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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Is Spiritual Capital Worth More than Quality Spiritual Investors?

This isn’t meant to spark division between Christian denominations, but I thought it would be interesting to explore this topic.  If favor from God is influenced by the number of followers that God can accrue then we need to look at the raw numbers.

I’m making a distinction here between spiritual capital and quality spiritual investors. Spiritual capital is the amount of worshippers tallied under the banner of Christianity. Quality spiritual investors are the worshippers who closely adhere to Christianity’s tenets.

Let’s say an individual considers him or herself a Christian, but he or she does not read the bible, he or she would score lower than a person who reads the bible. A person who reads the bible but does not explore the teachings, in one ear and out the other, he or she would score lower than a person who does. A person who is able to understand Christianity would score very high.

So this isn’t a perfect construct by any measure. This is simply a snapshot of my limited understanding and my attempt at organizing my scattered thoughts.


Leader: Pope Francis.

Tenet: work, mercy, and faith. To care for the poor.

1.3 billion.


Leader: No patriarch.

Tenet: saved by faith alone (Sola Scriptura).

900 million.

Eastern Orthodox

Leaders: Patriarch Bartholomew (Constantinople). Patriarch Kiril (Russia).

Tenet: Holy tradition. Not exactly sola scriptura, but not exactly by works either. God’s Word is manifested both in the scriptures themselves and in the cooperative human participation that composed them. I believe this means that the more you learn and live by Jesus’ teachings the closer you become with God.  I’m not sure if I got this right.

270 million


Leaders: Archbishop Welby (Canterbury) and Bishop Rose Wilkin (Dover).

Tenet:  By works of mercy + caring for the poor (Anglo Catholics). By faith alone (Evangelical anglicans).

110 million.

Oriental Orthodoxy

Leaders: Catholicos Aram I (Armenian). Pope Tawadros II (Coptic). Abune Merkorios (Ethiopian). Abune Dioskoros (Eritrean) (died in 2015, no current successor). Catholicos Paulose II (Malankara). Ignatius Aphrem II (Syriac).

Tenet: Complicated.

80 million

Non Trinitarian

Mormons: Ordinances are necessary for salvation (Ordaining priests, baptism, anointing the sick, continuous revelation).

Jehova’s witnesses: A mix of sola scriptura and zionism. (Armageddon is imminent and God’s kingdom must be established to solve humanity’s problems. ie. The third temple. Evangelic doom cult).

Oneness Pentecostals: Different from protestant pentecostals. The Godhead (God manifests himself in many ways). Sola Scriptura + true faith leads to repentance + full submersion water baptism + baptism in the holy spirit.

35 million


2.695 billion. Catholics make up half of all Christians.

Total world population: 7.7 billion.

The world population is increasing rapidly while Christianity’s numbers are not. So when CNN says that Christianity is in decline, they’re intentionally misleading people. Christianity is growing steadily. A more accurate argument would be to say that the population is increasing faster than Christianity is able to adapt.

Religion by the numbers

After a little bit of thought, I felt that it was unfair to constrain this to only Christians. It’s better to include the next 2 biggest religions. I need to cover all the bases, and it is sheer naivety to assume that only Christians can be considered good people. I hope that everyone understands this for the sake of humanity.


Islam has about 1.9 billion worshippers. 1.55 billion Sunni and .35 billion Shia.


1.15 billion.


2.7 billion.

Total: 5.75 billion.

5.75/7.7 = 0.746

75% of the world population belong to the big 3 religions.


We’re all familiar with the saying that it is human nature to hurt others, but we also know that the vast majority of us do not wake up every morning wishing harm upon others. We are led by circumstances and a lot of the times we end up manifesting undesirable outcomes. Evil malicious people do exist, but they are in the minority.

Just by reading the blogs on WordPress alone, I know that Islam teaches patience and good will towards others. Hinduism teaches love and kindness. Christianity from my own personal experience teaches the very same things.

Chrisianity – God

Islam – Allah

Hinduism – Vishna, Shiva, Devi, and Vishnu Shiva Devi Surya Ganesha.

As far as spiritual capital goes, we are resting on good foundations.

Quality Spiritual investors.

A part of this question was answered in the last section. I believe that most people are naturally inclined to do good. Some more than others. The ability to act as quality spiritual investors varies from person to person, and the proper way to lay this out would be to put it in the form of a visual spectrum.

Where in this spectrum would you place yourself? Personally I think I’m somewhere in the green area hovering closer to the aqua zone more than the yellow zone.  I think most of us are in this same area but that’s just my best guess.

Imagine if all 5.75 billion of us believed that wars are acts of evil? What if half of that number were people who are in the blue and purple regions? That would be 2.875 billion high quality spiritual investors wishing for wars to end, and another 2.875 billion thinking the same thing. If 80% of us were kinder egg tier, that would still make 4.6 billion people who desire world peace.  4.6 billion is still 60% of the world population.

We haven’t even mentioned the people who haven’t yet grown old enough to speak or read a language. I’m sure that there are at least 500 million newborns on this earth.

So as far as Quality Spiritual Investors go, it should still result in a spiritual harmonization this planet has never seen.

So why are there still problems in this world?

Spiritual capital is looking good. Quality spiritual investors look good. So if these two things are looking good and yet problems still persist, then something else, something worse is at play.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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