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Left my Blog Idle for a Week

It’s time for Netanyahu to step down and let a transgender woman of color be the prime minister

I left by blog idle for about a week and what did I find? A writer from theGuardian who writes a blog here on WordPress made a link to my site. This guy…what can I say. In 2012 – 2016, this guy spammed WordPress with hundreds of articles filled with extremist propaganda on behalf of Neo Nazi paramilitary groups in Ukraine. Every morning he would grab from his writing table a suction cup dildo, and he would throw it like a dart at a giant 8×8 Bingo card glued to his wall. Each of the squares on the bingo card had a concise memo detailing how he would go about his day writing disinformation on the internet.

It really did seem like his articles were inspired by dozens of talking points chosen at random. The first hour would be him writing about Petro Poroshenko’s duty to conscript young men to fight on the front lines famously called “the meatgrinder,” and the next he would write about “how Russia isn’t doing enough to engage in diplomacy.” Of course this was after the point when Neo Nazi Ukrainian paramilitary groups got shredded in the first month alone, and when Poroshenko ran out of storm troopers, he was forced to conscript normal Ukrainian teens, who at the time hadn’t yet been exposed to Neo Nazi propaganda, to fight on the front lines.

At no point in time did Joel Harding mention any of the civilian casualties on the battlefield. He neither cared for the Ukraine nor did he care about the people in Donetsk & Lugansk. To him it was all about the paycheck.

This guy right here. This huge pustulent flaming flamer.

The best part is, I get clicks from him. He doesn’t get clicks from me.

2 comments on “Left my Blog Idle for a Week

  1. muunyayo

    Flawless Victory 🙋

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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