybody here in an open relationship? Lol.  Conventional wisdom leads you to believe that limiting your sexual adventures to just 1 partner would reduce the risk of contracting STDs. Right? And it works both ways because if you had a disease, you would only be giving it to your partner, and not everyone else. It makes sense right?

I don’t even have to explain this to you if you’re a scientific man or woman. I wouldn’t have to explain this to you if you were religious. It’s a god damn fact that if people fuck around, diseases spread way faster.  Just look at the headlines. Syphillis has made a hard comeback because supposedly, AIDs isn’t such a big deal anymore! Fucking AIDs pills has brought forth a new dimension of sexual spelunking, one that has caused a dramatic rise in newborns sprouting sores and adults developing brain damage!

Growing up as a kid in a liberal town, I was taught that condoms would keep you safe. Not just from unplanned pregnancies, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. Literally hammered into the school curriculum: use condoms, don’t fuck around, if you accidentally get a girl pregnant, you made a mistake. Marry her or kill yourself.  It wasn’t exactly Christian doctrine, but it ran parallel to what Christians taught their kids.  The liberal kids agreed. The conservative kids agreed.

So what happened?

Buzzword “inclusivity.” (It won’t make sense right now, but it will towards the end of this blog post.)

The Task Force on Consensual Non-Monogamy promotes awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships.

the ability to engage in desired intimacy without social and medical stigmatization is not a liberty for all. This task force seeks to address the needs of people who practice consensual non-monogamy,

A “task force” to manufacture consent. To brainwash children at a young age before they have had a chance to develop their minds,

The goal of the task force is to generate research, create resources and advocate for the inclusion of consensual non-monogamous relationships in the following four areas:

Basic and applied research
Education and training
Psychological practice
Public interest

To attack religion and to supplant it with a new age philosophy. One that makes infectious carriers become normalized.

The Task Force on Religion and Spirituality was created to encourage a confluence between sexual minority orientations and identities and religious experiences.

Preparing materials for dissemination to faith-based groups and organizations that present a religiously affirming LGBT perspective.

Advocating for the inclusion of curricular standards within training programs that address the psychology of religion, as well as working with LGBT populations within these frameworks.

Framing public policy initiatives that affirm both religion and the lives of LGBT individuals.

Oh, and an addendum that doesn’t provide any details, but caps the article off with a “fuck you you’re a racist if you don’t go along willingly.”

Task Force on Racism

Task Force on Racism contacts:

Carlton Green
Kimberly Balsam

Look at this shit. It’s the Frankfurt School resurrected.

https://  www  .apadivisions  .org/division-44/leadership/task-forces/

You’re laughing because I mentioned a “school”

Colorado State University: Terms ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ are not ‘inclusive’

The latest example of higher education employees looking for something to keep themselves occupied comes from Colorado State University where its Inclusive Communications Task Force has deemed the words “America” and “Americans” non-inclusive.

According to Campus Reform, the school’s Inclusive Language Guide lists terms and phrases to avoid and offers substitutes … all in the name of making “everyone on campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

“America” and “Americans” are on the list because “America encompasses more than just the U.S.”

“There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total,” the guide reads. “That’s why the word ‘americano’ in Spanish can refer to anything on the American continent.”

While this is true, many Latin Americans do refer to those from the United States as “americanos” or, at the very least, know the term typically refers to one from the US. “Norteamericano” is also very common, as is “estadounidense” (“one from the United States”).

Nevertheless, if you’re still determined to use “American,” the guide says you may be “eras[ing] other cultures and depict[ing] the United States as the dominant American country.”

From the story:

CSU states that the document listing terms and phrases to avoid is “not an official policy or required practice,” but rather “is intended as a resource to help our campus community reflect our Principles of Community, particularly inclusion, respect, and social justice.”

“The guide is not about political-correctness or policing grammar, but rather helping communicators practice inclusive language and helping everyone on our campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued,” the guide continues.

“The guide certainly does encompass a great deal of everyday, common expressions, and it is possible that the speech of some students will be chilled if they are confused into thinking that the document represents official policy of the university,” Azhar Majeed, spokesman for the free speech advocacy nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, told Campus Reform.

“However, given the introductory language…I think it would be unlikely that any student carefully reading the guide would be mistaken and led to believe they could face disciplinary action for their speech,” Majeed added.

Other terms/phrases to avoid include “cake walk” (invokes slavery and black minstrelry), “basket case” (originally meant a soldier in World War I who had lost all his limbs), “freshman” (it’s got “man” in it), and “Hispanic” (something to do with “colonization”; hilariously, “Latinx,” which no one knows how to pronounce let alone what it actually means, is suggested as an alternative).

https://www  .thecollegefix  .com/colorado-state-university-terms-america-and-americans-are-non-inclusive/

Just look at this shit. And they lie about it too.

“Oh it’s nothing harmful. We’re just making it sound polite so no one notices or makes a fuss about it. You silly goof. Here, have a couple of factoids for distraction.”  Tee hee wink wink. Gay hand gesture.

Here’s what a liberal rag had to say about the Frankfurt School. Vox tried to make it look as if Trump was a Frankfurt School attendee. As if it were conservative values that sought to wreak havoc on America, monogamy, and the disease free life

The Frankfurt School consisted mostly of neo-Marxists who hoped for a socialist revolution in Germany but instead got fascism in the form of the Nazi Party. Addled by their misreading of history and their failure to foresee Hitler’s rise, they developed a form of social critique known as critical theory.

Their ideas took shape when several of the critical theorists fled Nazism, landed in the US, and turned their gaze on American culture. They saw the yoke of capitalist ideology wherever they looked — in films, in radio, in poplar music, in literature. Adorno, one of the more prominent Frankfurt theorists, warned of an American “culture industry” that blurred the distinction between truth and fiction, between the commercial and the political.

https://  www  .vox  .com/conversations/2016/12/27/14038406/donald-trump-frankfurt-school-brexit-critical-theory

Just goes to show these fake news peddlers are braindead. What you just read up there, those two paragraphs, it basically says that a group of hoity toity twats saw America for the first time, and the resulting culture shock compelled them to compose something called “critical theory.”

Critical theory is the philosophy that every prevailing thing that makes a nation is wrong and that in order to twist it one must make the argument that the people are enshackled and enfeebled.

Critical theory basically tells you that “you’re too stupid to know any better, listen to us because we’re intellectuals.”

Isn’t that, in one way or another, the goal that those “task forces,” up there at the start of this article, are seeking to accomplish?

If you look at Orthodox Christianity, Catholic Christianity, or even American Christianity, they make it a point that you are 1 man, 1 woman, the traditional family. Really, it doesn’t even need to be said. It’s wisdom. 1 man, 1 woman, you end up with less diseases. Tradition.


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