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We Are at War.

Larry Johnson is a former NFL player who traversed the dark and troubled seas of fame and power.  He saw the evil and the ways that it had affected his … Continue reading

11/30/2019 · 1 Comment

Top 10 Most Difficult Piano Pieces (Video)

  Musicians are truly incredible. How do you even remember all those keys in your head? And the composers? What manner of gifted eccentricities were they born with that allowed … Continue reading

11/30/2019 · 3 Comments

The Uyghur Re-Education Camps. Where’s the Terrorism Now?

The dynamics in this internet conversation reveals the raggedness of the brainwashed psyche.  Is it not better to have peace than it is to have conflict? On September 11, 2001, … Continue reading

11/29/2019 · 1 Comment

Online Bullying? Tips for Millennials.

Online bullying. It’s when you read things online and suddenly everything becomes personal. Does he know me? How did she know one of my biggest pet peeves? In many cases … Continue reading

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Google Stadia a Disaster, and Netanyahu Indicted.

Stadia is Google’s new cloud based gaming+streaming service. You may have seen that swishy red line down at the bottom of Google’s webpage two days ago. That was Google’s low-key … Continue reading

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Canada Supports the UN Resolution that Calls for the Establishment of a Palestinian State

Winning!  Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mr Trudeau. From the GlobeandMail Nov 20 2019. Israel has condemned Canada for voting for a United Nations resolution that calls for the establishment … Continue reading

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4 Years On, and the Far Lefties (All the Way Off to the Left) Still Haven’t Learned.

This sign was meant to trick lefties into discussing the Sondland hearing. Otherwise, would they have paid any attention? Here’s a video of Sondland. Here’s what happened. Turner: “No one … Continue reading

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Pizzagate Was a Hoax. Said CNN ABC CBS & MSNBC

  8 person party showers. Reminds me of the artwork found at Podesta’s properties. The contractor claims there was a photo on show at the main house of Epstein with … Continue reading

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Prince – Electric Chair

$7.4 billion was funneled from Ukrainian taxpayers and into Franklin Templeton which is connected to the US Democratic party. All thanks to Joe and Hunter Biden. An indictment drawn up … Continue reading

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Prince – Partyman. (Video)

The head of Burisma Gas has been indicted. BNL account suspended. This is Posobiec’s account supposedly. Know who rules over you, and speak out against them. Partyman by Prince from … Continue reading

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Prince – Scandalous

  Prince – Scandalous from the Batman soundtrack in 1989.  (The one that Prince made)

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Live Palestine by Swedish Group Kofia

Not much is known about this Swedish group, except that they were from the 70’s and 80’s. That’s according to the Kofia entry on Wikipedia and LastFM. Kofia or Keffiyeh … Continue reading

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People are Already Laughing at the Anti China Senate Bill.

I think China (not the Chinese government), but the average citizens are starting to see that the US senate is nothing more than a bag of hot wind.  People are … Continue reading

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Israeli Jets Fired Missiles at 2 Locations in Southern Syria

There appears to be some manufactured hype on the internet about this event. Most of the time we only get the names of the towns where these things happen and … Continue reading

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HK Protesters Hid in Sewers Until the Smell Overwhelmed Them

Then they were forced to call an ambulance. Ironically enough, protesters had thrown bricks at an ambulance last night. Genius #hongkong future leaders – #hongkongprotestors/#hongkongterrorists tried to escape @HongKongPolyU thro … Continue reading

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Haaretz: The Year #MeToo Rocked and Shocked the Jewish World

-Over the past year, a high number of powerful Jewish men have been accused of sexual misconduct. While it has provided fodder for anti-Semites, activists say addressing the problem is … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Protesters Caught with Improvised Explosive Devices

Plenty of things have happened in Hong Kong since the last time I checked. On Nov 10, Hong Kong protesters doused a man with flammable liquid and set him on … Continue reading

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Awesome Streetfight Between a Little Guy and an Old Man.

Skip to 0:51 for the big slap. Soft millennials don’t know that tatoos weren’t simply vanity items back in the 90’s.

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A Case for Esau (Part 3)

Diamonds are forever, but God’s curses last even longer. We saw in part 2 that Jacob had cursed himself in front of the Lord by tricking Isaac. Despite of this, … Continue reading

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Diogenes VS Plato

Plato was discoursing on his theory of ideas and, pointing to the cups on the table before him, said while there are many cups in the world, there is only … Continue reading

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Shem, the Ancestor of all the Sons of Eber (Part 2)

These bible stories are all so beautiful, people need to read them more often. And children were born also to Shem, the father of all the children of Eber, the … Continue reading

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Skepticism of Palestine’s Right to Exist (Part 1)

There is this longstanding ritual of claims that Palestine had never been an actual place, or that it was simply a creation from the minds of muslims who were unfortunate … Continue reading

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Contemporary Commentary

This even applies to extremely powerful people like the Austrian Chancellor Sebastien Kurz and lesser rabble rousers like Katie Hopkins.  This also applies to popular celebrities like Taylor Swift, even … Continue reading

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Israeli Jets Strike ICHR Building as a Warning to Human Rights Activists

Isn’t it strange that these clowns are never trending on Twitter, until the IDF needs “experts” to obfuscate all the missiles and the bombings? “We are all fine,” says Mustafa … Continue reading

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Terrorism Strikes Again. Israeli Jets Fire Missiles at Residential Building

And as usual, the Israel shills on Twitter are claiming that the building was hiding behind civilians.

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Democratic Strategist: We’re All Russian Plants

Staunch anti-Trump media theHill backs Tulsi Gabbard over Joy Behar on theView. Joy Behar is a low information Zionist warmonger who constantly pushes for war in the middle east. What’s … Continue reading

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Israeli Soldiers Set Fire to Man’s House, Then Shoots Owner Trying to Put it Out.

I’ve never seen soldiers move like sissies before. I wonder if Nazi soldiers were the same. Israeli soldiers today shot Omar Badawi (22) who was rushing to put out a … Continue reading

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Closure. MI-6 Al-Queda Leader Swan Dived Off Balcony (White Helmets BTFO)

A former British army officer, who helped start the “White Helmets”, an emergency response group in Syria, has been found dead near his home in Istanbul, just days after the … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Leave Youtube!

It’s a good time to leave Youtube! Coming very soon, Youtube will change its user agreement policies, and in this new contract, all Youtubers will be forced to consent to … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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