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Small Update on the Corona Virus Bio Weapon Angle

Previously, I questioned whether or not the corona virus was an artificially engineered weapon designed to target specifically the Chinese DNA.  Well, I was given a quick answer to my question this morning, although it still remains dubious because the numbers are stacked incredibly high in favor of this being the case.  Perhaps I should expand this to include “asian DNA.”

The commonality between all these fatalities outside of China is that they’re either old people or people with compromised health. And of course with the exception of the two Iranian nationals, all of them were asian.

Thursday February 20

An 87 yr old Japanese man and an 84 yr old Japanese woman died on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The Japanese DNA is very similar to Chinese DNA.

https://www. nytimes. com/2020/02/19/world/asia/china-coronavirus.html

Wednesday February 19

An old man, and a 65 yr old man died in Qom, 86 miles south of Tehran.

The old man was an Iran-Iraq war veteran suffering from chemical weapons injuries.

No further details were given about the 65 yr old man.  These two men had never travelled outisde Qom.

This came after 57 students had been released from 14 day quarantines in south west Tehran on tuesday.

https:// time .com/5786716/coronavirus-iran-deaths/

https://www. nytimes. com/2020/02/19/world/asia/china-coronavirus.html

https://www .presstv .com/Detail/2020/02/19/619035/Iran-coronavirus-cases-confirmation-Qom-health

Mapping out the fatalities

This is an infographic from the DailyMail.  The DailyMail can sometimes be unreliable with their infographics, but I don’t want to search for anything better because I don’t like clicking on too many mainstream news sites in one night. (Tracking cookies).

Philippines February 2

44 yr old Chinese traveler from Wuhan.  He was also infected with Strep pneumonia and Influenza-B

https://www .bbc .com/news/world-asia-51345855

https:// twitter .com/WHOPhilippines/status/1223809832332849153

Hong Kong February 4

39 yr old Chinese diabetic man who travelled to Wuhan on Jan 21 and returned to Hong Kong on Jan 23.

https:// twitter .com/JeromeTaylor/status/1224535059798974465

France Feb 15

80 yr old Chinese tourist

https://www.  nytimes.  com/2020/02/15/world/europe/france-coronarivus-death.html

Taiwan Feb 16

A 60+ yr old Chinese man with hepatitis B and diabetes.

https://www .cnbc .com/2020/02/16/coronavirus-live-updates-taiwan-confirms-first-death.html

Hong Kong Feb 19

A 70 year old Chinese man who travelled to mainland China on Jan 22.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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