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Tragic that the Chinese Government Hesitates to Make Fun of Taiwan’s Covid Disaster, but it’s a Good Move Ironically.

Two articles, one from Canada’s CTV and one from Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle:

Fosun said in an interview with China’s official Xinhua News Agency that it has offered to sell the vaccine to Taiwan. However, Taiwanese law bans Chinese-made medical products, including vaccines.

https://www. ctvnews .ca/health/coronavirus/taiwan-feuding-with-china-gets-covid-19-vaccines-from-japan-1.5456217

Importing mainland Chinese vaccines banned

The lack of vaccines has renewed the debate over whether Taiwan should consider allowing importing vaccines from mainland China. Such imports are currently banned in the island under the Regulations Governing Permission of Trade Between Taiwan Area and Mainland Area.

https://www. dw .com/en/why-are-taiwanese-skeptical-of-chinese-vaccines/a-57688679

In the CTV article it states that Taiwan has received Astrazeneca vaccines from Japan.

A flight carrying 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from Japan touched down in Taiwan on Friday to help the vaccine-starved island fight its largest outbreak since the pandemic began.

In the Deutsche Welle article it says that only 29% of Taiwanese polled would be willing to use AstraZeneca, and only 1.3% were willing to use any vaccine manufactured by China.

While Taiwan has effectively ruled out the possibility of importing Chinese vaccines to solve its problem, it is looking to the United States for vaccines.

So now a military plane carrying death arrives.

Behold, a pale horse.

“Nothing China can do about this ha ha ha ha”

Some guy on Reddit

That military plane was carrying (mRNA) Pfizer, (mRNA) Moderna, and J&J vaccines.

Latest VAERS Data Show: 5,165 Deaths Reported Following COVID Vaccines

Every Friday, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date, usually about a week prior to the release date. Today’s data show that between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 28, a total of 294,801 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 5,165 deaths — an increase of 759 over the previous week. There were 25,359 serious injuries reported, up 3,822 compared with last week.

Among 12- to 17-year-olds, there were 40 reports of heart inflammation and 16 cases of blood clotting disorders.

https:// childrenshealthdefense .org/defender/vaers-data-deaths-reported-following-covid-vaccines/

There is something that needs to be said regarding hubris, pride, rejecting life saving gifts from Japan, and so on and so forth.

I tried looking for any signs of Chinese news articles making fun of the Taiwanese, but I found none. The same goes for Chinese mainlanders on social media. I’m certain that Chinese from the mainland are looking at this with grim remorse knowing that the CCP tried its best to reach out to fellow Asians from across the sea.

In fact, if there is anything to blame the Chinese news and social media for, is that it is their reluctance to make fun of Taiwan, politically or otherwise. Although, I do believe that this is mainly due to the hostile environment that Chinese people expose themselves to whenever they use english-centric social media, thus representation of the Chinese viewpoint is difficult to find.

This is a good move however. It’s a validation of the Chinese government’s commitment to fighting COVID-19 via cooperation with other world governments, and solidarity + compassion towards the poor and the weak.

The derision and ridicule coming from Western social media on the other hand against China is saturated, just saturated. The deluge of anti-CCP and anti-China commentary, stoked by intelligencia no doubt, has resulted in widespread racist sentiment directed at Asians as a whole; Viets, Koreans, Japanese, Indonesians, Malaysians, and Philipinos included.

Asians on the periphery merely sit back hoping that no-one would notice their Asian ethnicity.

What that guy on Reddit said is apropos: “Nothing China can do about this”

Eastern Vaccines

China has completed dispatching COVID-19 vaccines and syringes to 66 countries and one international organization as of Sunday

http://www. xinhuanet .com/english/2021-06/07/c_139994339.htm

WHO validates Sinovac vaccine for emergency use.

Vaccine efficacy results showed that the vaccine prevented symptomatic disease in 51% of those vaccinated and prevented severe COVID-19 and hospitalization in 100% of the studied population.

https://www. who .int/news/item/01-06-2021-who-validates-sinovac-covid-19-vaccine-for-emergency-use-and-issues-interim-policy-recommendations

President of Pakistan’s Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies: Chinese vaccines better than others.

https://www. globaltimes .cn/page/202106/1225306.shtml

https://www. globaltimes .cn/page/202106/1225156.shtml

High demand for the Sputnik V vaccine

https://www. youtube .com/watch?v=dRRkR2ZDceQ

Sputnik V – no lethal cases. Registered in 66 different countries, home to 3 billion 200 million people.

https://www. youtube .com/watch?v=Qpy9kpeBglQ

Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine – no serious adverse events were detected. Most adverse effects were mild. No deaths occured. 91.6% effective at preventing symptomatic infection.

https://www. bmj .com/content/372/bmj.n743

Mauritius approves Sputnik Light single dose vaccine

https:// tass .com/society/1297261

Serbia and Argentina to start producing 4 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine

https:// tass .com/society/1297703

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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