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That Red Line So Long Ago.

4 years ago, allegations of Assad using chemical weapons were made, to make the public sympathetic to the idea of a war against Syria. Initial findings by investigators found signatures … Continue reading

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The Differences That Stand in the Way of Putin. (Click this)

A typical news article written by western MSM typically starts out: On a stretch of road in some desolate place somewhere, cited by some guy over here doing some ambigous … Continue reading

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Coincidence? I Think Not.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The following clues aren’t meant to be taken as a set of definite evidence pointing to treachery, but rather they are a … Continue reading

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Mannequins are Considered Full Time Employees. White Helmets. (Video)

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Queue Crisis Actors. White Helmets in Syria. Another Staged Rescue. (Video)

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Footage of the White Helmets in Syria. Lights, Camera, Action! (Video)

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Who Are the White Helmets (Video)


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John Mccain Runs a Foundation Similar to the Clintons. Laundering? (Part 2)

A 2016 article from 12news dot com. John Mccain turns tails at the mere mention of Saudi money package. PHOENIX – Sen. John McCain on Friday cut off questions from … Continue reading

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John Mccain Runs a Foundation Similar to the Clintons. Laundering? (Part 1)

With the question of the poor being at the forefront of religious debate, a new light is being shone onto one of the sources of Europe’s refugee crisis. Links to … Continue reading

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Trump and Netanyahu’s Joint News Conference (Video)

I know a winner when I see it.

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Standing Ovations: All-Female Orchestra from Afghanistan Conquers the Old World

From Sputnik News. The idea of an all-female ensemble came from female students of the country’s National Institute of Music (ANIM) in Kabul. The founder of the orchestra, Naser Sarmast Mohammad, is an Afghan musicologist and … Continue reading

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Aunt of Drowned Syrian Boy Speaks to RT.

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Bus Tragedy Near West Bank, But Israelis and Palestinians Co-operated to Save Lives.

Thank you Jesus for protecting the survivors of the bus crash, and thank you for protecting the Palestinians who helped rescue the victims. On Jan 26, a bus carrying Israeli … Continue reading

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Trump’s Executive Order is a Defensive Reaction. John Mccain and Lindsey Graham’s Military Offensive Against Syria was the Wrecking Ball that Scattered the Refugees.

Agree or disagree? Refugee rapes across Europe, but zero news coverage States-side. Merkel’s wish to contain the PR disaster that was so conveniently dubbed the “refugee crisis.” I didn’t write … Continue reading

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Gaza Meets with Egypt for First Time

I can’t tell if this is a big thing, but according to Egyptian intelligence chief Maj.-Gen Khaled Fawzy, Gazan Leader Ismael Haniyeh visited Egypt for diplomatic talks.  The talks included … Continue reading

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Serious Question guys

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Present Day Palestinians are More Closely Related to Biblical Jesus. (Part 2)

The changes in power over Palestine throughout history. 70 AD – The Second Temple is sacked by the Roman Emperor Titus.  Jews were expelled to Yavne, (Central Palestine), and Pella, … Continue reading

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Present Day Palestinians are More Closely Related to Biblical Jesus. (Part 1)

How do we know that Jesus existed Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a good night’s rest.  Today we will be talking about ancestral land.  This is for the … Continue reading

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Christians in Palestine – Yes, They Exist (Video)

This one is from AJ+. (AlJazeera)

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Did You Know That $10 Million a Day is Spent on Israel?

2 articles for you guys today. The screenshot is from AlJazeera. Pay Taxes to Pay Israel!  Good Boy. A Fortune dot com article from 2016 details the $38 billion military … Continue reading

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The Secret To Maintaining Control When You’re the New President (Finito)

There you have it. The three biggest threats to Trump’s presidency. Which one should get the axe?

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David VS Goliath

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This is How Children Are Treated in Palestine

We should be protecting those who are too weak to fight for themselves.

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2015 Article: Israel Gives Medical Aid to ISIS.

Jabhat al Nusra (now Jabhat al-Sham) terrorists, rescued by Israeli Commandos.  Medical aid provided to wounded terrorists.  The evidence stretches all the way back to 2015. There is no doubt … Continue reading

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2016 Article: Israeli Think Tank on ISIS’ Side (Salon)

-According to a think tank that does contract work for NATO and the Israeli government, the West should not destroy ISIS, the fascist Islamist extremist group that is committing genocide … Continue reading

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John Mccain’s Group Photo With ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Bagdhadi

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Chemical Weapons Fiasco Back in 2013. ISIS Rebels Were the Ones Who Used Sarin. (Video)

Women’s marches, lgbt parades, burning Larry King’s limo, kidnapping disabled men, but zero rallies to stop the spread of ISIS?   Thanks Madonna!

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A Sense of Where the Israeli Mainstream Stands with Regards to George Soros

It’s easy to get a sense of where newspaper publications stand on particular issues. All that one needs to do is to scan the headlines.  Reading the articles by random … Continue reading

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John Kirby Spills the Beans on Advanced Weapons Systems Sold To Qatar. $19 billion contracts. (BUSTED)

Skip to 27:16. During Hillary’s 2012 run as secretary of state, Hillary accepted bribes from 3 lobbyists hired by a leading defense contractor.  That same defense contractor was a major … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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