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Advanz, Monsanto, and Amazon Fined. UK, China and Russia Relations Improve.

There’s no other way to go but up! Let’s climb this mountain together because: a) It helps the people who are in genuine need of support from their governments to … Continue reading

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Why Caricatures of Hitler

I’m an artist and I have a token to spend to get up on that podium and say a few words about artists who make caricatures of Hitler to make … Continue reading

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Charges Against Assange Should be Dropped Immediately

The case against Assange is already broken. Please read this to get an update of what happened recently. Many people speak ill of Julian Assange, and most of these … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Sky News Australia?

Sky News Australia has a raging hardon for Joe Biden. I’ve seen anger like this before on websites like Slate and Vox, when Trump was in office. There’s really no … Continue reading

07/24/2021 · 1 Comment

There’s a Real Chance for Peace for Russia and Ukraine

I’ve never seen Vladimir Putin share his thoughts about the Ukraine with this much detail before. At least not with the international community. With the domestic audience; yes, but with … Continue reading

07/23/2021 · 7 Comments

Norway’s Female Handball Team Fined for Wearing Shorts Instead of Bikinis?

Why aren’t there any men in this picture? The Norwegian Federation is ignoring the real problem of colonialist genderism. Norway’s prime minister has to go. Regime change now! Hashtag #dicks-out-for-handball

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Macron Possibly Affected by Israeli Spyware. Dutch Regulators Fine Italian Drug Maker. J&J Dodges Lawsuits.

Emmanuel Macron possibly targeted by Israeli espionage -French President Emmanuel Macron heads a list of 14 current or former heads of state who may have been targeted for hacking by … Continue reading

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Pegasus Row: Amazon Shuts Down Infrastructure and Accounts Linked to NSO

The move comes a day after a global collaborative investigative project revealed that Pegasus spyware targeted people in several countries, including over 300 mobile phone numbers in India. By: Express … Continue reading

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Britain Fines Steroid Makers 260 Million Pounds

Britain’s competition regulator has fined more than 10 drug firms a record combined 260 million pounds ($360 million) for overcharging the National Health Service (NHS) for a steroid which rose … Continue reading

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Israeli Miltary Threatens to Bomb a Lebanese School on Twitter. 300 Children are at Immediate Risk.

This was posted by some guy named Joe Truzman 2 hours ago. The IDF has published video of a #Hezbollah weapons storage site located in front of a school in … Continue reading

07/14/2021 · 1 Comment

Russians and Ukrainians are One People – Vladimir Putin

“Recently, while answering a question during my Direct Line Q&A session about Russian-Ukrainian relations, I said that Russians and Ukrainians are one people – a common whole. These words are … Continue reading

07/14/2021 · 14 Comments

More Visual Previews of Star Citizen

In the previous post about Star Citizen, we were given a short glimpse of how a random group of players can interact with each other. In this video, the narrator … Continue reading

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Residential School Survivors Call for an End to Arson Attacks on Churches (CBC News)

Residential school survivors call for an end to arson attacks on churches’Whoever is doing this, you’re going to wake up a very ugly, evil spirit in this country,’ survivor warns. … Continue reading

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Star Citizen – Ambitious and Complex

Star Citizen is a sci-fi online multiplayer game. What makes this game stand out from all the rest is the ability for players to pick and choose which roles to … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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