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Should We Worry About the Samson Option Striking North America?

Alright, here comes the cover-up. It always proceeds in this very same fashion. You learn all of this just by watching the interactions from Netanyahu–>media–>white house–>then back to the media. … Continue reading

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Irish MP Destroys Israel’s Ambassador

One of many reasons I love Ireland and its people. LoveR. PS I bet the Israeli Ambassador’s answer was a hoot. So I do. — Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May … Continue reading

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Backstory Behind Israel’s Bombing of the Associated Press Building

Yesterday, a residential tower in Gaza was bombed by the Israeli military.  The Associated Press, or the AP – the name that you might be more familiar with, had been … Continue reading

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Israel Just Bombed the Associated Press Building

I hope the Associated Press learns the same valuable lesson that countless others have in the past. That even if they sacrifice their dignity to prop up the financial elites, … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom in Xinjiang Incomparable in History: Islamic Association President

    Religious freedom in Xinjiang incomparable in history: Islamic association president BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) — The current condition of religious freedom in Xinjiang is incomparable in history, President … Continue reading

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Tonight We Pray

Lord Jesus, at times we become impatient and we say things that we come to regret down the road. We ask for your forgiveness and for your patience. We refresh … Continue reading

04/29/2021 · 2 Comments

Exciting Times Ahead. Saudi Arabia & Iran Mend Wounds. Baltic States + Poland the New Hamburger Hill?

Tehran Welcomes Riyadh’s Changed Rhetoric on Bilateral Relations, Foreign Ministry Says   “By presenting proposals and initiatives for dialogue and cooperation in the Persian Gulf region, including the Hormuz Peace … Continue reading

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Saudi Broadcaster ‘Leaks’ Context Free Quotes From Iran’s Foreign Minister – Should it be Trusted?

From B. A rather weird leak from Iran appeared yesterday. But even weirder is the reporting about it. From the New York Times:   Iran’s Foreign Minister, in Leaked Tape, … Continue reading

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Iran’s Reputation Increases by 2.

Look everyone! I’m projecting!  The list of things you can mock this guy for is endless.   The last few months have been a period for sensitive negotiations between the … Continue reading

04/12/2021 · 1 Comment

The BBC is Trying to Lie to the British People Again. (Syria Allegations)

Anytime an MSM news article starts with “In a misty cave long forgotten on a faraway land somewhere ago,” it’s going to be filled with fiction. The BBC published an … Continue reading

03/27/2021 · 1 Comment

Places I Want to Visit

Probably won’t happen because we’re fast approaching a possible recession.

03/23/2021 · 2 Comments

New Terrorist Group w/ Links to MultiNational NGOs: Violet.

White helmets

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Distraction from US Invasion of Syria and War Aggression on China

The inflation explained

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OHCHR Report on the Occupied Palestinian Territories is Fair and Balanced

From the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR) this morning. The Human Rights Council in its midday meeting held an interactive dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights on … Continue reading

02/24/2021 · 1 Comment

It’s Official. B’Tselem Designates the Current Israeli Government as an Apartheid Regime (Racist Supremacists)

B’Tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights. The top human rights NGO in Jerusalem. This effectively overrides everything that Pat Robertson believes in, (Neocons, Globalists, and Neolibs included).

01/14/2021 · 1 Comment

It’s Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas guys! Remember to keep warm this weekend and stay safe!  You’re all heroes, and each and every one of you is blessed. Remember to call your family and … Continue reading

12/24/2020 · 5 Comments

Deutsche Welle Propaganda. Legitimizing Australia’s Warcrimes

What Happened The report identified 25 soldiers who were involved either directly or as “accessories” in the killing of Afghani civilians. Some of the perpetrators were still serving in the … Continue reading

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We Couldn’t Pull Out of Syria Because Jim Jeffrey Lied to the President

    Katie Bo Williams @KatieBoWill – 11:46 UTC · Nov 13, 2020 In a particularly frank moment during an exit interview, departing Syria envoy Jim Jeffrey acknowledged to me … Continue reading

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Macron Did Not Intend to Insult Islam (PressTV)

Merci pour aujourd’hui President Macron   French President Emmanuel Macron has said he did not intend to insult Islam and its followers in what could be interpreted as a retreat … Continue reading

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Dear Fronce and Germoney. Get the Hell Out of Africa and the Middle East.

And let Israel handle its own problems. . . . . . (Also the attacks in France and Austria are terrorist acts. Stop killing people for their shitty Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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Info Weekend 5: Removal of Sudan from the State Sponsored Terrorist List – Sudan Paid 0 cents.

This will be quick and dirty. But to understand this ‘not so new deal,’ we have to go back to 2018. The headlines this week say that “Sudan pays $335 … Continue reading

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Info Weekend 3: A Thief Sleeps in Your House for too Long. Eventually His Problems Become Your Own. (Full)

This article explains so many things NEW YORK — For nearly two decades, one of the most overlooked and little known arrests made in the aftermath of the September 11 … Continue reading

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Info Weekend 2: A Thief Sleeps in Your House for too Long. Eventually His Problems Become Your Own. (1)

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Netanyahu Flew Months Worth of Dirty Laundry to the DC Blair House to Have them Washed & Dry Cleaned

Staff in Washington D.C.’s Blair House, where the U.S. president houses his V.I.P. foreign guests, report that they have begun counting towels and robes after visitors depart. Soap and shampoo … Continue reading

10/15/2020 · 2 Comments

The B Team is in Charge of Foreign Affairs (And it Shows)

  On September the 20th, Secretary Mike Pompeo placed a call to Iraqi president Barham Salih. In it he loudly proclaimed that any military operations conducted by Iran would be … Continue reading

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People Were Betting How Fast Trump Would Get Infected by COVID19.

Well these screenshots were taken on the 15th of September, and there WAS a separate discussion where people speculated on just how long it would take for Trump’s inner circle … Continue reading

10/08/2020 · 4 Comments

Pizzas for Peace. Japanese Owned Pizzaria in Vietnam Designs Peace Pizzas.

I found these through a tweet by a person who writes for theGuardian, theAtlantic, Politico, and theWashingtonPost. Strange, but it is what it is.  I can live with that. A … Continue reading

09/20/2020 · 7 Comments

Who Will Rescue the Palestinians from Slavery?

09/15/2020 · 2 Comments

Serbian Kosovo Deal

The details on this are especially sparse on Fox News. So let’s check out what the German news says about it. What Fox News Says -The U.S. moved its embassy … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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