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The Arrest of the Russian Exec – Part 2

This video on Youtube has been trending for almost 2 days now. It’s interesting because it explains why aircraft engines play such a large role in the China/US trade war.

Last time, I covered 2 articles that the RFERL had published. The RFERL is a nasty little operation that everybody should be weary of.

It all seemed innocuous at first, but then a nerd on a forum who was bragging about military spending, linking and figuratively extruding out his asshole with all these articles and shit, had alerted my internet autism to the connections between the two.

One was the arrest of a Russian aircraft exec in Italy for hiring former GE employees. He was accused of stealing intellectual property.

And two, the purchase of a Ukrainian engine factory by China. The factory is a self sustaining factory capable of building engines from scratch.

So now this video popped up yesterday. It was trending on Youtube. I didn’t want to watch it at first because I absolutely loathe anything trending on Youtube. But when I watched it, I realized that it filled in a very big piece of the puzzle.  Airline aficionados, thanks for sharing this.

According to this, Boeing and Airbus’ profits are strongly dependent on China’s airline industry. Boeing is American, and Airbus is German/French.

With the tradewar going on and threats of sanctions, Boeing stands to lose a LOT of money. A LOT, if China stops buying their product.

A number of other manufacturers are looking to fill in that gap, and I’m betting that China is making big plans to expand their own manufacturing capabilities too.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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