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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Latest Happenings Tuesday Evening.

Au contraire mon Capitan! He’s back!

The US house sanctions China for human rights reasons over Xinjiang’s vocational camps.  China plans to release a blacklist of Americans in retaliation for the sanctions.   China is blowing a lot of smoke but remains unperturbed.  Sanctions only means that the US can’t eat at the same dinner table with China anymore.

You know, to make the counter-sanctions stick, they have to be selectively inclusive and diversity oriented. Countersanctioning only the goys won’t hurt as much.

Neo Nazis spotted in Hong Kong

Azov Battalion members showed up to Hong Kong in support of the Hong Kong protesters.  A noname pundit then posts on Twitter claiming that the Azov Battalion were under orders by Russia to throw shade on the Hong Kong protests.  He doesn’t know that in 2014 and 2015, a great number of Azov soldiers got puree’d on the battlefield going up against the Novorossiyans, and the Novorossiyans are allied with Russia.

The Hong Kong protesters embraced the prospect of having Neo Nazis bolster their ranks.

Even crazy cat lady Louise Mensch chimed in. She was angry because Aric Toller and Bellingcat both confirmed publicly that the Azovs were Neo Nazis.

Aric Toller and Bellingcat are famous trolls who claim to be civilian researchers. In reality they are GCHQ contractors.

And of course every one on Twitter is now calling him and Louise “Galaxy Brains.”

Louise Mensch and Bellingcat both hate Trump. They both claim that Trump is a Russian Asset.

https://  twitter  .com/JamesFourM/status/1201671225132470273

The Azov Battalion are a neo nazi paramilitary group funded by Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomyski.

Louise Mensch and the noname pundit’s protective reaction to this event reveals that they actually regard the HK protests as some sort of material asset that mustn’t be soiled by unvetted human elements.  This shows that there is shady international money involved in the promulgation of protester propaganda, and that the council of satanic baby eaters are extra sensitive to bad optics.

Larry Page Steps down from Alphabet

This might have to do with the dozens of antitrust lawsuits putting pressure on Google and its proxy company Alphabet. Larry Page and Sergei Brin will retain voting powers ensuring that their control over Google will remain unchanged.

Sundar Pinchai will be replacing Larry Page.

Meanwhile, people are reporting that Stadia units are overheating.  Stadia’s game library is filled with old games and they’re all overpriced. Stadia cannot stream in 4k and actually has worse graphics compared to the XboxOne and PS4.  A number of Stadia users have had resort to looking up tutorials on Youtube on how to fabricate home made heat sinks to keep their Stadia units from overheating.  Stadia is basically junkware.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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