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US-Russia Summit Summary

The Russia-US summit went well. Both leaders discussed issues such as arms control, cybersecurity, humanitarian aid to Syria, Iran, the arctic, Afghanistan, and national interests. It was a shorter summit than what had been originally planned. Both leaders seemed happy with the results.


It was a positive meeting. It was positive and it wasn’t done in a hyperbolic atmosphere.

We should be able to co-operate on a mutually beneficial basis.

Biden’s responsibility is to the American people.

Human rights is part of the American DNA. It’s not about going after Russia. America is uniquely the product of an idea: we don’t derive our rights from the government, we possess them because we’re born (with rights), period.

We hold these truths self evident, we haven’t lived up to them completely, but we always widen the arc and commitment, and include more and more people.

Both leaders talked about cybersecurity. How would Putin feel if ransom-ware criminals had targeted major Russian oil infrastructure. Putin said it would matter. It’s not just about our self interests, it’s about mutual interests.

Russia’s image is dependent on Russia’s own actions, and everytime that Russia does not conform to international norms, Russia’s image diminishes.

Alexey Navalny dying in prison will have consequences, and it matters a great deal because it will make Russia look bad and dishonest. It’s about trust and building influence in a postive way.

Biden doesn’t have a problem with trading with Russia. It’s in our interest to see the Russian people do well economically, but if Russia doesn’t conform to international norms, trade won’t happen with the US. American businessmen are afraid of getting arrested in Russia so Russia needs to improve its image.

Russia doesn’t abide by international norms, yet Russia seeks to participate in the benefits and flows of international commerce.

Biden says he will invade Russia, by the way that was a joke. That was a joke.

A reporter asked about a renewal of the cold war, and what the consequences would be for Russia’s cyberattacks against the US:

US will respond cyrberly

The last thing that Putin wants is a cold war Biden thinks, but it would be inappropriate to say this anecdotally. Better to get a quote from Putin himself. Putin and Biden’s generations are ten years apart, so this is not a kumbaya moment where they hug each other, but it’s clearly not in either country’s interest to be dragged into a new cold war. Biden thinks that Putin understands that.

Biden thinks that Putin still has concerns about the United States, the EU, and the UK encircling him, but Biden doesn’t think they are the driving force behind Putin’s desire to seek a better relationship with the United States.

The meeting didn’t last longer because both leaders talked about things in extreme detail, and many issues were covered. There was no need to have a longer summit. We looked at each other and asked “okay, what next? Months down the line, we’re going to revisit these issues and figure out what worked and what didn’t work.” Biden assured the reporters that the US will not give up a single solitary thing based on principle and values.

There were no threats from Biden and there were no threats from Putin. Both Biden and Putin discussed things on a fundamental and assertive manner.

Putin asked us about Afghanistan, Putin was prepared to help with Afghanistan and was also prepared to help with Iran.

A reporter demanded ultimatums and punishments against Russia. The reporters expected Biden to say yes to war. How will you measure success when it comes to working groups on Russian meddling and cybersecurity?

Biden: we’ll see what happens. Are we going to see Russia go after Russian hackers? They didn’t do it the last time. I don’t think they planned it in this case, but are they gonna act? We’ll find out. Similarly, what if US based hackers targetted Russian oil infrastructure? What would Putin think? They were taken aback by the scenario and it was clear to me that they had understood our position. We’ll see though what happens to these working groups we have put together.

The same reporter asked what Biden thought about Putin cracking down on opposition leaders, and how Putin doesn’t want a ‘January 6 Capitol Riot’ or a ‘Black Lives Matters’ copycat threatening Russian stability.

Biden: That’s a ridiculous comparison. The January 6 Capitol Rioters were criminals who killed people. Black Lives Matter is about race equality and justice.

Why would I bring up the “Putin is a killer”comment again. This issue is old news.

“Do you trust Putin?” a reporter asked. This is not about trust, this is about self interest and verification of self interest. Almost anyone that I would work out an agreement with that affected the American people’s interest, I don’t say “well I trust you no problem.” Let’s see what happens. The proof is in the pudding. We’re gonna know shortly.


Biden and Putin have agreed to letting ambassadors to Russia and America return to their respective posts.

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation and the US State Department will have a lot of things to coordinate, and discuss, and there is a lot of work to be done. They intend to look for solutions to many issues.

Ukraine was discussed in a general manner.

Strategic stability is important for both nations. Being the largest nuclear powers in the world, both agree that they share a special responsibility. The START treaty will be extended.

Consultations by both sides will be worked on with regards to cybersecurity.

The number of cyberattacks done worldwide, according to American sources, in order of magnitude, is by the US, then Canada, then two Latin American countries, and lastly the UK. Russia does not even make the list.

