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Soros Loses to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Again.

Translated from Chinese:

From Observer Network News on September 17 2019, via Guancha dot CN

Hong Kong media said that Soros colluded with Li Zhiying’s chaotic port and attempted to make short-selling Hong Kong stocks.


On September 16th, Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao published an article titled “Short-selling Hong Kong stocks, raids and investment sings and cooperation with Soros’s traitors and riots,” said Hong Kong’s continued turmoil in recent months and “external forces”. The involvement was inseparable, including the “financial crocodile” Soros who had slammed Hong Kong in 1998.

However, this time, as the biggest gold master of the global color revolution, Soros has not been bargained, and its loss in Hong Kong stocks may be as high as 2.4 billion Hong Kong dollars.

However, the article quoted the news as saying that the turmoil in Hong Kong lasted for several months and the operating funds were in the form of billions of dollars. Soros is deeply involved in the current situation in Hong Kong. The financial market in Hong Kong must be prepared to prevent risks.

It is reported that the tension in Hong Kong has caused Hong Kong stocks to fall in recent months, and Soros has bought a large number of open positions.

The data shows that on August 13th, the total volume of futures and options on the HKEx and the trading volume of the mini-Hang Seng Index futures reached a new high in the T+1 period. All futures and options contracts reached 251,428, and the small Hang Seng Index futures reached 63,607. It is estimated that in 1998, the Soros group held 100,000 empty orders, which is expected to be no less than 200,000.”

The news mentioned that the number of people taking to the streets in Hong Kong dropped sharply on August 31. The government also proposed four major actions to promote dialogue on September 4, which caused Hong Kong stocks to rebound. Soros found that things were counterproductive and the situation was unfavorable. On September 5th, he began to throw out the short-selling short-term orders, in an attempt to make a final stroke.

However, on the day of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s electronic trading system failure, the suspension of trading , this move made Soros a group of shipments to escape to become “close the door to play dogs.”

“There is news that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s “take the opportunity” to play predators, and this predator is Soros who is trying to make a comeback,” the article wrote.

On the second day, the Hong Kong stock exchange resumed trading, and Hong Kong stocks continued to rise, announcing that Soros had lost again after 1998, with an estimated loss of about 2.4 billion Hong Kong dollars.

“Ta Kung Pao” pointed out that Soros has been unwilling to make a short sale in Hong Kong in 1998. This time, he will make a comeback by riots, prepare enough funds to launch a financial war, and cooperate with the “color revolution.”

According to the report, Soros used the foundation he controlled to support the recent chaotic operation through the “壹传媒” Li Zhiying, out of labor and equipment, and incited young people to go to the streets in order to keep Hong Kong turbulent and make Hong Kong’s financial market fall sharply. Even collapse, and then make huge profits.

According to reports, after the failure of short selling in 1998, he donated the “Open Society Foundation”, which was chaired by the chairman. In a 1999 report, the Foundation disclosed that the Foundation sponsored “human rights websites” in various countries and regions, including Hong Kong.

In 2015, the above-mentioned foundation was active in the Law School of the University of Hong Kong where Dai Zongting, the founder of “Zhongzhong”, and CCCL, the research center of Comparative Law and Public Law of the University of Hong Kong.

Last year, Ta Kung Pao also reported that the Hong Kong Foreign Press Conference (FCC), which promoted the “Hong Kong independence” elements, sought funding from the “Open Society Foundation” and “Yu Media” Li Zhiying, and to the Foundation. Submit a work report.

At the time, the head of the foundation in Hong Kong was named Thomas Kellogg. The latter proposed to formulate a plan to influence China’s foreign policy.

On June 6 this year, Kellogg wrote an article smearing the Fugitive Offenders (Amendment) Regulations as “legalization of kidnappings”. A few days later, Hong Kong fell into a storm that lasted for several months.

The article further pointed out that the economic damage caused by riots and disasters has gradually emerged:

Many Wall Street investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Moto have successively cut Hong Kong’s economic growth forecast and expect to fall into recession this year. Ratings Fitch also added a foothold, directly downgrading Hong Kong’s credit rating, and forecasting a chance to downgrade after half a year.

Some commentators believe that this series of actions is in line with Soros’s move. When it comes to ending the storm, Hong Kong’s financial market needs to be prepared to prevent risks.

It is worth noting that Soros, who failed short, seems to be “irritated.” On September 9, he published a column in the Wall Street Journal, clamoring that “as the founder of the Open Society Foundation, my interest in defeating China today is more than a concern for the national interests of the United States.”

Ta Kung Pao writes that since the 1980s, Soros has exported American ideology and values ​​to the world through its Soros Foundation and the Open Society Foundation.

Soros took the concept of “open society” as a signboard, using aid and poverty alleviation to set up a facade, intending to set off a “democratic wave” in countries that he considered “not enough democracy”, instigating the “color revolution”, realizing political change, and ultimately his finance. Speculation paving. Therefore, some people describe Soros as the global “golden master” of the color revolution. His tricks have also been successful in countries such as Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.

However, in recent years, some of the South-Eastern European countries that have suffered from it have seen through the tricks of Soros, and they have resisted and said no to the “color revolution.”

In 2015, Russia banned the “Open Society Foundation” in Russia and accused the Foundation of posing a threat to the fundamental system of the Russian Federation and national security. By 2017, the foundation was again boycotted by former national governments such as Romania, Hungary, Macedonia and Poland.

In 2018, the Turkish President accused Soros and his Open Society Foundation of “split and destroy” the country. The Open Society Foundation subsequently closed its offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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