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Imagine if the Chinese Government had Said Something Like this.

In our clown world, anything is possible! Absolutely! This is a mock-up of what comes out of the mouths of US senators biweekly. It’s very casual and very hard to … Continue reading

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Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojijiki Says that an “Open” Youtube is “Valuable.”

*COUGH* not sincere. Wojijiki posted a new blog post on her Googleblog Blog. Oh boy o boy! Youtube’s Susan Wojijiki did a good job banning people who practiced white supremacy, … Continue reading

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Deep State Shekel Shill Force Wrecked. China Creates 6 new FTZ’s.

6 new free trade zones are in the works. Shangdong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hebei, Yunnan, and Heilongjiang. You’ll notice that they’re all provinces that are adjacent to GuangDong where Hong Kong … Continue reading

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China Doesn’t Seem All That Worried About the Trade War

Look at that. All the way down at the bottom. Hardly even makes an impression on the readers.

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Remember How We Told You that Disney Used Shills to Make Capt Marvel Look like a Commercial Success?

Or how when Bella Thorne said that she was abused from age six to 14, Disney immediately released the Black Little Mermaid which caused a media storm that shoved Bella’s … Continue reading

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Watch. Hong Kong Protesters Attack Police Vans Like Zombies

Very peaceful protests. It’s their democratic right to protest their own backyard if they wanted to…if they had backyards. Tons of poor HK’ers live in shoebox sized appartments no larger … Continue reading

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Watch. Hong Kong Policeman Stabbed and Bloody.

It was a smokey Canton night, and in the distance a journalists pet cow was farting….  journalists write like utter douchebags. A video of a police officer who was stabed … Continue reading

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HK Protesters Try to Light Police Officers on Fire.

Aww snap bruh. Watch, there will be zero vultures @ CNN asking this guy if he would give them permission to use his video! Speechless#HKG報 #觀塘遊行 #黑衣太惡 #HongKongProtests #HongKong #HongKongProtesters … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam of the HK SAR Calls for Dialogue in HK

The term SAR stands for “Special Administrative Region,” an autonomous area of land inside China. The are two in total, Macau and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong became a special administrative … Continue reading

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Pilot Tells Passengers to “Feel Free to Talk to Hong Kong Protesters in Black Shirts.” Gets Fired

Marvelous performance. Exemplary gentleman. An airplane pilot gets on the horn and enthusiastically tells the passengers of an ongoing disruption at the airport. He minimizes the protesters’ well observed anarchistic … Continue reading

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Ben Swann: US Should Butt Out of Hong Kong’s Business

It’s not just the people around the world who find American senators disgusting, Americans find them righteously filthy too! — Jon Chan (@sumtingwong2019) August 21, 2019

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Taxi Cab Drivers in Hong Kong Do Not Fear the Protesters

Watch rabid protesters yip and yelp like the audience in Elen Degeneres’ show as they attack taxis, and steal Chinese flags. Why am I not surprised? #savehk #HongKongProtesters #HongKongProtests … Continue reading

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China Names 7 Individuals Who Called for Mass Riots. 4 Out of 7 Were in the United States.

It would be interesting to see China launch an international manhunt for these dudes, because you just know the US will spring for asylum in response. That would cement the … Continue reading

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As American Journalists Ramp Up Their Anti Hong Kong Rhetoric, Hong Kong Residents Rally to Condemn the Protests.

Restaurants, shops, and tourist sites have been negatively impacted by the protests, and so Hong Kong’s residents have united to show solidarity and support for HK’s law enforcement. This was … Continue reading

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Uh Oh. The Hong Kong Pepe Frog Girl Who Lost her Eye Wasn’t Shot by the HK Police

This explains why Twitter and Youtube simultaneously banned Chinese users from their platforms. This is supposedly viral in China right now.  You’ve seen this picture being passed around everywhere right? … Continue reading

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America’s Big Boss on the Left is Soros. (He’s Daddy Big Bux for the Sluicy Dems)

You trust Politico right? So if Politico says that Soros LOVES Pelosi, then it must be true right? Check out the picture above, and then ask yourself why China is … Continue reading

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Vice dot Com Fishes for Articles on WordPress

Yeaaaaahh boyeeee. CNN and Huffington Post are notorious for pilfering WordPress content, but it never occurred to me that Vice would do it too! Example 1 Softbois are difficult to … Continue reading

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Oh No! Trump Isn’t Acting the Way We Wanted Him To! AM LITERUHLY CRYING RIGHT NOW

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Oh What a Feeling. Dancing on the Ceiling. 4 More Years.

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Sticks, Bricks, & a Giant Slingshot. China Mocks HK Protesters with New Movie-esque Trailer

Warning: From stick to grenade launcher, their weapons are upgrading. #HongKong #香港 — China Daily (@ChinaDaily) August 21, 2019 Gotta hand it to China. They know how to stick … Continue reading

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How to Clean Your Waifu Pillow

Oh you so nasty, you greasy pervert! Yes the dirty pillow. People drool in their sleep, especially when they sleep on their sides.  So what do you do when your … Continue reading

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Extreme Violence. Video Clips of the Hong Kong Protesters.

If you have cable or whatever, honestly, to make the world better, unsubscribe. Or better yet, unplug the TV and cover it up with a cloth and leave it like … Continue reading

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470,000 Strong Crowd of Peace Demonstrators Gather to Oppose the Hong Kong Protesters (Video)

If only I could get that many people to subscribe to my blog.  Life is so unfair.

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Quick Summary of the Hillary China Connection. (Hint: It’s not China)

Here is what appears to be a quick summary of the Grassley report.  The Grassley report is the culmination of the investigation into Hillary’s missing e-mails. The consensus, it seems, … Continue reading

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Russian Police QT-3.14’s

  Why haven’t you settled down and started a family with a traditional Russian wife yet? This one’s my favorite because of her smile.

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Hillary is in Cahoots with China?

Try again right wing pundits. China skewers Hillary with this video compilation of her biggest bloopers.   How American democracy and freedom damage the world peace? #HongKong — China … Continue reading

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Meet and Greet. Why it’s Better to be Friendly

If you walk down the street from your house, do you ever say hi to the neighbors?  It’s a good way to discover who they are. This is strange behavior … Continue reading

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Reuters BTFO in the Comments. (Hong Kong)

Laserpointers, in the wrong hands, can be harmful weapons.  It’s been almost a week since I first heard of the HK protesters flashing policemen in their eyes with laser beams, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Airport Back to Normal, and the Rats are Panicking.

And of course it’s the usual list of suspects in the long line up of international criminality. Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Nikki Haley. The hong Kong airport has been … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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