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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street.

Digging around a little bit, it’s interesting to find that this story may be the subject of an incredibly deceptive misrepresentation. On the morning after the New Jersey shooting, someone on the website Godlikeproductions posted a cryptic message.


The Sacred Heart school was the target.
The U-HAUL van was parked on that side of the street,

One guy ran out to light the fuse. Yes, it was that type.

The explosion was meant to have the school be evacuated when the children exited, The school is locked down 24/7. You are not getting in unless you are let in. Remeber also, the “gas leak”.

There was an interruption in the plot. This was supposed to go down like what happened at the King David Hotel in 1946. I suggest you read about that for about five minutes and you will see why this was done. The folks at the center of this want this area of New Jersey for themselves,

Someone had an issue with this last night, but remember, you dont have to believe me.

Its a shame I may find a bullet behind my ear too now.

I assure you this is coming from the front lines. And again, I am not forcing you to believe this or not. I am just trying to help you understand.

Detective Seals was loved and hated by many. He was too good. He was stopping the guns that were being supplied that caused property values to plummet. Check Zillow and see the price drops over the last 30 days in the whole area.

Gun violence was introduced to the area. Guns were supplied. Detective Seals knew too much and paid with his life,

Drug deal? Gun deal? Undercover officer exposed? Bad deal gone sour? Coverup? What were they doing in a cemetary?

Prior to arriving at the grocery store, the two suspects were in a nearby cemetery, when they were approached by Detective Joe Seal, police said. A confrontation soon followed, and Seal, a 15-year veteran of the department, was fatally shot, according to authorities.

The two attackers then drove their U-Haul “calmly” to the grocery store, Fulop said, and entered with long guns. The ensuing stand-off lasted several hours, and ended with five more people dead.

https://  gothamist  .com/news/jersey-city-shooters-targeted-jewish-deli-act-terror-officials-say

Pay attention to this part. The “grocery store.”

Toya Daniels, I believe is a black woman. Her kid goes to the Sacred Heart school.

Toya Daniels, 39, told Gothamist/WNYC that her daughter was in the Catholic school across the street from the shooting. She lives around the corner, and ran toward the shooting when she heard the gunfire. Daniels says she saw one man jump out of the U-Haul truck and open fire in all directions.

“That shit just was ricocheting hitting everything,” Daniels said. “It hit the car right here outside the Salvation Army where I was standing.”

https://  gothamist  .com/news/jersey-city-shooters-targeted-jewish-deli-act-terror-officials-say

Why was there a bomb in the truck? It all seems planned.

The U-Haul used by the two attackers contained an improvised explosive device capable of detonation, according to FBI Agent Greg Ehrie. “It was a viable device, meaning it could’ve exploded,” Ehrie told reporters during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. “Not complicated, but sophisticated in the sense that time and effort went into it.”

https://  gothamist  .com/news/jersey-city-shooters-targeted-jewish-deli-act-terror-officials-say

But aren’t the mainstream media and De Blasio and the police chief calling this a targeted “anti-semitic” attack?

The Sacred Heart school was a Catholic elementary school. Was the Catholic school just an incidental detail that nobody felt was worth mentioning?

If you look at white supremacist twitter celebs like Mark Dice, you’ll see that he tries to make it out as if whites are being improperly blamed for white supremacy. But there never were any allegations that the shooters were white for any prolonged periods of time. The identities of the shooters were kept hidden until the police chief had repositioned the narrative from being a “crime incident” to an “anti-semitic” crime.

In other words, all this muddyness, and all this obfuscation is resulting in one thing: the mainstream media is now going after the black community, not just the white community. And they’re happy that it’s turning out this way.

Listen to the local residents.

https:// twitter. com /HikindDov/status/1204806510762741760?ref_src=twsrc^tfw

Listen to how the local residents felt about the shooting. Remember, you can never get the full story from the mainstream news. You have to listen to the sentiments on the ground. What the locals really talk about at the dinner table. Why they’re angry.

