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War Criminal Set Free

The horror stories you were told as a child of the atrocities commited by Nazi Germany likely pales in comparison to this one. Everything is now in crystal clear HD, and so all the grissly details are documented and corroborated by multiple witnesses, and stories like these are fresh in everyone’s minds. I’m wondering how long it will take for the deep state to manipulate this story.

The war criminal was pardoned.

Gallagher, a 19-year veteran of the Navy, has been charged with four counts of violating military law, the most serious of which is premeditated murder. On or about May 3, 2017, according to the charge sheet, Gallagher allegedly murdered a wounded ISIS fighter by stabbing him in the neck and body with a knife.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Joe Warpinski was the only witness called by the government team, led by Navy Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak.

Warpinski, who has been investigating the case since April, told the hearing officer he had taken sworn testimony from 9 members of Gallagher’s unit, SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon. According to Warpinski, the platoon was operating in Mosul alongside the Iraqi Emergency Response Division when the alleged murder occurred.

The Iraqis called in an airstrike on a building and then subsequently captured a wounded ISIS fighter, who Warpinski approximated to be about 15 years old. After the fighter was taken prisoner he was turned over to the SEALs at their compound and medics began treating him, including Gallagher.

Gallagher briefly left as other SEALs began to help with medical treatment of the fighter, who was having trouble breathing and was apparently hit with shrapnel in the left leg. But one other SEAL medic, C.S., told NCIS he believed he had just stabilized the fighter before Gallagher “walked up without saying anything at all” and started stabbing him.

C.S. told investigators it left him in “complete disbelief.”

Afterward, according to the charges, Gallagher posed next to the body and took pictures, in addition to carrying out his reenlistment ceremony.

In total, there were three eyewitnesses to the alleged murder. Others on the team or attached to it commented on other aspects to NCIS, according to Warpinski, who said that EOD Chief M.M. “couldn’t believe what had happened” to the wounded man, adding, “this was just a brainwashed kid.”

Additional details

-He was the subject in an investigation of the shooting of a young girl in Afghanistan in 2010, but was cleared of wrongdoing in it.

-He also allegedly tried to run over a Navy police officer with his car in 2014 after being detained at a traffic stop.

-The most prominent accusation and the best-attested to was the murder of a prisoner of war, a war crime.[9] A captured young fighter of the Islamic State (also known as ISIL, ISIS, and Daesh) was being treated by a medic. According to two SEAL witnesses, Gallagher said over the radio “he’s mine” and walked up to the medic and prisoner, and without saying a word killed the prisoner by stabbing him repeatedly with his hunting knife.

-Another accusation was that Gallagher’s sniper work during his 2017 deployment became indiscriminate, reckless, and bloodthirsty. He allegedly fired his rifle far more frequently than other snipers;[5] according to testimony, the other snipers in the platoon did not consider him a good sniper, and he took “random shots” into buildings

-Other snipers said they witnessed Gallagher taking at least two militarily pointless shots, shooting and killing an unarmed old man in a white robe as well as a young girl walking with other girls.

-Gallagher also was reportedly known for indiscriminately spraying neighborhoods with rockets and machine gun fire with no known enemy force in the region.

-Gallagher allegedly threatened to kill fellow SEALs if they reported his actions.

-Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas, a Republican, fiercely advocated in favor of Gallagher and wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy asking for Gallagher’s condition while detained to be improved.[8] On March 30, President Trump intervened and ordered Gallagher transferred to “less restrictive confinement” after complaints from his supporters,

Covering up the crimes.

-On June 20, 2019, during Gallagher’s trial, one of the platoon medics from Gallagher’s team testifying as a prosecution witness said that although Gallagher did stab the ISIS fighter, he did not actually kill him. The medic, Special Operator First Class Corey Scott who testified under an immunity agreement, testified that he himself had killed the wounded prisoner by covering his breathing tube and asphyxiating him.[28] Scott called it a “mercy killing” and argued that the victim would have been tortured by Iraqi personnel due to his connection to the Islamic State.[29] Prosecutors were taken by surprise, since the medic had never given this version of events to them or Navy investigators. This account was also contrary to the statements of at least seven other SEALs[30] as well as Scott’s previous statements. Because of the immunity agreement Scott cannot be prosecuted even for admitting publicly that he killed the man, though he could be prosecuted for perjury if the account is proven false

-After the trial, it was considered possible that Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, the medic whose surprise testimony undermined the prosecution’s case, would be prosecuted for perjury; however, Chief of Naval Operations John M. Richardson stripped Navy prosecutors of their authority to charge Scott with perjury.

-President Trump congratulated Gallagher on his acquittal over Twitter.[37] Four weeks later, President Trump announced over Twitter he had directed the Secretary of the Navy to revoke Navy Achievement Medals given to members of the prosecution team that oversaw Gallagher’s case.

A deadbeat customer.

-After the closure of the case, Gallagher and his initial lawyer entered a dispute in August 2019. According to his first lawyer, Colby Vokey, Gallagher did not pay Vokey’s specified rate, and filed an arbitration claim against Gallagher.

Worse than the Nuremberg Trials.

-The clemency decision ended up moot: in November 2019, Trump declared that Gallagher’s demotion would be reversed.

-Green ordered Gallagher’s case to be investigated by the Trident Review Board, to determine whether Gallagher should be stripped of his Trident Pin, a symbol of membership in the SEALs. He noted that SEALS with criminal convictions almost always lose their Trident Pin.

-On November 21 Trump tweeted, “The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!”

-On November 24, 2019, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he had learned that Spencer made a private offer to the White House that if the White House did not interfere, he would guarantee that Gallagher would keep his Trident pin. This offer contradicted Spencer’s public position and was kept secret from Esper.[44][45] Esper immediately fired Spencer for going outside the chain of command.[46] The next day (Nov. 25) Esper said that Trump had ordered him to allow Gallagher to keep his Trident Pin, so that Gallagher remains a SEAL until his retirement at the end of November.[47] Also on November 25, Trump told reporters that Gallagher “was one of the ultimate fighters”

-Gallagher was one of three military personnel accused or convicted of war crimes on whose behalf Trump had intervened to pardon or promote. Trump told a rally audience days after his intervention, “I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state.”[50]


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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