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Randomly Generated Numbers (RNG)

Note: this is a developing story.

Let’s visualize randomly generated numbers because this is so cool and because RNG is used in all video games.

Alright, so you’ve heard about RNG. Video game creators use RNG to determine the outcomes of player made decisions. If a player attacks a monster, RNG is used to determine whether or not he misses. If the player successfully hits the monster, then RNG is once again used to determine the strength of his action.

Example: 70% accuracy gives the player 7 out of 10 chances to hit the monster successfully.

50% strength gives the player 5 out of 10 chances to hit for the maximum amount of damage.

Below is a visual example of RNG.

Video games use all sorts of different systems of RNG, which I wouldn’t be able to fit in one blog post to try and explain them, so instead we’ll go for the simple 100 slot grid. This grid contains 100 chances.

Let’s say you were given a 15% chance of success. The picture above contains 15 check marks placed in an evenly distributed pattern. If a player lands on one of the squares containing a check mark, the player wins (just a simple example).

You might have heard people say that computers cannot really perform ‘true random actions,’ and it is due to the limitations of the mathematical language. But computers can however add layers of complexity in order to provide the appearance of ‘true random actions.’ The picture above contains something that is called a ‘target area.’

The ‘target area’ can be moved around anywhere inside the grid, as long as the center square remains inside the grid (the center square colored in green).

Video game companies often host special events to attract players new and old. Maybe they’ll give you bigger rewards or, bigger chances to win. So in this example, the ‘target area’ can also be expanded in size to increase the player’s chances to win.

This RNG system that I used for an example is very versatile. The ‘target area’ can be moved around anywhere inside the grid (the center square must remain inside the grid), and it can be adjusted to any size that you wish (the center square must remain inside the grid).

Okay, so there is a system of RNG that is evenly distributed. Are there any other types of RNG?

Yes. This one is called a ‘biased’ RNG system. The check marks are clustered closer together. It’s not as evenly distributed compared to the first example, however it is still a 15% chance of winning (15 check marks on a 100 slot grid).

Which one is better?

You can get lucky and score a win with 2 check marks inside of an evenly distributed RNG system.

Or you can get really lucky and score 3 check marks!

Note 1: The target area in this example, no matter where you place it, is unable to score more than 3 check marks maximum. You can get 0, you can get 1, you can get 2, and you can get 3, but never more than 3.

Note 2: The target area, with the exception of the center square, can move off grid. As long as the green square in the center remains inside the grid, this won’t constitute a ‘breaking of the rules.’

Now what about the ‘biased’ RNG system?

With the biased system you can get 0, you can get 1, you can get 2, you can get 3, you can get 4, and you can get 5.

What do you think? Is example 1 (even distribution) better? Or is example 2 (bias) better?

What if the check marks were used to determine the number of prizes you can win? Would it be better to win 1 prize more often? Or would it be better to win 5 prizes less often?

Cool right? It’s why I like RNG.

Note: Black Desert Online recently configured their RNG systems to be more friendly (substantially). I think this has improved player morale. This is a developing story.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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