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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Einsteinian Sophistry

When you read the popular belief on gravity, they say that humans can only percieve reality from a 3 dimensional perspective, and as such the 4th dimension (time) is beyond our understanding.

A straight line on a cartesian map will always be straight.  This is how the nomenclature came to be. 

Einsteinian sophistry on the other hand decrees that logic must not stay in its original vanilla form, and therefore in Einsteinian sophistry the straight line is curved.

Einsteinists believe that the “fabric of space time” undulates, bends, warps, and folds to the movements of planetary mass. If a planet rotates, so too does the “fabric of space time.”

If your space craft drifts towards a planetary mass, that is not gravity acting upon your ship because gravity is not a force, according to Einsteinian sophistry.

And if your space craft is drawn to a planetary mass, you’re not travelling on a curve, you are travelling “straight,” according to Einsteinian sophistry.

But to those who do not use sophistry as a bandaid, their relative observation witnesses a space craft drifting on a curve. 

A straight line is always a straight line on a cartesian map.  That is how the nomenclature came to be. If a space craft veers to the left, then the space craft is not traveling straight anymore isn’t it?

And if the naivete of Einsteins theory wasn’t apparent, consider the persistence over decades that the fake news fistula has been massaged, so that what once was a ripe to pop abscess is now regarded as consensus.

They believe that mass warps the “space time fabric.”

So what is stopping the “space time fabric” from snapping back like a rubber band?

Yoink! Bye bye moon!

Or rips in “space time?” Buncha clowns!

They would rather have me believe that Einstein had unlocked the 4th dimension while the rest of the species couldn’t.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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