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Well, Well, Well. Vice Appears to Have Broken Lefty Rule #1.

Rule No. 1 is to never reveal sympathy for terrorists! This tweet that Vice editors rushed to delete, shines a spotlight on the mindset of liberals!  It is this specific … Continue reading

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*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock Alt- Left. The Hour Draws Near.

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The LA Riots in 1992.

This is a scene from the 1992 LA riots. A trucker was swarmed and then savagely beaten. It was an unprovoked attack by rioters.  Mob mentality rarely ever takes a … Continue reading

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Watch. Victoria Nuland Calls Infowars. Infowars Doesn’t Suspect a Thing.

Recognize the voice? That’s Victoria Nuland. Owen Shroyer had no clue. Nuland pretends to be “Pat,” an anonymous caller from NYC, and goads Infowars to talk about PNAC. The name … Continue reading

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Uh Oh, Here Comes Uncle McCain (Again)

  Think tanks. Think tanks everywhere. Soros, McCain, Graham, Kristol, Kagan, Rice, Rosenberger, Fly, McMaster, Obama, Schumer, McFaul.

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Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Everybody’s Getting Duped.

A March/April 2015 article on Foreign Affairs dot Com claimed that ISIS was not a Terrorist Organization. Foreign Affairs dot Com is a CFR operation. CFR’s Senior editor is a … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Taken the Time to Watch “Think Tank” Videos?

I’ve seen enough ‘think tank’ videos to know that there are organizations out there that are researching the most efficient ways to eliminate specific races/ethnicities.  They compile statistics that draw … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again!

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The Future is Bright

But only if we apply proper maintenance to it daily. We knew fixing the world wouldn’t be easy. It takes the combined efforts of level headed doers and thinkers to … Continue reading

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John Cantlie Update.

A little bit of sad news today. The British reporter who had been an ISIS media man for a number of years is reportedly dead. He was held against his … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Successful in Clearing Out ISIS from the Jurud Arsal Border.

BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Wednesday that the group was close to defeating Nusra Front militants in the battle along the Syrian-Lebanese border. “We are in … Continue reading

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I Heard Nikki Hayley Was Looking for Footage of Sarin Gas.

ISIS just happens to have one custom made for her. I’m willing to bet that the Washington Post is already sitting on a ‘final cut’ of this film and is … Continue reading

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John McCain Has Brain Cancer.


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We’re Gonna Make it Aren’t We?

Optimism. I haven’t had this much optimism in a long time. Chancellor Merkel’s getting along with President Trump. President Trump is getting along with President Putin. President Putin is getting … Continue reading

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US, Russia Reach Cease Fire Agreement in Syria

The US and Russia have reached a cease-fire agreement over the conflict in southwest Syria, officials announced Friday, as President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met for the first … Continue reading

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This is How We Know ISIS is Israel. (And Why We Laugh at the Shills)

This is one of the fastest places to get up to speed on most current events. No superfluous article padding, no nothingburgers.  Just raw info. So click the article why … Continue reading

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Israeli Armaments Left Behind After Syria Defeated ISIS in Homs

https://www.almasdarnews .com/article/pictures-syrian-army-confiscates-israeli-armaments-left-behind-rebels-homs/

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Unknown Helicopters Flying/Landing in ISIS Territories Near Hajiwa

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Wonder How Long Israel Waits Before Launching a Chemical Attack on Syrians to Blame Assad

Deep thoughts by Jack Handey.

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United Arab Emirates Leader Once Asked the US to Bomb the Al-Jazeera News Company

Is this what world leaders talk about behind closed doors? To arbitrarily extinguish civilian lives just for the sake of massaging their bruised egos? Absolutely! What else is there to … Continue reading

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A Trump Supporter Comments on Sean Spicer’s False Flag.

Not at all uncommon, Trump supporters have their reservations about the recent Press Secretary Tweet by Sean Spicer.  These aren’t even democrat voters speaking out against false flag narratives by … Continue reading

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No One Has Ever Accused the IDF of Being Good With Public Image

I personally attribute it to low IQ and a propensity for tampering with hearts and minds. Largely unsuccessful for a consistent number of years if I might add.

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Uh Oh, Looks Like Israel is Going to Stage Another False Flag Chemical Attack Again.

I wonder how embarassing it will be for Trump to go with this bad intel this time!

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Syrian Army 2 – ISIS 0

Syrian Army scores brilliant tactical victory against ISIS in Deir Ezzor   BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:39 P.M.) – Pro-government forces based in Deir Ezzor, despite the sheer level of strategic disadvantage … Continue reading

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Interesting Set of Dynamics in the Middle East

It looks complicated on the surface, but only to those who don’t follow very closely. Saudi Arabia and its allies have issued a list of 13 demands to Qatar. It’s … Continue reading

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The Washington Post is Starting to Behave.

You may not have faith in the political system, and you may not have faith in the military system, but you better have faith in Jesus! The Washington Post, known … Continue reading

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US Continually Working with Russia

More good news, much to the dismay of David Brock and his band of low iq CTR/Shareblue shills. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Joseph dunford says that the US will … Continue reading

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Deeply Concerned

This news very troubling news. According to Sputnik, Russia is suspending communications with the coalition forces.  This communications channel is what they use to give advanced warnings to each other … Continue reading

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Syrian Observatory Confirms, Syrian Plane Did Not Attack US Backed Militants

Interesting. Even the SOHR, whom the Associated Press frequently cites as their most ‘reliable’ source, confirms that the Syrian warplane did not target the SDF prior to it being shot … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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