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Benefits of America(s) Teaming Up with Russia?

Well for starters, we would be saving a lot of precious money by not having to spend any more on bombs and vehicles and soldiers. With regards to nuclear weapons, there are in existence, enough nuclear missiles to decimate the planet, upon the initial salvoes. Claiming that we need faster & newer missiles to intercept and to soak up a theoretical first strike by Russia goes against all sense, because the in-air detonation of nukes will most certainly cause irrepairable harm, not only to the environment but also to all wildlife. At that point we would be destroying a valuable source of food and breathable air for anyone left alive post nuclear catastrophe.  We would be much better served by firing and imprisoning russophobes like Michael McFaul and Max Boot, rather than venerating them as pro-Americans.  They are far far from being pro-America.

We’ve already seen congress’ inability to pass a simple $2000 stimulus check, in response to the Covid pandemic, and yet here we are watching congress exhaust so much time deliberating over how many measures we can take in defining our aggressive posture toward Russia. Most of this is being spurred on by finance parasites who have done nothing but pilfer the coffers, and to have this go on for what appears to be in excess of 30 to 40 years (since the Bush 1 era), is extremely negligent.  Feeding the people is much more important, and the average American agrees.

People who support friendly relations with Russia outnumber McFaul’s and Boot’s cohorts, whether counted or not counted on social media. Those blue “verified” Twitter checkmarks belonging to war profiteers mean nothing.  You would be surprised at how popular this idea of peace with Russia is.

You can do business with Russia.  Imagine how much more money the average American would make if American exports were oriented to include the Russian people? In 2008, Russians loved America! The TV shows, the clothes, the music.  But Russian-American relations have deteriorated since that time, and along with it Russian sentiment toward the US.  Our aggressive posture has made it more and more clear to Russians that they are far safer if they stand with their government rather than against it.

Russia’s economy has been growing steadily over several years. They have diversified their industries so much that they are no longer reliant on oil alone.  Russia’s technology sector is growing. Food production is growing.  The scientific and medical fields are growing. Russian social media is in an era of optimism.  Almost every single attempt made by our incompetent financial elites to hamstring Russia’s growth has failed.  So why not have a sit down with Russia and negotiate business deals?

NBC, CBC, CNN, and CTV, are trying to make a star out of Navalny (an anti-Russia blogger), but Navalny is a literal nobody in Russia.  His 2 and a 1/2 year sentencing last month for embezzlement & parole violation merely provoked a 5000 strong protest.  That’s not what I would call a “super star.” The EU’s sanctions in response to Navalny’s sentencing is what constitutes political interference in Russia’s domestic affairs.  Would it not help our credibility by not interfering in other people’s domestic affairs? We accuse Russia (without evidence) of this very same thing, and yet here we are actually doing it to them…

By relieving this exorbitant misappropriation of resources that currently feeds the war economy, and to divert it into education instead, our kids would be ensured a proper education that will address the needs of the future.  There are still schools out there that are embroiled in racial conflicts. Blacks vs whites. Latinos vs whites. etc. etc.  This racial conflict diverts attention away from education, and our kids incrementally with each schoolyear, are becoming more & more concerned of fighting along racial lines, than they are at excelling in their studies. What message are we telling them when we say that the money is better well spent on manufacturing bombs than it is with buying text books and computers? It says that we don’t care. It’s telling our kids to do whatever they want, but be sure to enlist for a future war that incidentally is something that they had never asked for.  Why don’t we invest instead in literature and art, science and mathematics, history and homemaking, cooking and physical education; the things that worked so well in the past.

Education, economy, environment, health, reputation, culture, and the future.

3 comments on “Benefits of America(s) Teaming Up with Russia?

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  2. muunyayo

    The Zionists have pitted the historically two predominantly White, Christian nations against one another – setting the stage for them to be adversaries….when they should be allies….then world peace would break out

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    • Digital Empire

      Indeed they have. More and more people suspect this every day. It means that our work is starting to bare fruit.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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