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Dungeons and Dragons

It was Freud who theorized that dreams represented the disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes.  The subconscious mind is an interesting thing.

Every night for the past month I had been experiencing nightmares. Not the typical nightmares with ghosts/goblins, but rather interactions with people whom I’ve had arguments with in the past.  I’m not entitled to pity from anyone now, as I believe that dreams are the subconscious method with which we secretly fix the problems present in our conscious world.  Nightmares can be a helpful thing if they are not too traumatic.

After watching ‘The Mother of All Talkshows,’ last Sunday, the nightmares unexpectedly ceased.  In my dream that night, George Galloway was quoting philosophical phrases in the background, while in the foreground were people in my family with whom I was happily interacting with. I remember Galloway’s words having a synchronous effect, and for once I saw how good things could be when my family isn’t consumed by anger and resentment.

What it says about my family, I’m reluctant to say.  I know full well that I have many problems of my own.  However I do believe that in order to dispell nightmares, one could try to introduce new elements into their psyche. If not just for the sake of clearing the troubled mind, but also to shock the system into a new way of thinking.

Other things to do to help with your sleep

Replace the bedsheets with crisp bedsheets.  I find that creases and wrinkles cause many nightmares.

Wash and refluff the pillows. The fresh smell of fabric softener!

Straighten the blankets. I find that it helps when the blanket is laid flatly across the bed and not crumpled up and wedged between the bed and your feet


What do you do to help ease your sleep?


2 comments on “Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Oneiridescent

    What do I do to ease my sleep ?

    1) Well, the unsatisfied incomplete me does not, or perhaps cannot sleep until the sleep pulls me in. Natural mode of sleep, has its own healing effect, or tranquilizer.

    2) Oddly enough but medically true, I have realized that physical world affects the psychic realm, as my intake, usually throughout the whole day, not only the programmes I watch but also the nutritions I eat, indeed affect the mental well-being. So I’ve begun consuming what excites less and soothes more.

    3) Lastly, my father’s prime advice instilled in me, NEVER to do stuff NOW that makes me repent LATER, which I have interpreted as, a sense of “con-con” – controlling the consequences, not holding back even in a dispute and most importantly not holding back the will to hold back.

    These three (I’m sure there’d be others if introspected further) has provided me with a conscious start to apparently control the subconscious without controlling it.

    I hope, I could help to rid of nightmare.

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    • Digital Empire

      Not holding back the will to hold back Sometimes I forget that there is that part of the psyche that obstructs us in unintended ways. It takes a conscious effort to unlock that ability on a case to case basis!

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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