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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Remember How We Told You that Disney Used Shills to Make Capt Marvel Look like a Commercial Success?

Or how when Bella Thorne said that she was abused from age six to 14, Disney immediately released the Black Little Mermaid which caused a media storm that shoved Bella’s story into oblivion?


Bella Thorne was born in 1997.

At six years old she was an extra on the set of the film Stuck on You.

Directors/producers: Peter and Bob Farrelly. Writers for Seinfeld.

Story written by: Bennet Yellin. Jewish. Charles Wessler. Jewish.

She starred in Entourage.

Producers:ย  Larry Charles. Jewish. Rob Weiss. Jewish.

She performed on the set of The OC

Created by Josh Schwartz. Jewish. Producers: Doug Liman. Jewish. Joseph McGinty. White. Dave Bartis. Unknown.

At the age of 10 she joined the cast of Dirty Sexy Money.

Producer: Bryan Singer. Sued for sexual assault of a minor. Jewish. Melissa Kellner Berman. Jewish.

Etc. etc. etc.


Stuck on You. 21st Century Fox. Parent Company: Disney.

Entourage. HBO and Warner Bros.

The OC. College Hill Pictures. Warner Bros.

Dirty Sexy Money. ABC and Warner Bros.


Walt Disney Television. Peter Rice. White. Dana Freedman Walden. Jewish.

Walt Disney company. Bog Iger. Jewish.

HBO. Bob Greenblatt. Jewish. Parent company: WarnerMedia Entertainment.

Warner Bros television. Peter Roth. Jewish.

Warner Bros entertainment. Ann Sarnoff. Jewish. Married to David Sarnoff. Jewish.

Warner Media. John Stankey. Jewish.

ABC Studios. Formerly Touchstone Television headed by David Neuman in 1997. Jewish. Touchstone was then given to Buena vista in 1998 headed by Lloyd Braun. Jewish. In 2007, Touchstone dropped Buena Vista and renamed to ABC studios.


Isn’t that weird.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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