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The Story of When Israel Attacked America, and the US Government Sided with Tel Aviv

On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked an American intelligence ship named the USS Liberty. The incident left two-thirds of the ship’s crew dead or injured, in an intentional assault by … Continue reading

06/08/2022 · 7 Comments

1984? More Like 2022!

Isreali science department rips apart a coffee mug only to find that the recording device that they were deliberately looking for was actually just a vacuum seal. They want me … Continue reading

04/14/2022 · 3 Comments

Al Jazeera Cruise Missiled. Old Story about the Al Jazeera News Organization.

Next week you’ll wear buttplugs. Bush’s first action was to bomb the bejeesus out of Al Jazeera’s foreign stations, first those in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. To assist in the … Continue reading

03/09/2022 · 1 Comment

The Vaccinated are 27 Times More Likely to Contract DELTA COVID than Those with Natural Immunity.

Study: COVID recovery gave Israelis longer-lasting Delta defense than vaccines The variant was 27 times more likely to break through Pfizer protection from January-February and cause symptoms than it was … Continue reading

09/07/2021 · 3 Comments

Withdrawal from Syria Too?

What does this mean?

09/01/2021 · 1 Comment

Biden Prays

Y’all better start believin’ in miracles. You’re in one.

08/30/2021 · 2 Comments


John McCain, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Salem Idris Mouaz Moustafa Mormon McMullin Abu Mosa Bernard Henri Levy

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The Left Wing Media is Weakened. Afghanistan Pullout.

This message is sponsored by the Biden Defense Gang (TM) (R) (Kosher tax symbol) (Halal tax symbol) If the left wing media can’t even defend Biden on this simple issue, … Continue reading

08/22/2021 · 1 Comment

Bush Accused of Showing ‘No Self Awareness’ After Breaking Silence on Afghanistan Withdrawal.

I applaud your tenacity Anti-War pundits. But the odds are stacked in my favor. (note: This isn’t about anyone on WordPress. It’s me having a bit of banter with me … Continue reading

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Support for Biden on R/Politics. They know.

Tens of thousands of upvotes. Thousands of mostly supportive comments. Salon thread BusinessInsider thread TheWeek thread

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Americans Rank George W Bush as the President Most Responsible for the Outcome of the Afghanistan War

Anti-war pooftas can’t admit to themselves that Joe Biden isn’t to blame. Insider surveyed 1,105 respondents from August 16-17 through SurveyMonkey Audience. Respondents were asked to rank nine entities in … Continue reading

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The Quick Collapse in Afghanistan Proves Biden was Right to Leave – MarketWatch

Articles like these are like pepper on the oatmeal. The Afghans had been slaves for 20 years, and the moment the US left, they were free to rejoin their brethren, … Continue reading

08/16/2021 · 5 Comments

Anti-war Pundits Blaming Joe Biden for the Afghanistan Pullout…

Disappointing. It’s as if they want the US and the UK to spend trillions more on re-occupying Afghanistan. They should be blaming Tony Blair and John McCain instead.

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Fires Around the World. August 8.

There is an interactive map at https://worldview .earthdata .nasa .gov/

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Tokyo Olympics 2021 (July 24 – August 8)

Congratulations to all the winners in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics! I didn’t catch a single match on TV, but it was fun watching the score boards! That’s what matters :D

08/08/2021 · 2 Comments

Ben & Jerry’s Female Director Received Hindu-phobic Death Threats from Rabbi.

I wonder if China is paying close attention. The board president of Ben & Jerry’s has received death threats and abandoned her home, after the ice cream company announced last … Continue reading

08/01/2021 · 1 Comment

Macron Possibly Affected by Israeli Spyware. Dutch Regulators Fine Italian Drug Maker. J&J Dodges Lawsuits.

Emmanuel Macron possibly targeted by Israeli espionage -French President Emmanuel Macron heads a list of 14 current or former heads of state who may have been targeted for hacking by … Continue reading

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Pegasus Row: Amazon Shuts Down Infrastructure and Accounts Linked to NSO

The move comes a day after a global collaborative investigative project revealed that Pegasus spyware targeted people in several countries, including over 300 mobile phone numbers in India. By: Express … Continue reading

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Israeli Miltary Threatens to Bomb a Lebanese School on Twitter. 300 Children are at Immediate Risk.

This was posted by some guy named Joe Truzman 2 hours ago. The IDF has published video of a #Hezbollah weapons storage site located in front of a school in … Continue reading

07/14/2021 · 1 Comment

Some Drugs are Needed

Chronic pain sufferers need drugs to suppress the pain. To most people, prescription drugs are a luxury, an afterthought, a perk, maybe a supplement, but for the people who suffer … Continue reading

06/30/2021 · 3 Comments

Palestinians slam global silence over Israeli evictions in Silwan

The Palestinian Authority (PA) says it has been dismayed with international inaction toward the imminent forced eviction of 120 Palestinians, mostly children, from their homes in the Silwan neighborhood of … Continue reading

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06/27/2021 · 1 Comment

The Mysterious Death of Du Wei, the Chinese Ambassador to Israel.

As our global confrontation with China has grown hotter, my morning New York Times has continued to provide invaluable information for anyone willing to read it carefully. For example, Secretary … Continue reading

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Remember to Make Your Blog Images Clickable

Ever since change to the -Wordpress Editor-, images have become by default unclickable. To fix that, all you have to do is this: Click here. Then click here. Now your … Continue reading

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Home Made Ice Cream.

This is for all of you late night news eagles, and for all you Israelis and Palestinians who are hoping for a prompt arrival of peace. This requires no machines … Continue reading

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Sloppy Job Mossad

05/19/2021 · 2 Comments

Support for Palestine is Growing

More and more people are disagreeing with high powered career politicians. Impressive! This only leaves room for 1 move that the career politicians can make: Doubling down.

05/18/2021 · 8 Comments

Should We Worry About the Samson Option Striking North America?

Alright, here comes the cover-up. It always proceeds in this very same fashion. You learn all of this just by watching the interactions from Netanyahu–>media–>white house–>then back to the media. … Continue reading

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Irish MP Destroys Israel’s Ambassador

One of many reasons I love Ireland and its people. LoveR. PS I bet the Israeli Ambassador’s answer was a hoot. So I do. — Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May … Continue reading

05/17/2021 · 3 Comments

Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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