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The House Impeachment Process Altered on SAME DAY as Whistleblower Complaint

The chances for Adam Schiff to be arrested just got higher. Apparently there is this thing called a House Impeachment process which outlines the procedures in which the house would take in order to impeach a federal officer.

It was revealed about a week or two ago that the Democrats had changed the whistleblower rules regarding the receipt of information from first hand to second hand.  Previously, whistleblowers needed to be actual witnesses to the crime before any of their complaints could be accepted. This was changed sometime in August to now allow hearsay and gossip to be included as official complaints.

And now we find that the House of Representatives had updated the House Impeachment process specifically on August 12, the same day that the whistleblower complaint was submitted.  How much do you want to bet that the whistleblower policy had been changed on the 12th (or possibly merely a few days after) as well?


The Conservative Treehouse reported that the House “Impeachment Process” memo was updated on August 12, 2019

We don’t know yet what exactly was changed from the previous version but can point out some observations from the document.

The first observation is that throughout the document it states that the Judiciary Committee holds the investigation, hearings and markup of articles of impeachment – but the current impeachment sham is being held by the most dishonest Representative in US history – Democrat Adam Schiff – also from Pelosi’s state of California, who oversees the Democrat’s Intelligence Committee, not Judiciary –

Next it appears that the impeachment memo now allows for receipt of information from and outside source to initiate an impeachment.  It’s not defined who that outside source can be or if that source has to recommend impeachment.  With the process memo updated August 12, 2019, a whistleblower complaint, proven false by the subsequent release of a transcript from the President, can be enough to start and impeachment.  Outrageous!

At this point the document does not define between impeaching Presidents or judges, which also is misleading –

In footnotes on page 6 of the memo, it clearly states the actions taken by Congress allowing the President’s counsel to respond to impeachment the presentation of information in the impeachment.  This was the case with Nixon and Clinton, but not now, not for President Trump –

Pelosi and Schiff’s actions concerning impeaching President Trump are outrageous.  They don’t even abide by their own process document.
President Trump is an innocent man.  He is doing great things for America.  Across the Union Americans are outraged with the corrupt, if not criminal, actions of the current Democrat House members.  Americans will not stand for this.  We demand justice and the rule of law, not the destruction to the Constitution that has been going on for the past decade under Democrats in Congress and their President Obama!

https://www  .thegatewaypundit  .com/2019/10/coup-update-pelosi-and-schiff-updated-house-impeachment-process-on-august-12-2019-the-same-day-as-whistleblower-complaint-received/

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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