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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Report Cards for Nations.

It’s a new year and so it’s time to give passing grades to countries. Or fails. Or detention. 2020 is going to be a fast year and it’s going to bring with it a lot of opportunities. Not just money opportunities, but also friendship, and diplomacy.  Good communication is key for 2020 and bonus points are given for sincerity.


There is uncertainty in the air. Germans are curious as to why the economy is stalling. It’s not bad, but it’s not growing as fast as it should. Exports are good but it would really be a good idea for Germany to decouple itself from the US dollar. There will always be a demand for German products. As far as environmental issues go, Germany stands under a soft spotlight. It’s a good look for the country and it is aesthetically pleasing.


France is a world leader, and this shows with France’s incredible ability to sway European politics to its favor. However the unrest caused by stringent policies will be a heavy weight to carry and it would be a good idea to find a middle ground as early as possible.  Tourism is a good goal to pursue because 2020 is an optimistic year.


Italy is making waves as far as Italian culture goes. There’s an opportunity to capitalize on this as long as it is wholesome and attractive to the family.  Italy’s people are energized. They are ready to show the world the country’s beauty.


Spain has been relatively quiet in 2019. This might be due to a reluctance to join the community. However, Spain can see a lot of growth in its economy if Spain works fast and reacts fast to opportunities that might come its way.


India is undergoing many small but significant changes. The changes are good and will be good for India as a whole. The details can be worked out through sincere dialogue and the genuine desire to make India stronger. India’s voice in the international stage is steadily growing. This is a good sign for India in 2020.


More and more people are looking towards the east, and what they see is adventure. Overall China has a very good visage. It is certain to attract many business partners.


A good year for Russia. Russia has found its identity in the world stage, and surprisingly it is that of the reliable partner in both politics and culture. Steady gains will be achieved in this year of opportunity, but the year will be fast. Can Russia catch all the prizes?


Steady improvements can be seen for Japan. Japan has reliably demonstrated agile feats with regards to politics and social media culture.  Aside from 2020 being a fast year, 2020 will also look favorably upon sincerity. Is it a year for taking risks for Japan? 2020 will bring many opportunities, however it will be more advantageous to take a sensible approach to things.


Good things are in store for Canada. Canada has established itself as a sensible and mild mannered partner in the international stage.  Good dialogue and leadership may be the key opportunities for Canada this year, and the rewards may even extend past several years.  Overall Canada has a good image.


Turkey has emerged as one of the most independent figures on the world stage. Turkey’s ferocity is seen as a pillar of strength in the East. 2020 is a year of opportunities, not just for money, but also for reputation and public perception. It will be a good time to take an analytical approach to things to maximize the gains.


Hard work is the key to capitalize on 2020’s opportunities. Syria has withstood the enemy at the gates and has suceeded in expelling them.  Syria’s enemies on social media have softened up their stance, but that does not mean that Syria should let down its guard. Many opportunities are in store for Syria this year. Gains are dependent on agility and presence of mind. Syria’s friends should focus on sincere dialogue.


Australia has started off on the wrong foot this year because of the massive fires.  Australia should focus on combatting those fires and seeking ways to prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Once australia puts out those fires then the business of chasing opportunities can begin.  Australia is relatively quiet on the international stage but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t boisterous and fun to be around Australians. Shitposting is Australias key export. Some say that Australia is even better than Canada at shitposting.


Overall steady gains can be made this year. Both North Korea and South Korea can share the bounty, and it will even prove to be advantageous for both countries. North Korea’s image on the world stage is steadily improving. South Korea has proven itself to be a very good partner to trade with. This year will be a fast year so in order to maximize the gains, sincere dialogue is necessary. Overall, the culture scene is looking good for both Koreas.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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