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Donald Trump at Ground Zero 2 Days After 9/11 (Video)

Trump had hundreds of workers helping out at ground zero. I’m assuming that because Trump is a builder, the workers he refers to are construction people.  This is an interview with NBC news, at ground zero, two days after 9/11.

Donald Trump’s interview about 9/11 is believable, unlike Ilhan Omar’s interview about 9/11, where she pretended to know about it, but only dished out empty platitudes.

8 comments on “Donald Trump at Ground Zero 2 Days After 9/11 (Video)

  1. rebelvoiceblog

    I’m confused as to your position. You appear to be a Trump supporter and opposed to Ilhan Omar, yet are also an opponent of Israel’s brutal practices. There is a conflict there as Trump is Israel’s biggest fan and Ilhan is not. What’s the story?

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    • Digital Empire

      Well, it’s for flexibility honestly. I agree with some of the things that Trump pushes, but I also disagree with some other things. I don’t like getting caught up with the daily missives pushed by some of the more radical elements in his group. For example, like you say Israel. I’ve always opposed the brutal treatment of Palestinians. The Palestinians are suffering a great deal and I don’t like that, but it’s also because of all the lies by the IDF, their leadership, and their news media. It’s a combination of a lot of things, but mostly it’s the lies.

      I like how Trump goes after people on both sides of the aisle. It’s a refreshing change from Obama who lacked the qualities of leadership. And so things are getting done. Not everything that I like, but some things are getting done.

      And so sometimes you see me supporting Trump, and sometimes I oppose him. but by avoiding political rigidity, it gives me a lot more freedom to express my views.
      (And also, a very large chunk of Trump’s online propaganda is handled by Israelis. I’m trying to avoid all the traps)

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      • rebelvoiceblog

        Thanks for the clarification. As much as there may, possibly, perhaps, in some cases, be a tiny number of subjects in which I agree with Trump, his fascist tendencies (and they are fascist) put me off doing anything that could be interpreted as support. I also wonder why you seem to have a problem with Ilhan Omar? Do you not believe her to be ‘American’? I recommend Sarah Churchwell’s book ‘Behold America’ to get an understanding of Trump and his attacks on ‘hyphenates’ (send them back), as well as his father’s racist past bequeathed to his son.


      • Digital Empire

        This is from theGuardian
        Behold, America is an enthralling book, almost a primer for the ferocious dialectic of US politics, inspired by the events of 2015/16. It will no doubt take an influential place on a teeming shelf of Trump-lit…
        But it is also theGuardian who rails against Julian Assange, who showed us the horrors of US interventionist wars in Afghanistan. If the Guardian supports a book that was written as an angry response to one single American election, then I don’t think I should judge the book by the wild notoriety it’s receiving, nor should I take it seriously for its content, and it’s not just because of its age, but also for all the underlying things that may have led Susan Church to write it.

        From what I can gather, Behold America seeks to draw parallels between fascism, and racism with isolationism. Also from what I can gather, it seeks to draw parallels of fascism and racism with Trump, as the context of reviews such as these from theGuardian, Bloomsbury, and Google Books imply.

        Prior to the 2016 elections, Hillary was courting money from 1 Saudi Arabia, 2 Israel, 3 QATAR, 4 Oman, 5 Kuwait, 6 UAE, 7 Bahrain, 8 Algeria, 9 Germany, 10 Netherlands, 11 U.K., 12 China, etc.

        1 – 6: Funded Sunni Wahhabi extremists who eventually formed ISIS. Gave material support to ISIS. Spilled terrorism to Aus, US, UK, Rus, Can, China, France. Caused massive civilian displacement (refugees) to Europe and Asia.

        9 – 11: Promoted, allowed, and even enforced mass migration to Europe. Pushed by big money from the Open Society Foundation, owned by George Soros. George Soros self admits that he helped the Nazis capture fellow jews during WWII and “found nothing wrong with it.” Several dozen grenade attacks in Sweden by refugees. Several vehicular manslaughter attacks by refugees in the UK. Ottawa parliament attacked by ISIS. Hundreds of women raped and molested by refugees on New Years eve in Germany. ISIS holds hostage a cafe with ten civilians in Australia. Charlie Hebdo in France. Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Bataclan in France.

        They started a war in Syria, then provided the material and logistical means to transport refugees (and ISIS disguised as refugees) back to Europe and the US.

        And all this because the Sauds wanted to be the main supplier of gas the to EU, and Israel wanted to be a transit country for that gas. Syria stood in the way.

        Obama captured only the oil refineries in Syria and bombed the rest of the country. Even now the territories that are being secured by american-kurdish forces are the oil rich territories of Syria. But, Trump…

        -stopped bombing civilian areas in Syria and allowed the Syrians to take back their country. Trump gave Israel Jerusalem, but he also saved Syria from utter destruction.

