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Humanitarian 2 – Joe Biden is Secretly a Good Person?

I’m adding a bit of context to my previous post that only briefly addressed the vaccine IP issue, but it did not clarify why I think Joe biden did something that only good people would do.  More specifically, it’s the way that a person who secretly is a good person would act.  It sounds like overthinking but it’s really very simple.

Everyone knows that DC is the capitol of vice and greed, and every-which-way you go, every direction you look, money changers at the temple will always try to get your politicians to abandon the poor. Everything that the bible warns us about.

The way that Biden supports the proposal to waive IP restrictions on vaccine production is essentially him serving the will, of not just the people, and not just the taxpayers whom have already paid the price for the development of vaccine technology, but also of the spirit of Catholicism.  Catholics are in need of heroes.

Here are some things to consider regarding Pfizer

-Pfizer made $3.5 billion this quarter. $900m profit.

-Pfizer screwed many people over by deliberately limiting vaccine production and distribution, causing many governments to squabble over demand and supply.  Many innocent people suffered not just from deaths and injuries, but also from distress and anguish.

-Pfizer did not make the vaccine.  BioNTech, a German company, was actually the company who developed the vaccine.  Pfizer merely relabelled the vaccine and created many choke points to stop the wider distribution of the vaccine.

-Germany paid BioNTech $455 million to develop the vaccine.  The US and the E.U. paid Pfizer $6 billion dollars in pre purchase agreements. At one point in time, Pfizer even failed to deliver the right amount of vaccines pre-purchased by the E.U.

-mRNA technology is patented by the National Institutes of Health, which is funded by taxpayer dollars.

-Pfizer basically stole from everyone involved.

Take a look at how similar the casualty rates are between Pfizer’s vaccine and Astrazeneca’s vaccine. Yet somehow the Canadian government and the E.U. will only say good things about Pfizer, and ignore all the rest?  Note, how over the last few months, the only condemnation of vaccines made by the mainstream media, was directed against Pfizer’s competitor Astrazeneca? And somehow, if you express doubt over vaccines over on Youtube and Facebook, you would get your account banned? It means that a lot of money changers are busy whispering sweet corruptions into politicians’ ears, and the mainstream media and Youtube and Facebook are complicit in all of this.



This is why when I first heard that Joe Biden supports the waiving of IP restrictions on vaccine production, I instinctively thought of him as a good person. Because he may not be perfect, and he may at some point do something that I personally would be against, but for this very specific issue I praise him all the way.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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