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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

So Much Energy

Can you feel it? It started about 2 weeks ago on the 7th. Energy surging throughout the world. Did you participate in this once in a lifetime occurence?

This, I believe, is a blessing from God. It is a blessing of honesty. Every where I went, the people I met, strangers, friends, and family, it didn’t matter who they were, they were all friendly and outgoing.

It is incredible! Unusual. More friendly than usual. I don’t know how long this blessing will last.  I’m not sure if it is localized to my area, but reading just some of the news on international websites, I suspect that it is happening around the world too.

On the 7th, I met this store keeper who explained in great detail how things worked in his shop.

On the 9th, the people I talk to on the internet started up a discussion on a subject I was keenly interested in, related to what I asked the store keeper.

On the 10th, a store keeper in a bad neighborhood offered to sell me a lottery ticket. I replied that I never win at gambling. He informed me that the grand prize was huge. I replied that “I hope someone with a good heart wins the grand prize.”  Right away his demeanor changed.  I was at the store to get some change for the bus ride home, and so he began to explain in great detail how to take the most efficient route home.

The night before, I prayed for protection. The next morning, police officers were stationed at nearly every subway station, as well as increased subway security presence on board. On the way home, a police officer who arrived late at the subway station, jokingly asked a security officer, “did you need help? Heh heh?”

Between the 10th and the 16th, I met an artisan who showed me how to make phenomenally intricate works of art.

On the 16th, I met an incredibly rude bus driver who would not look anybody in the eye. The artisan, on that day, taught me that in order to achieve this level of detail, you need focus and commitment, and that it helps to be friendly with customers too! On the trip home, another busdriver would stomp on the gas, causing passengers to trip and nearly fall, before they had the chance to take their seats.

This morning, on the 22nd, was very different. The busdriver would shout “HOLD ON,” before moving the bus forward, giving passengers abundant time to take their seats.

And many more random interactions. So many friendly and honest people.  It is so incredibly different from the usual.

Did you feel it? This incredible blessing?

4 comments on “So Much Energy

  1. Americaoncoffee

    Yes! God vibrates with life and love. A blessed share!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Digital Empire

      You know what else is interesting? In theoretical quantum physics, the fundamental properties of all matter, nature itself, vibrates. It seems that there is more in common between science and God than most would like for us to believe!

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      • Americaoncoffee

        I believe in the right measures of love Hod gifts out wisdom and knowledge. But if men received the good and crowns himself as god creating other demi gods., there can surely be an evil backfire.

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      • Digital Empire

        That’s so true. You remember Pat Robertson when he said that God will punish America for compromising on middle east talks? It contradicts the lessons in the bible. I think if Jesus were still alive today, he would want us to have peace with our middle eastern neighbors.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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