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Leaked Justice League 2 Storyboards – It’s Bad

-The Justice League protects a world on the brink of war.
-Superman has lost his humanity following his rebirth and Lois Lane is trying to restore it.
-Batman is searching for Lex Luthor, who has escaped from Arkham Asylum.
-Batman and Lois had an affair while Superman was dead. He is in love with her, but she is pregnant with Superman’s child.
-Wonder Woman is searching for the way back to Themyscira after being exiled centuries before.
-Aquaman and Mera are attempting to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis under their command.
-Luthor assembles the Injustice Gang formed by The Riddler, Doctor Poison, Captain Cold, Black Manta and Ocean Master to destroy the Justice League.
-Luthor also retrieves the Mother Boxes and reclaims the Anti-Life Equation, summoning Darkseid to Earth.
-Batman locates and confronts The Riddler, who has been driven insane after being exposed to the Anti-Life Equation and commits suicide.
-Batman returns to the Batcave and regroups with Superman and Lois when they learn about Darkseid’s arrival.
-Superman confronts Darkseid, but he teleports to the Batcave and disintegrates Lois with the omega beams. Superman falls into despair and is corrupted by the Anti-Life Equation.
-The Injustice League attacks – Doctor Poison kills Wonder Woman and the Amazons with a bioweapon, Black Manta and Ocean Master kill Aquaman and the rest of Atlantis’ leaders, and Captain Cold shatters Cyborg’s lower half before Flash manages to save him.
-Superman confronts Luthor and disintegrates him with heat vision, while Darkseid brings his armada to Earth.
-Five years later, Earth has become a radioactive wasteland, and Batman leads a Resistance formed by Flash, Cyborg, Mera and Deadshot against Superman and Darkseid.

-Green Lantern Hal Jordan crash-lands on Earth after surviving the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps and meets the Resistance.
-Green Lantern helps them steal a Mother Box to power the Cosmic Treadmill and send Flash back in time to tell Batman how to defeat Darkseid.
-The time jump can only be performed during a rare forthcoming planetary alignment.
-Superman attacks the Resistance’s base and they hold him off while Flash runs five years into the past.
-Superman vaporizes Deadshot, crushes Mera, blows up Green Lantern’s ring and arm, and impales Batman on the Kryptonite spear, while the Parademons tear Cyborg to shreds.
-Flash appears to Batman moments before Superman and Lois arrive at the Batcave and alerts him that he is the father of Lois’s baby.
-When Darkseid teleports into the Batcave, Batman jumps in front of the omega beams and is mortally wounded in Lois’ place.
-Superman arrives and repels Darkseid, who summons his armada. Warned by Lois, Superman defeats the Injustice Gang before they attack the Justice League.
-Human armies from all nations in the world, the Amazons led by Wonder Woman, the Atlanteans led by Aquaman and the Green Lantern Corps unite and repel Darkseid’s armada, while Batman sacrifices himself to destroy Darkseid.
-In the aftermath, Superman reveals that he knows Lois is pregnant with Batman’s child and that his purpose is to be a father to that child. He has rediscovered his humanity.
-Wonder Woman and Aquaman become Queen of the Amazons and King of Atlantis, respectively, and reintegrate their people into the world, ushering a new era of peace.
-Flash becomes the guardian of the space-time continuum, while Cyborg becomes a digital god capable of creating a new human body for himself.
-20 years later, Gotham City needs a hero once more. Lois tells her son Bruce Kent his true heritage and leads him to the Batcave. Bruce later becomes the new Batman.

It’s bad because:

They should have kept Wonder Woman dead because Gal Gadot can’t act.

Batman would have never had an affair with Lois Lane in the old comic books.

They should have killed the Flash too because they picked the wrong actor to play him.

They killed Batman. He was one of the only two reasons to even go see the Justice League. Superman being the other one.

They gave out participation awards to the worst characters in the franchise: Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. Literal asspull.

Oh it’s another time travel movie.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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