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The Trump Impeachment Inquiry has Brought My Mum and I closer Together

For years, my mum and I have kept each other at arms length. She can never reveal her thoughts to me, and she always treats me like an adopted son. Her opinions are like guarded secrets to me. I felt that she was more open and honest to her pals she would chat with than with me her own son.

That is until the Bill Taylor and Gordon Sondland impeachment inquiry. She watched the whole thing while I couldn’t even stomach the utterance of Schiff’s “queefings.” And my mum is a lifelong liberal. She loves Ellen Degeneres, and she watches shows like Kelly Ripa and Dr Oz.

It was on that inquiry where my mum, for the first time and the only time in my entire life, shared an opinion.

She called the democrats and their BS inquiry “fucking retarded.”

I don’t think you understand. It was more likely for the weather to rain cookies than it was for her to share her thoughts, much less for those thoughts to be “they’re fucking retarded.”

She told me that those “fucking retards” were wasting people’s time with the sham impeachment. Taxpayer money and time, just for a petty power grab.

I don’t think I understand it either, but I feel okay.

2 comments on “The Trump Impeachment Inquiry has Brought My Mum and I closer Together

  1. Tim Onayemi

    Does ‘fucking retarded’ include 3 ambassadors or more, 2 attaché, 3 National Security Advisers, a Lt. Col in the US Army.

    He can be impeached for quid pro quo and for bribery and that ‘corruption’ of course is high treason.

    He can be impeached for that note that Comey who helped him win the election is out of the intelligence outfit. No cover-ups anymore.


    • Digital Empire

      3 Ambassadors:
      Taylor: Sondland told me no quid pro quo. No, at no time did I ever speak to the president personally.
      Sondland: There was no quid pro quo other than my presumptions. Trump explicitly told me no quid pro quo.
      Volker: There was no quid pro quo.

      Lt Col Vindman: My lawyer told me not to talk to my Commanding officer, so I went to talk to Schiff instead. No, Schiff never heard the phone call between Trump and Zelensky personally. Yes, the quid pro quo allegations were based on presumptions. Yes the Poroshenko government offered me a job in Ukraine, despite me being a US military officer at the time. No I never was able to secure a commanding officer’s rank past Lt Col.

      Comey: Never scanned Hillary’s servers. Allowed crowdstrike to hide the servers. Stonetear caught asking on the Reddit forums how to “Bleachbit” the email headers. Flip flopped on “classified info” and “upranked classified info.” Covered up Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton. Conspired with british spies with the Steele Dossier. “forgot” to record Hillary’s email depositions. Conspired with Strozk and Lisa Page to edit Flynn’s 302 (Felony).

      Try to keep up with the facts on the ground at least. Not 3rd hand information.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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