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Skepticism of Palestine’s Right to Exist (Part 1)

There is this longstanding ritual of claims that Palestine had never been an actual place, or that it was simply a creation from the minds of muslims who were unfortunate enough to have been in that patch of land, that the bible once referred to as Israel and Judea.

To give a bit of backstory here, the land of Israel was the northern half of modern day Palestine, and Judea was the southern part of modern day Palestine, in the bible.

In the story of Noah (the great flood), 3 of his sons bore the names of Shem, Ham and Japeth.

The 3 sons each had their descendants spread throughout the middle east into 3 distinct territories.

This is a map from the Historical Textbook and Atlas of Biblical Geography. In here we see that Turkey was the land of the Japethites; Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia were the land of the Semites; and Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Ethiopia were the land of the Hamites.

Noah’s son Shem is where we get the word “Semites.” In biblical terms, the Saudis, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians are authentically semites.

But Noah came from a time before Judaism. Noah and the great flood was also before Christianity. Noah was neither a Jew or a Canaanite, because these terms did not exist in Noah’s time.

Christianity  0 century BC.

Christianity started with Jesus Christ in 0 century BC.  Christianity was a new covenant with God, which is separate but similar, to the old religion of bronze age/iron age Judaism.  Christianity holds that the Old testament and the New testament are both the word of God.

Judaism  Bronze Age/Iron Age (3300-500 BC)

Judaism was at first a mixture of Canaanite polytheistic worship and Yahwehism. At its core, early Judaism was a Canaanite religion, and it was only made distinct in the Iron age (1200 – 500 BC), when the religion switched fully into Yahwehism.

Canaan is that whole section of land where modern day Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria exists today.

Yahweh was one of a pantheon of Gods known as the Elohim. Canaanite worship of the Elohim means that Yahwehism has its roots in Polytheism.

Yahwehism was the religion of the Hebrews, the Judeans, and the Israelites.

The term Judaism first appeared in the Greek book of Macabees, in 2nd century BC (200 BC).

“Judaism” in the book of Macabees meant “to side with the Judeans.” In wider terms, “Judaism” in that particular zeitgeist meant “seeking or forming a part of cultural norms.”

The term “Judaism” in the 2nd Century did not mean “a religion called Judaism,” rather it was a loose term meant to signify an aggregate of characteristics, practices, and beliefs, that the Judeans would later call a religion.

The Hebrew language is a variant of the Phoenician language and the earliest record of written Hebrew is dated at 10th century BC (1000 years before Christ). Hebrew is a Canaanite language.

The Hebrew people existed long before the creation of Judea, and long before the existence of Yahwehism, and long before the creation of Judaism.

Rabbinic Judaism (modern day Judaism) (600 AD)

Rabbinic Judaism is the modern day equivalent of bronze age/iron age Judaism (Yahwehism). It was established by a group called the Rabbanites 600 years after Jesus. Rabbinic Judaism was formally made into a religion when the Babylonian Talmud was formally recognized.  Rabbinic Judaism does not hold Jesus as the son of God and is therefore incompatible with Christianity.


The Talmud is Rabbinic Judaism’s bible.  It is the central, most important book, of Rabbinic Judaism. The Talmud is the successor to the Babylonian Talmud.

The Talmud is different from the Torah (another pillar in Judaism). The Torah is the collection of oral traditions of the Hebrews. The Torah (oral word) only transitioned into written form in 70 AD. 70 years after Christ.

The Talmud contains verses which strictly singles out Jesus as an antagonist. Meaning that Judaism is extremely incompatible with Christianity. In the Talmud, Jesus is referred to as a sinner “who was sent to hell to boil in excrement for eternity.”

In the Talmud, Mary is written as a hairdresser who was a prostitute.  The Talmud also replaces Joseph (the carpenter) with a Talmudian character called “Ben Stada.”

You can almost feel the anger, the malice, and jealousy of the Talmud, as the Talmud was written in full knowledge of Jesus’ divinity, and in full knowledge of the new Christian covenant with God.  The Talmud’s authors could not even bring themselves to write the words “Joseph” or even “Jesus,” and the only tangential recourse they could make in referencing their adversary was to keep the name “Mary” Talmudically canonical.

End of Part 1

Part 2  <–WP reader friendly

Part 2  <–Direct link to blog post


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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