        Obama, Hillary, Ilhan, they’re fascists too. Look at all the destruction their party represents. The difference is, Trump’s “Isolationism” chopped off all the tentacles that had been using America for its military might, except for two final tentacles: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Susan Church will never understand this unfortunately.

        -told Germany to build its own army
        -told the EU to pay its fair share for NATO
        -told the UK to fix it’s own problems with Iran
        -told Japan to get rid of its non aggressive military stance and to fight its own wars against S Korea China and N Korea
        -made peace with Kim Jong Un. (work in progress)
        -convinced the South and North Koreas to finally start talking
        -convinced Mexico to enforce its own borders
        -arrested 1700 pedophiles in Operation Broken Heart
        -declassified the JFK files
        -declassified some of the 9/11 files.
        -cut off funding to the White Helmets (Al Queda)

        There’s a lot more at play here, but you first have to get past the racist rapist kkk mysogynist hitler barrier in order to see.

        If you ask me why I would not support Ilhan more than Trump, well it’s simple. She is being used as a tool just like Obama was, by the Democrats, and by Nazi collaborators like Soros. She has no power, and she has no plan for fixing anything broken with foreign or domestic policies. I’ve found her to be a bad investment of my time and I shrug my shoulders when looking for reasons to support her. (Except for the Palestine thing, but good luck with trying to move that boulder).

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      • rebelvoiceblog

        Did Ilhan Omar pull your pigtails at school? You really do not let up on her, whilst at the same time you support Trump. Incredible.
        You say Trump stopped bombing in Syria? You must not watch anything other than Fox News. See link for more info.

        Here is another that shows the complete devastation of Raqqa:

        You have condemned a book without reading it. It appears that MAGA and America First are not concepts you have trouble with. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see Trump for what he is and what his father was. He is a fascist and racist. He is misogynist. He is a conniving idiot but with enough wealth to make him dangerous. He is exactly like the Clintons, Obama and the rest of them. The US has a broken political system that manages to convince people to partake. Your nation will implode eventually and disappear like many Empires before it, and it will be thanks to the Trumps and those who blindly support them.


      • Digital Empire

        Well you asked about Ilhan right? Lol. I have to wonder though, why do you make apologies for ISIS? German women raped by refugees on New Years eve, Bataclan Nightclub terror attack, Ottawa parliament terror attack, ISIS fighters disguised as refugees, Charlie Hebdo, Orlando nightclub, Lindt Cafe… Knock knock anybody home?

        Al Jazeera article: “US Military Escalates bombardment of ISIL held areas in Eastern Syria after president Trump announced troop pull out.” I think you should read that again. Or are you defending ISIS? Hmmm.

        Also, you might not even know about Hajin. The article mentions it, but it doesn’t tell you that Hajin was one of ISIS’ most important cities. That’s where all the commanders set up their base of operations at one point. Hajin is also where the CIA airlifted ISIS commanders to at one point. Hajin is also where ISIS would resupply with guns, food, money, entertainment… The CIA were caught evacuating ISIS commanders on camera. lol.

        But you won’t know any of this if all that you read are mainstream articles.

        TheGuardian article: Raqqa. It was an ISIS Stronghold. Assad, Putin, Trump, and Erdogan all bombed it at one point or another. ISIS was rallying up in Raqqa and fortifying their positions using IEDs. Raqqa was also one of ISIS’ fall back points. They would take a town, then retreat back to Raqqa. They would kill civillians, raze villages, and kidnap kids, and they would fall back to Raqqa.

        Plus, it’s theGuardian. Don’t you know that theGuardian is Zionist? You should check my blog more often to keep up to date.

        Or I guess you can stay comfortable dreaming about all the ‘evil whites’ who treat ISIS poorly, (even though the US military is multicultural). lol


      • rebelvoiceblog

        It’s sad that you fall back on Trump logic to defend your laughable position. Defend ISIS? Where? Show me one instance? (that’s rhetorical)
        Is it acceptable to carpet-bomb a city to kill ISIS members? Are children fair game for you and your kind? Trump thinks so.
        When all is said and done, you are defending a warmongering, Islamophobic, racist, misogynist, entitled bucket of shit. Now what does that say about you. This conversation has run its course. Slán abhaile.


  2. Digital Empire

    I’ve left this comment section open to show how retarded lefties are. It really wasn’t worth the effort to argue with this person because, well, derangement.

    This Rebel fagget:
    A: never read up on Ilhan Omar. Didn’t even know about her family.
    B: Isn’t up to date on the latest in Syria
    C: Is triggered by the words “Mate” and “Bro”

    I can’t compete with that. I just can’t. Besides, who would want to argue with someone prophesizing of “an implosion of a nation and all empires before it?”

    Can you say wacko?


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