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Backstory Behind Israel’s Bombing of the Associated Press Building

Yesterday, a residential tower in Gaza was bombed by the Israeli military.  The Associated Press, or the AP – the name that you might be more familiar with, had been operating in this building for over 15 years.

I mentioned before that Netanyahu is extremely easy to provoke. A man with no character. A child dressed in grown up clothing. Was I merely joking or casting hyperbole?

I’ve also implied in the image up above, that the mentality within the ranks of the Israeli leadership, military, and even the civilian population in many documented cases, is a mentality which is filled with the lust for death and destruction. All 3 parts of Israeli society often forgo the effort to make the distinction between militant targets and civilian lives. 

There is an exception to this. Only a handful of Israelis have protested the military’s targeting of Gaza’s civilians; far too few to make any significant humanitarian impact.

This is what Fares Akram wrote for the AP, the day before the bombing of the AP’s building:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — On Friday morning, a military airstrike smashed my family’s farm in the northern Gaza Strip into a jagged mass of metal and splintered trees. An Israeli bomb had slammed into the yard, carving a crater into the dirt and leaving rubble in its wake.

The conflict, once again, hit home.

The first Gaza war taught me that while our lush citrus grove might offer some breathing space from the congestion and difficulties of city life, it’s no refuge. A previous Israeli airstrike killed my father, Akram al-Ghoul, on January 3, 2009. As fighting raged, he’d insisted on sleeping at the farm to tend to the cattle and chicken, and to nurture the trees.

In all, six of my relatives, three close friends and several colleagues have died in the three bloody wars and countless battles between Israel and Hamas. Each time the violence erupts and I report as a journalist on the people who lost their homes, their children or their lives, the memories creep back. I always think, “That could be me.” When the thundering bombs, buzzing drones and pounding artillery refresh the pain and trigger the old fear, I seek refuge in work.

The Associated Press office is the only place in Gaza City I feel somewhat safe. The Israeli military has the coordinates of the high-rise, so it’s less likely a bomb will bring it crashing down.



And today Netanyahu chose that building specifically, and bombed it with a missile strike. The miltary leadership went along with the orders.

You won’t find this online on Youtube or Reddit despite of the high frequncy of this issue being discussed. The ADL and the German government along with dozens of highly financed Jewish advocacy organizations, are frantically sweeping social media, harassing and deplatforming people who have the audacity to speak out in protest of war crimes.

The Bright Side

However I want to take a look at the bright side because there is always a gleam of hope in every disaster.

The strangulation of decades old false narrative is rapidly weakening. More and more people are learning about Israel’s cruelty. Around the world people are protesting…not in defense of Israel…but in vehemence and utter repulsion and disgust of Israel.

Take a look at how the narrative is rapidly changing towards Palestine’s favor.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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