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Iran Tricked Netanyahu with a Drawing. Then Netanyahu Tricked the US Taxpayer

Ever wonder why food costs so much now compared to the 60s? With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran An investigation of supposed Iranian … Continue reading

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The Enduring Christian Population in Occupied Palestine (Pics)

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I Feel Like Traveling

I’ve been reading several travel blogs here on WordPress and they all have these really outstanding photos of parks, wildlife, landmarks, food, and activities.  It’s making me want to travel, … Continue reading

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Russia, Cuba, and China deliver Medical Aid to Countries Around the World.

Hello superpowers. Italy, Spain, Trinidad, Greece, Bangladesh, Tobago, Ireland, Serbia, Philippines, African Union.

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Israeli State Backed Newspaper is Spreading Misinformation About Italy

This was found on Reddit.  The article claims that an Israeli doctor working in Italy has seen an order by hospital bosses to NOT allow people over 60 to get … Continue reading

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ABC Australia Interviews a Former SAS Soldier. (Warning: Graphic)

  Please watch this video by ABC Australia.  These warcrimes need to stop.  These are the acts of evil men, and these soldiers need to rethink their lives.

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Lethargic Irreverence.

And not in a John Cleese Ha Ha kind of way.  France is ahead of the curve it seems when it comes to analyzing a situation outside its own borders. … Continue reading

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112 Businesses to Boycott. Because Boycotting is Free Speech Protected Under the 1st Ammendment.

MAGA hissy fits in 3…2…1… From the Office of the High Commissioner at the United Nations Human Rights Council. GENEVA (12 February) – The UN Human Rights Office on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Iraq: It Wasn’t the PMUs Who Attacked the K1 Military Base

Iraq’s military officials say an attack on the country’s K-1 military base, which killed an American contractor, was not carried out by the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) forces, as rockets … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Peace Deal

A more realistic plan would be to wait for the Palestinians’ counteroffer. Otherwise, Israel’s bad PR will continue sinking like it naturally does even without anyone interfering.

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What Israel Fears the Most.

When multiculturalism calls out Israel’s bluff and provides ample evidence of rational resistance to Zionist hegemony.  NoWarWithIran protests across the US. Rational Adjective based on or in accordance with reason … Continue reading

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Canadians Protest US Aggressions on Iran

TORONTO (Sputnik) – A coalition of Canadian protesters and activists gathered in front of the US Consulate in Toronto, demanding an end to US aggression and sanctions against Iran. “No … Continue reading

01/26/2020 · 2 Comments

Million Man March in Baghdad Iraq

You see, when you take advice from Israel, you quickly lose influence and power. Millions of Iraqis march for freedom. The think tanks never anticipated this because they have zero … Continue reading

01/24/2020 · 4 Comments

Mike Pence Snubbed by Prince Charles

Why did the temple eunuchs miss draping moist towlettes at the sacrificial altar last Saturday!!! Grrrr!   Prince Charles snubs Mike Pence. 👍 There goes that trade deal. — … Continue reading

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Der Speigel Journalist’s Uncanny Ability of Making Sensitive Issues Very Neutral

That’s an oddly worded title, but if it had included the word “sound” in between “Issues” and “very,” it would have taken on a completely different meaning. This article by … Continue reading

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Whose War is it Anyways? (Video) Watch this former Jewish Rabbi who converted to Christianity explain how we’re perpetually entangled in wars all across the globe, but especially in the middle east.  

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The Berlin Peace Conference was Productive

The general impression I got after reading reviews is that most parties who attended the peace conference had walked away with satisfaction. There appears to be a consensus as to … Continue reading

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Report Cards for Nations.

It’s a new year and so it’s time to give passing grades to countries. Or fails. Or detention. 2020 is going to be a fast year and it’s going to … Continue reading

01/16/2020 · 1 Comment

War Criminal Set Free

The horror stories you were told as a child of the atrocities commited by Nazi Germany likely pales in comparison to this one. Everything is now in crystal clear HD, … Continue reading

01/15/2020 · 1 Comment

Barbaric US War Adventurism is a Plague to Humanity.

The Iraqi people have a parasite problem. Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran Will the national security nightmare ever end? Philip Giraldi  January 14, 2020 If one seriously … Continue reading

01/15/2020 · 1 Comment

Hindustan Times: Soleimani’s Killing an Act of Terrorism, Says Noam Chomsky

Renowned political scientist Noam Chomsky believes the assassination of Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani is an act of “international terrorism”, if not anything “worse”. The US-based linguist-turned-activist, a staunch critic … Continue reading

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US Uses GMO to Boost Opium Production in Afghanistan.

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One Hour is Long Enough for a Sabotage. 47s is Long Enough for a False Flag.

Days after the plane crash and despite the Iranian commanders admission, people everywhere are still questioning the PS752 narrative. Everyone knows that whatever deceivers like Rebel Media, Ben Shapiro, Alex … Continue reading

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Give that Man a Medal! (Read the Pictures)

Did not see tangible evidence Didn’t cite a specific piece of evidence. I didn’t see one. I did a Gordon Sondland and I presumed there was Quid Pro Quo because … Continue reading

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Does the MEK Think it can Leverage Monopoly Money to Topple the Government of Iran? (Videos)

I don’t think so personally, because while the state dept can keep flushing dineros down the drain, we have ANTIWAR patriots protesting the US aggression on Iran. “Where’s Diane Feinstein? … Continue reading

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HK Chief Carrie Lam Visits Wife of Man who was Immolated by Protesters

How is this relevant to what is happening in Iran? Some of you might have witnessed months ago, US Senators inciting the Hong Kong riots through Twitter.  Now the Trump … Continue reading

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Foreign Meddling. British Ambassador Arrested in Iran for Inciting Riots.

-Britain’s ambassador in Iran has been arrested in capital Tehran in what the Foreign Secretary has branded a “flagrant violation of international law”. -Robert Macaire was taken into custody for … Continue reading

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Huge Blow to Iran. Iran Admits PS752 was Brought Down by Missile

Human error they called it. A sad day for Iran. The investigations have found that missiles had been fired at the aircraft. Rouhani has called it a disastrous mistake and … Continue reading

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The Wishy Washy Stance Means They Don’t Know Anything. The PS752 Plane Crash.

Isn’t it true though? You all saw how fast the satellite photos came out on TWITTER of Iran’s pinpoint strikes on the US airbase. Less than 12 hours! With the … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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