In November 2020, with respect to the Minsk accords and its implementation where it had been agreed upon by France, Russia, Germany, the Donbass, and Ukraine, adjustments to the Ukrainian constitution were deemed necessary in order to push forward a political integration of the Donbass into the Ukraine. But rather than working toward a peaceful resolution, Ukraine deployed troops to the Russian, Donbass, and Ukrainian borders, with the intent to strike terror and to malign the Donbass elections. Ukraine, after deploying their troops, had demanded that the Donbass delay their elections for 3 months, which was an obvious sign to the Donbass that a peaceful resolution was not what Ukraine was going to allow.

Alexey Navalny is a misunderstood topic in the west. Alexey Navalny violated Russian law while he was undergoing medical treatment in Germany. As soon as Navalny posted anti-Russian videos on social media, it triggered Russian law, and subsequently Alexei Navalny made himself a wanted person. When Navalny re-entered Russian space, Navalny was arrested.

Previous American administrations had branded Russia as an adversary, and being wary of instability and in lieu of tacit support by previous American administrations of Navalny’s political activities, it could not be helped that Navalny was perceived by the Russian Federation as a serious threat to Russia’s security.

Both leaders discussed human rights.

The arctic is a very interesting topic to the EU, the US and Russia. Russia is rebuilding the existing infrastructure that have over time fallen into disrepair. Military, border security, environmental, rescue and medical infrastructure, they are all state of the art.

Co-operation between the US and Russia on the Artic is something good. Both the US and Russia are members of the arctic council. Both countries will inevitably work with each other because the arctic region is regulated by international law. (The translator was not very good with this part).

There were 1000 requests last year made by international vessels (including military vessels) to pass through Russian waters, and Russia only denied 10 of these requests. It is evident that Russia shares its waters with the international community. This special regime is considered passive, meaning that it’s not even a big deal to Russia.

Russia is interested in the quality of parameters by which international vessels abide to whenever international vessels apply for passage through Russian waters. It’s the quality that matters.

NATO countries can work to resolve their internal issues, and Putin doesn’t have a problem with it. Some matters such as mistranslations and misunderstandings require additional attention and Putin is confident that NATO and Russia can work together to clear up some of these things.

A reporter asked about redlines and critical issues. Did you and Biden agree to not crossing those redlines in order to stabilize relations further:

I understand what our American counterparts are saying and they understand what we are saying about redlines, and I have to be frank that putting all this emphasis on division and partisioning things… we did not frame it in that way. We actually framed it in a way that sees us both co-operating on matters such as cybersecurity, strategic stability, arctic security, and other areas. There are many things to discuss and hopefully we can find some agreements.


I think it went well. There are still many misunderstandings between the two countries, but thankfully a face-to-face meeting took place so that both leaders can get a feel for each other.

It’s very obvious that CNN and a few other western media houses were hostile to Putin.

It’s still very early in the process, but thankfully there are working groups working on lots of things.

There’s gonna be a lot of people throwing shade on the US-Russia summit. Those people are just angry by default so don’t let them discourage you.

Biden stuck to his guns as is expected of all US presidents defending US primacy.

Biden’s press conference took place after Putin’s press conference.

Biden’s press conference addressed Putin’s press conference coherently.

I think both leaders can have a chance to review the two separate press conferences, and reflect on them when things are calmer and reporters aren’t there subjecting them to pressure.

Putin was fielding very tough questions. Many accusations were made by CNN, the most dishonest pay per view entertainment broadcaster in the world.

Both parties agree to work co-operatively on many issues. It seems to be very complex and wide ranging. I’m certain there are lots more to discuss, but everything is still in the early stages so hopefully it matures into something much more comprehensive and mutual.

You can view the two press conferences online if you would like. There were a lot of other things that I haven’t mentioned here on this post. It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes long if you combine the two press conferences together.

Hope you enjoyed this summary. Have a good Thursday everyone!

3 comments on “US-Russia Summit Summary

  1. macalder02

    It was a meeting that generated great expectation and ended without the anticipated animosity, although with marked differences, however, and despite the favorable balance that both gave in separate press conferences, concrete progress was scarce.
    Disagreements were expressed on both sides, President Biden said, but “not in a hyperbolic atmosphere,” adding that the least Putin wants is “a new Cold War.”
    Later you will see the results more clearly.
    Very good your article of a meeting that is key to the world economy. Greetings
    Manuel Angel

    Liked by 1 person

    • Digital Empire

      I agree. One positive thing that has happened so far is that I’m feeling less stressed. I can focus on my work this weekend. :) Thanks Manuel.

      Liked by 1 person

      • macalder02

        That is the best. Releasing stress is having a better quality of life. I’m glad for you.

        Liked by 1 person

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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