This tweet by DovHikind is trying to smear the black community as if there never had been any reason for the black community to feel anger for the New Jersey shooting. Because in the mainstream media, no one else is permitted to be the victim

“We never had a shooting like this until they came”

“If this had been the other way around, theyd be killing us, and everybody who’s standing around here knows that”

“look how black people act, we can’t do it to them?”

“A civilian got hit, there’s a school right across the street, they dont give a fuck about us”

And it’s true. The Jewish press are also working overtime to make blacks look like they’re now all collectively antisemites, with tweets, retweets, and reposts of this all over conservative mainstream and alternative websites.

The focus is all on the Jewish deli, but there is hardly ever any mention of the dangers that were imposed upon actual school children and the black community.

Who owns this video?

Note that this video comes from the brand-new group established by philanthropist Ron Lauder and announced only three days ago, Americans Against Antisemitism.

https://www  .americanthinker  .com/blog/2019/12/raw_jewhatred_from_neighbors_of_jersey  _city_kosher_deli_attacked_by_black_hebrew_israelites.html

Ron Lauder of the Estee Lauder make-up empire just poured $25 million dollars into funding a massive pro jewish campaign to demonize anyone who his employees consider to be belligerent.  You can find videos of this Jewish supremacist on Youtube and the speech where he made this announcement, but I won’t link it here because of Youtube trackers.

The cryptic person posted again 29 minutes later

In the original post, it should read, the children were to be targeted as they exited after the IED was detonated. The perp ran ACROSS the street to the van.

Pay attention to the main entrance of the school. Go on Google maps and use street view. Look at where the doors are. Clear view from the Shul.

Go look into the 1946 terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel, and WHY they bombed it using the first truck bomb ever in history.
I ask you to do this as it will help you remember important details.

When history repeats, does anyone notice?

PS, 200+ rounds entered the front of that building by police. Who killed the hostages?
Sorry folks, This is real.

15 minutes later

If you are really ambitious:

Look when these people basically invaded this black community.
They supplied firearms. This can be verified with the uptick in shootings there is about the last 9-10 years. It was never like that.
Look for structure fires in the area since the exodus from Brooklyn.
Look how many are deemed “electrical”.
Look at the rise of A.S. attacks in Brooklyn, and the blacks who hate these people are behind them.
Again, property values.
Look at all the housing being erected in Jersey City and Bayonne. Look who the developers are. Look who finances these houses, condos and apartments.

This is all public record.
You may try to pass judgement on me, but facts are facts and the information is there. If you seek this, you will see a clear pattern emerge.

In the NYPD, it is common knowledge these attacks always always always occur around their holidays.
Why? Free PD security at the taxpayers expense,

Public knowledge. Seek the information and you’ll have your proof.

I need to go update my insurance policy, and I also need to create a little something now.

Oh, Veritas…. They won’t touch this with a 1,000ft pole.

The U-Haul van was NOT parked at the Jewish deli. It was parked right outside the Catholic school

https://  www  .youtube  .com/watch?v=EoeA0gRpGMI

You JUST proved my point there, without realizing it. The POLICE said the shooters ESCAPED in the U-Haul after the cemetery murder and drove it there and parked it in front of the Jewish Deli and THEN entered the deli because the deli WAS the target. So IF OP is right, that means the POLICE and LOCAL government are LYING, and that means he is connected to them and KNOWS they are lying and covering it up.

I can’t believe you guys don’t see how obvious this is.

This was supposed to be a devastating diversion from what’s going on this morning!

Consider one question…

IF they had been successful in detonating the van, what do you think the MSM would have been covering 24/7 today…the many child casualties…or the Horowitz Report Hearing?

Use your brains.


There you have it.  At first they came after the truth tellers, but I wasn’t a truth teller so I said nothing. Then they came after the anti-war activists but I wasn’t anti-war so I said nothing. Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak up for me.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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