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One Hour is Long Enough for a Sabotage. 47s is Long Enough for a False Flag.

Days after the plane crash and despite the Iranian commanders admission, people everywhere are still questioning the PS752 narrative. Everyone knows that whatever deceivers like Rebel Media, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones and MSNBC are talking about, the real story resides somewhere else completely.

First off, let’s lay down some visuals to help us see things more clearly. Someone compiled a bunch of data in the first few days following the crash into a neat little infographic.

The green and red lines at the bottom represent the plane’s flight path before it was struck by a missile.  From the initial reports it was said by the Iranian side that the plane had experienced a malfunction. I believe that it was at the red line where the plane stopped communicating whether by radio or automated signals.

The second segment of the green line represents 34 seconds worth of time.

Several targets were observed in some Iranian radars.

There was a 4 hour separation in between the missile strike at the US airbase in Iraq and the crash of PS752. In that 4 hour space the US had launched several aircraft into Iran.  Drones and F35s? It would be retarded to say that the US didn’t take action.

US attacks are always preceded by electronic counter measures and radar jamming.

I found some info on multiple US aircraft(s) breaching Iranian airspace and I bookmarked it, but when I checked back on it I found that it has been deleted. There’s a big coverup happening right now. That was on another website.

This screenshot and the previous ones were from Reddit.

We also know that PS752 was delayed at the airport for 1 hour. No explanation was given for the delay as it was fully fueled for the trip to Kiev.

The 1 hour delay was confirmed by the CBC.

2,400 meters is about 7,872 feet. 8000 feet is where civillian airplanes should be.

Why was Trump and Trudeau certain that the plane had been shot down by Iran even before the facts had started pouring in? Was it because of the amateur footage that we see in the infographic? And if so, why were these people recording the pitch black sky at 6 in the morning? (6 AM in Iran is 2 AM UTC).

Did Israel sabotage PS752 and tell Trump about it? Remember the dancing Israelis?

The CBC was incorrect about the flight time. The plane took off at 6:42 AM.

I would advise against visiting Airliners dot net. I tried visiting that site but my browser stopped me.

2 minutes and 18 seconds into the flight, the transponder sent its final signal.

PS752 changed course possibly to orient itself to fly to Kiev. This explains why the Iranian commander admitted what he did and that the region of possibilities between human error and sabotage is very narrow. Did the pilot of PS752 say anything about a malfunction?

From Tehran to Kiev.

The distance between the edge of the airport and the missile strike was about 18.7 kilometers.

The distance between that cluster of missile bases and the airport is about 25 kilometers. I imagine this was set up strategically to protect the airport in the case of illegal airstrikes by Israel.

The Tor M1 has a maximum detection range of 25 kilometers.

https://www .armyrecognition .com/russia_russian_missile_system_vehicle_uk/tor-m1_9a331_sa-15_gauntlet_technical_data_sheet_specifications_information_description_pictures_uk.html

How the IFF transponder works

I had a question on whether the IFF system periodically sent out signals, and if so, what are the time intervals between each signal? I found out that the IFF works differently. The IFF responds when it is challenged, which means that the radar operator pings a target before it replies back immediately.

This is from a site called ibiblio dot org. This page talks about older iterations of IFF. The Mark III was replaced by the Mark X in 1952.

https://www. ibiblio .org/hyperwar/USN/ref/RADTHREE/RADTHREE-2.html

IFF challenges and IFF replies happen with a matter of microseconds. 1 microsecond is 1 millionth of a second.

http://www .dean-boys .com/extras/iff/iffqa.html

Current gen IFF is now at Mark XII.

https:// en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Identification_friend_or_foe

Remember that Trump had threatened to strike 52 civilian targets with disproportionate force. Without a doubt, the heightened tension in Iran was the direct result of threats of terrorism by the US.

If we refer back to this infographic, the second segment of the green line represents 34 seconds worth of time and approximately 2.9 miles.

This is noted by the time it took to traverse the green line.

The yellow lines represent the distance between the cluster of missile bases and the point of impact.

The yellow lines represent approximately 4.16 miles.

The Tor M1’s missiles have an operational speed of mach 2.8.

Mach 1 is 760 mph.

Mach 2.8 is 2,128 mph.

2,128 mph divided by 60 minutes is 35.46 miles per minute.

35.46 miles per minute divided by 60 seconds is 0.59 miles per second.

4.16 miles divided by .59 miles is 7.05 seconds.

It probably took 7 seconds for the missiles to reach PS752. (Not accounting for many other factors too complex for me to calculate given the data).

The change in course represents approximately 2.9 miles.

2.9 miles divided by 34 seconds is 0.085 miles per second.

0.085 miles per second times 60 seconds is 5.1 miles per minute.

5.1 miles per minute times 60 minutes is 306 miles per hour.

The plane was probably travelling at a speed of 306 mph.

So now the question we are left with is: what happened between the last transponder signal and the time of impact?

The red line represents approximately 2.12 miles.

306 miles per hour divided by 60 minutes is 5.1 miles per minute.

5.1 miles per minute divided by 60 seconds is 0.085 miles per second.

2.12 miles divided by 0.085 miles per second is 24.94 seconds.

The red line represents approximately 24.94 seconds worth of time.

There were 34 seconds inside the second segment of the green line, and 25 seconds in the red line. That is 54 seconds. It took approximately 7 seconds for the missiles to reach the point of impact. We have 47 seconds worth of time unaccounted for.

Is 47 seconds long enough for the US or Israel to conduct a stealth operation? In the space of 47 seconds, was there a jamming of IFF signals?  It’s a very narrow window. It’s possible. Count out loud for 47 seconds. That’s almost an eternity.

Checking back on TiborasaurusRex’s videos it appears that he has deleted his videos on Iran. In those videos he detailed how the British Empire and the United States has had a long history of using CIA to disrupt Iran’s sovereignty (from World war 1 and onto the present day).

A lot of data is being scrubbed from the internet.




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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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