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Mid Range Video Cards. AMD Cards Come with Value.

I’ve been watching A LOT of videos about video cards because I’ve picked up a fascination for them. It’s like, a new addiction, or something.

The videos that I watched were simply a random collection of benchmarks, made by independent reviewers, on Youtube.

Oh, before we start, I just want to mention that I’ll be posting up more of the Twitter Files in the next coming days. There are actually more than 10 parts to the series, (I neglected to mention this the last time). I think there are 11 so far, maybe 12, but I only have 10 of them in my possession. And by possession, I mean “indexed,” or “bookmarked.” I’ll get to all of them, rest assured.

I’ve posted up a chart below, showing a list of mid ranged video cards, ordered from least to best. I had stitched this chart together by putting together 12 screenshots taken from PcPartpicker dot com.

The first card on this list, the AMD Radeon RX6400, while being the weakest out of the bunch, is still quite new, and really very potent. It was released as a budget offering in 2022 by AMD to fill the gap left behind by Nvidia’s price gouging. You can run most modern games with it, at a minimum of 60 frames per second, which is what you should be looking for when shopping for GPUs. It’s really really nice.

Now, moving down this list, each successive entry will be faster, more advanced structurally, and more packed with features. VRAM, for example, comes in bigger chunks proportionate to the MSRP that you would ideally pay. VRAM is important for storing and deploying critical things such as textures and objects. The more of it that you’ve got, the smoother your experience will be. The RX6400 comes with 4GB of VRAM, while the RTX3060ti comes with 8GB.

Check out those prices though. I’ve highlighted AMD’s prices in green. If we judge these cards by performance per dollar, AMD just wins every time.

The RTX3060ti, at the bottom of this list, may be the fastest card compared to the others, but a retail price of $592 is way, way, way too high. The difference in performance compared to the next best card, the RX6650XT, is not that big either. Both cards perform very similarly.

You’ll find that the chart above corresponds accurately with a more official chart found on Tom’s Hardware:

The only question left to ask is: do we really like Nvidia THAT much? Is the shame of being taken advantage of by Nvidia subordinate to the raw desire for acquisition of status symbols?

Lol no! AMD all the way!

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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