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President Trump Congratulates President Putin on His Presidential Win

Earlier in the day, at a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman, President Trump answered a question about a phone call with President Putin. “We will be meeting in … Continue reading

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Shhhh. Don’t Say This Too Loud.

I want to remind everyone that Russia along with Syria’s Assad, have been evacuating civilians from East Ghouta all month.  This is the humanitarian corridor that people on TV are … Continue reading

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All I really want to do is speak good things about countries without being pigeonholed into politics. Imagine if people could talk about beautiful Africa without twits lambasting you over … Continue reading

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Joseph Goebbels Resurrected. This Time in a Vassal Called Steve Bell.

TheGuardian uploaded a commissioned artpiece by cartoonist Steve Bell.  It was a push to aid Theresa May’s conspiracy on the Skripal poisoning. What theGuardian didn’t tell you though was that … Continue reading

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“I Didn’t Know” Says Lindsey Graham and Cuck Schumer. (NSFW)

You might have heard about the ambush of American Special Forces in Niger back in October.  They were in Africa training “moderate rebels.”  You might have even read a few … Continue reading

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Conspiracy News Refresher

REVIEW TIME PAHDNAH! I love that line by Red Silver J.  Red Silver J was part of Team Wakemup on Youtube. A channel that specialized in digging up controversial newsclips. … Continue reading

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Afghan Migrant Who Attacked Pregnant Woman Gets Life Sentence.

Boom, boom, boom. 4 minutes is all it takes for armed burglars to break into your home.  What happens when the democrats make your guns illegal?  In the UK, guns … Continue reading

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Powerful Picture

  According to Alyssa Milano on Twitter, it’s an art piece called U.S.A. by an artist named Erik Ravello.  I added in a few captions to make it more poignant.

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The Media’s Love Affair with ISIS. (Stop Punching Yourselves WaPo.)

Some of these are sourced from the big names in media  (The Washington Post, the Guardian, and the Nationalreview).  I wonder why we aren’t accusing these sources of being “Russian … Continue reading

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Interesting! Iran’s PMUs Save 11 US-backed Rebels From ISIS.

The Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Units (var. Hashd Al-Sha’abi) saved eleven members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from being captured by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) along the Syrian-Iraqi … Continue reading

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Don’t These Kids Look Just a Little Bit Too Happy Right After a Horrific School Massacre?

Less than 6 days after the Stoneman Douglas Highschool shooting, these child actors posed for happy selfies. Bad optics? Update: the picture of Emma Gonzalez in the first photo is … Continue reading

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It’s Not Racist If Whites are the Victims. (Is That an Adequate Excuse?)

These are paintings done by Kehinde Wiley, (the artist that Obama chose to paint his presidential portrait).  Isn’t it amazing? To witness the double standards practiced by the left? These … Continue reading

02/19/2018 · 5 Comments

$1.2mil? That Gets You No Where in DC.

Big buzz alleging that Russia spent $1.2 mil to get Trump elected. Isn’t that a bit stingy?  $1.2 mil is pocket change considering the milestone that the election was intended … Continue reading

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Just Something to Think About

Considering the amount of pushback by rightwing constituents, against the left’s 24 hour wall to wall Russia collusion narrative, wouldn’t that make 50% of America (dare I say it), Russians?  … Continue reading

02/17/2018 · 1 Comment

I Finally Found the CNN Interview of the Person Who Flew with McCain to Meet with Abu-Bakr-Al-Baghdadi

You’ve likely seen this photo floating through the internet the last 3 or 4 years. No, not that photo. This photo here in this infographic. I’ve only ever seen photos … Continue reading

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Senator Grassley’s Declassified Memo

Absolutely mindblowing. All Hillary voters (from 2016 to 2018) just got dunked. Total wash.   An article by Michael Isikoff dated September 23, 2016, was published on Yahoo news. “US … Continue reading

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About 81 Days Passed Before the Saudi Crackdown Ended. Less Than 3 Months.

Well that didn’t last very long. This photo was posted on Bostonglobe dot com on May 22, 2017. This ceremony was meant to take on a serious tone, but the … Continue reading

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Democrats Cave on DACA Talks.

Globalists fail yet again to sweep the DACA deal under the rug. Holding the nation hostage only served to weaken their image as more and more POCs & Hispanics shift … Continue reading

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Good News to Boost Your Day

4 items by the Washington Examiner.  My thoughts on these are somewhat positive.  These 4 articles signal to me that all parties are engaged, and all are ready to do … Continue reading

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Iran’s Biggest Failure

You never see threats being made to invade Singapore, or Malaysia, even though they have large “Islamic” communities. Likewise, China isn’t in imminent danger of a full scale invasion, even … Continue reading

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Calls by Israelis for the Killing of Palestinians are Commonplace on Facebook, and Largely Remain Undisturbed

From the previous blog post, the State Dept uses Instagram to relay messages to radical islamic terrorists. On the flipside, Facebook censors Palestine.  Let us connect the dots. From the … Continue reading

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In the Event of a Nuclear Holocaust, Read this Important Article

To know who caused it.  Proof that the US facilitates communication between radical islamic terrorists and US based political agitators. From the horse’s mouth himself Steve Goldstein.

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Trump signs the MLK Jr Bill – The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park Act.

You see how I posted Trump signing a bill that promotes race reconciliation (and tributes to the police), while just prior to this, something about police brutality and racism? Yes … Continue reading

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Police Brutality on People of Color in America Can be Compared to the Ones That Occur in Palestine

And in a majority of instances, much much worse.  I think I’ve covered a few stories of Israeli police gunning down 10 to 14 year old Palestinian girls for simply … Continue reading

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Here’s why Obama Signed the Iran Deal

It’s not because Obama was a “communist anti-constitutionalist dictator” like the fake news keeps on -programming-. It’s because this happened 4 months prior to Obama signing the deal. March 2, … Continue reading

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Bill Kristol. Trustworthy Scum? Or Schemingly Deceptive Establishmentarianist?

Kristol, one of the co-authors of the now defunct Project for a New American Century, one of the engineers of various illegal operations in several foreign sovereignties, and generally a … Continue reading

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Activision Patents Microtransaction-Based Matchmaking (Jim Sterling)

A short 10 minute video describing how a game company called Activision abuses its customers. Game engineers have devised a system that targets players by their in-game wealth, to move … Continue reading

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Another Spectacular Victory for President Trump. (The Pershing Gambit.)

Despite a few injured Free Speech Rally attendees, what happened in Boston was in fact, another victory for President Trump.  Less than 50 or so gathered in that park for … Continue reading

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Reuters Article in 2011. Soros Behind Occupy Wallstreet.

I know, I know, it’s a big shock. But here’s a Reuters article on it if you don’t believe me. (Reuters is still fake news however, this doesnt change a … Continue reading

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