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Irish MP Destroys Israel’s Ambassador

It’s absolutely extraordinary. Are you not just taking us ambassador, for idiots? That you can say with a straight face, “we’re serious about peace, but while we’re serious about peace, we’re going to seize Palestinian land,” and you expect the Palestinians to just sit back and do nothing about that. And you know what the Palestinians have been asking for…far less even than some people would ask for, because I believe the whole apartheid system should be dismantled.

Ambassador, I will say frankly, I’m one of the people who thinks you should be expelled from this country, and I believe that is to do with the policies of your state.

If I was jewish, and I’d never stepped foot in Israel I could claim citizenship there tomorrow, but 6 million people, whose origins are in what you now call “Israel,” who were forced out in 1947 or ’48, do not have that right. Isn’t that part of the reason why the Palestinians are in dispute with Israelis…because you deny them the right to return to their homes and their land and to their villages, and that they have a legitimate claim, even under international law to return, but you deny them that right. Why do you deny them that right? And why do you give that right to other people who have no connection whatsoever, with the land, whether you call it Israel, or whether you call it Palestine?

The looks on the Israeli ambassador’s face and his assistant are simply priceless. They were both left unable to even pretend to claim a higher moral ground. See, if you don’t give Israelis the opportunity to lie, it becomes exponentially more difficult for them per second to conjure pilpul.

3 comments on “Irish MP Destroys Israel’s Ambassador

  1. muunyayo

    The picture of that woman looks like Ben Shapiro hahah

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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