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Pfizer is Now Stealing Ideas from Ivermectin

Horse dewormers work so good that even Pfizer now wants a cut of the booty.

How does Ivermectin combat Sars-Cov-2?

It has shown efficacy to bind to the spike protein site of the RNA virus thereby reducing the multiplication and attachment of the virus to the ACE receptor in the nasal epithelium. So, the usage of Ivermectin during the early stage of COVID-19 will prevent attachment of the virus to the nasal epithelium. The consumption of Ivermectin 12 mg once daily for three days is now recommended in the isolation protocols of Karnataka,” she explained and noted that there were multiple randomised controlled trials claiming the efficacy of this drug.

https://www. thehindu .com/news/national/covid-19-with-fewer-side-effects-ivermectin-still-used-widely-in-india-despite-who-recommendation-against-it/article34540312.ece

Pfizer investors are panicking because their cash cow vaccine is not making as much money as they had initially projected

For the past 5 days, shills have gone into overdrive with the labelling of Ivermectin as a “Horse dewormer.” You might have seen this too just by swiping past random bits of media on your phone.

But as the MSM tries to ramp up fears of an impending horse worm invasion, they neglect to mention that Pfizer has filed patent to do exactly what Ivermectine already accomplishes.

One of the things to remember is that IVERMECTIN DOES NOT INSTALL worms into your body.

With regards to Fauci and the mRNA vaccine, if the mRNA technology works so good then why do we need a 3rd booster shot? 4th booster shot? 5th booster shot? 10th 20th 50th booster shot? 1000nd booster shot? When does it end? How much money does Pfizer really need?

You know the common cold has never ever had a cure right? And the common cold mutates every year, you know that right??

It will be best to stop consuming Mainstream Media garbage as soon as possible.

The mainstream media went into full panic mode 2 days ago. The claim was that Ivermectin was causing mass male sterilization. They eventually were forced to retract the story.

Ivermectin has been in use in Africa for years as a form of parasitic prevention and treatment, and yes Ivermectin has NOT caused the people living in the African continent to stop reproducing.

Why do the disgusting journalists in the Mainstream Media lie so much? It’s in their blood.

Ivermectin binds to the spike protein site of the virus and it keeps the virus from attaching itself to the ACE receptor in the nasal epithelium. Now Pfizer is trying to copy Ivermectin’s success by manufacturing clones. Odd that you don’t see this story being repeated endlessly by the Mainstream Media.

Is it time to get angry yet?

The Pacific North West (PNW) is one of the most vaccinated sectors in the US.

But take a look at the infection and death rates in Washington due to COVID. Take a look at Oregon too. It looks like the infection rates are swinging up and down (completely ignoring Pfizer like it was a virgin), and the deaths are shockingly proportional to the number of newly infected cases.

Washington State (left wing) has boasted extreme levels of vaccination compared to other states in its pissing match against the right wing media. 74% vaccinated!

You can confirm these death rates by visiting the New York Times.

The Pfizer vaccine appears to be ineffective if we look at the similarites in overall new cases and deaths. There appears to be a consistency of proportionality between the two. What is the common denominator?

Is it because of the ventilators? Does age factor into it? Do fitness levels factor in to it? What about incorrect medical procedures?

Before we blame the unvaccinated, we must first blame the Mainstream Media and the Pfizer shills.

4 comments on “Pfizer is Now Stealing Ideas from Ivermectin

  1. muunyayo

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  2. Eternal Anglo Seax

    I literally can’t even. I might as well go work for Starbucks. What ever happened to herd immunity? I’ve been wrong about less important things, but I thought that was a good idea.

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    • Digital Empire

      Yes, natural immunities are far more protective than an mRNA vaccine that programs the cells to produce the spike protein. A turbocharged reprogramming of the cells. The problem with mRNA is that it spreads via the bloodstream, and so when it gets into the vital areas such as the heart and the brain it programs the cells in those areas to also produce the spike protein. That’s when higher risks of blood clots occur.
      An inactivated vaccine (traditional) merely triggers the cells to produce antibodies, which are compatible to all the vital organs, and which humans have already been doing for thousands of years.
      I can recommend to you a good blog here on WordPress that provides daily updates on the vaccine issue.

      Liked by 1 person

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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