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Turkey and the Kurds Agree to US Brokered Ceasefire

Trump’s unorthodox diplomacy works, but low IQ democrats won’t understand how it works. Early in the morning A few hours later An hour passes Here’s the letter that Trump fired … Continue reading

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Subpoena With Deceased Elijah Cummings’ Signature is a Forgery

Congressman Elijah Cummings died early this morning at about 2:50 am. It was reported that he had been in the hospital since 7 days ago. This subpoena was signed 7 … Continue reading

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Erdogan VS Putin and Assad

Small signs of trouble. Russian Air Force intercepts Turkish F-16 in northern Syria: media The Russian Air Force allegedly intercepted a Turkish warplane as it was flying over Syrian airspace … Continue reading

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Hello I Work for Buzzfeed

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You’ve Got the Touch. You’ve Got the Power. Yeah! (Video)

  My favorite superhero, President Trump. Latest headlines: Biden was whistleblower’s boss. NBC’s Matt Laurer raped colleague in 2014 in Sochi. Trump, Iran & Russia call for restraint between the … Continue reading

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We Really Want to Get Out of the Middle East, But the Lefties Want More Blood

Let me show you the reactions from the lefties. Notice how 3 out of these 5 people are homophobes and racists? Interesting isn’t it? Hundreds of millions of people have … Continue reading

10/09/2019 · 3 Comments

Oh Snap! China Abandons Iran!

  https://www  .aljazeera  .com/news/2019/10/iran-chinese-state-oil-firm-withdraws-5bn-deal-191006191347427.html Chinese company pulls out of the agreement in what appears to be the latest economic setback because of US sanctions. China’s state oil company pulled out … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. So You’re Saying That It Was Never for America to Begin With?

Anybody remember the NYTimes piece that exposed how Obama shipped weapons from Libya to Syria to arm ISIS? https://  www  .nytimes  .com/2013/06/22/world/africa/in-a-turnabout-syria-rebels-get-libyan-weapons.html During his more than four decades in power, … Continue reading

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-Lift the Veil- Supports President Trump’s Troop Withdrawal from Syria

Starts at the 22 minute mark. -Good news from the whitehouse -This is good news -We’ve been supportive of Donald Trump, as far as his non interventionist streak, as far … Continue reading

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Senator Rand Paul Supports President Trump’s Troop Pullout from Syria

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY):  Well, it sounded like you just listed the neocon war caucus of the Senate.  So, yes, they always want to stay at war.  They always think … Continue reading

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Cautiously Optimistic. President Trump Withdraws Troops From Kurdish Areas

I’m cautiously optimistic. Yes. It’s something that I think is good, but judging by the many reactions that I see online, lots of people are: IN SHOCK AND AWE. Let … Continue reading

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It Takes 23 Soldiers to Kidnap 1 Child

The Israeli military is probably the softest military on the face of the Earth. But their softness is only matched by their cruelty to children. About 23 Israeli soldiers armed … Continue reading

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How Many Times Must We Humiliate Pelosi Before She Understands?

We are blessed with a peace president. That’s why the globalists are getting very very mad. And their psychosis is passing on to the viewers of CNN and MSNBC.  Just … Continue reading

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The Future has Not Yet Been Written

You can do it bro! Every choice you make matters! It’s not too late to start now! Don’t wait until tomorrow! Everyday is an opportunity to make peace! Your destiny … Continue reading

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Iran is Wetting the Bed Even Before Anything has Happened.

Bolton’s ROTFL’ing right about now.  Just the thought of Ol Johnny here makes Zarif feel weak in the knees.  So the Saudis have released photos of drone wreckage.  Lots of … Continue reading

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Oooooh, Isn’t That Interesting? (You Just Read This in Yoda’s Voice)

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What If the Democrats Aren’t Low IQ?

I may have been working under the wrong assumption. I’ve always just assumed that the Democrats were very dense, but what if they were actually Machiavellian instead?  That’s a very … Continue reading

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The Many Times President Trump Said NO to an Iran Invasion.

I’ve been on the “NO WAR” train for far longer than anybody so please listen carefully. These are the times that I remember Trump calling for peace. These are the … Continue reading

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The Israeli Elections Have Broken the IDF Users on 4Chang

Israeli soldiers (and numerous other PR groups) have been known to lurk 4Chang for years. At first it was to promote pro Israel politics on 4Chang, but it appears that … Continue reading

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Maximum Pressure. Iran Signs Deep Debt w/ China. Many Fine Print Details.

Taking a look at stats from 2018: -Iran’s GDP growth in 2017/18 dropped to 3.8 percent as the effect of a large surge in oil revenues in the previous year … Continue reading

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This is How You Keep All Your Enemies in Suspense


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How Trump Forced the Left to Talk About “No Preconditions” Willingly…

3 years on and they still haven’t clued in.  Do you know how hard it was to get the word out about Trump’s attempts to negotiate peace, but now the … Continue reading

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Shhhh. No More Tears. Only Reality Now. Iran Has No Chips to Play On This Table

-US ‘holding all the cards,’ Iran ‘back on their heels’ like they’ve never been before -The retired four-star Army general said on “America’s Newsroom” that Iran is lashing out in … Continue reading

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CRUUUNCH. Israel Bombs Iranian Troops on Syria/Iraq Border

Oh I bet the Neocons are doing the riverdance right about now, and Bolton’s busy oiling his mustache for the victory party this evening. A solo victory party if you … Continue reading

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Photos of Iranian Cruise Missile Parts North of the Saudi Oil Station

The Houthis took credit for the attack, but it appears that it may not have been a drone strike attack, but rather a cruise missile attack.  These photos, according to … Continue reading

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Iran Should Go Into Peace Talks With the US

Never has there been another time where American foreign policy has been so friendly to the Iranian regime, considering history and present day circumstances. To date this will be the … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Wife is “Not healthy,” Says Sheldon Adelson’s Wife.

-Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, once Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key supporter, and his wife Miriam testified to police that Sara Netanyahu was “crazy” and that “she decides everything,” including key appointments … Continue reading

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Two Very Important News Items.

Peace loving folks rejoice. The US Reaches out to the Houthis to talk about ending the Yemen conflict and $3.6 billion has been diverted from bases overseas to fund the … Continue reading

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Oh No! Trump Isn’t Acting the Way We Wanted Him To! AM LITERUHLY CRYING RIGHT NOW

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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