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Yes, Americans Are This Stupid. No One’s Laughing, Except for Maybe Jussie and Anne Frank


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Western Values

Imagine betraying western values just so you could get a shot at being America’s next big fellator. Western values, the way that it is commonly described, is a system of … Continue reading

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Why Everybody Laughs at the US. The Epstein Case Explained.

This is how the elite set a child trafficker free.  Perhaps one day people will stop worshipping the government.

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Thernovich Covering for Dershowitz Covering for Epstein?

Looks like the Deep State is huge on victim blaming here with regards to the Epstein case. They’re actually accusing the rape victim of being the aggressor. Epstein is the … Continue reading

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Never Mind All These Other Things, Look at Her Red White and Blue Outift!

She’s more American than Megan McCain.  Have you ever seen anyone more patriotic than Ilhan? I haven’t.  She’s making America a country again.

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Youtube Disables Search Function and NYT Journalist Calls for the Killing of Whites

I thought I was the only one. This morning, while surfing for Yugioh videos, I noticed that Youtube’s search function wouldn’t sort its results by the date that the videos … Continue reading

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Did You Know that the “Rapture” is an Appendix that was Tacked on to the Bible 1800 Years After Jesus?

It’s hard to believe but because of one tiny pebble on an old dirt road, thousands of Christians believe in the Rapture. Pro tip, it’s not canon. The ((Rapture)) The … Continue reading

03/15/2019 · 5 Comments

Joe Rogan is Anti Vaccine.

Youtube has gone on a censorship spree on many many small to mid level youtubers. Some of the things that people are getting banned for: Anti Vaccine research Conspiracies Denying … Continue reading

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The Daily Satan and Lice Dot Com Get their Wires Crossed

This is the oddest thing I’ve seen in weeks. Two lefty publications come up with completely conflicting stories. The good news is that this is the first time that the … Continue reading

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Trump is Cleaning Up America Bit by Bit

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In 2017 Boeing Reversed its Practice of Outsourcing Work on Avionics

There’s a big rumour by white nationalists that the 737s are plagued with computer code written by foreigners. An article by the Seattle Times appears to say otherwise. The motive … Continue reading

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BA-DA-BING-BA-DA-BAZINGUS. Captain Marvel Spent $500mil on “”Advertising””

Disney’s going to need $750 million just to break even. Greatest block buster of all time!

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Ralph Nader’s Grand Niece Died on Ethiopia Plane Crash

Ralph Nader is a former US presidential candidate. Samya Stumo was his grand niece.  It was her first trip under her new job to Uganda. She was working on health … Continue reading

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Imagine Being the Vice President of the United States Mike Ponce

Imagine being the vice president of the United States and somebody BTFOs you hard with facts! Some walls have halls of fame. Ponce needs his portrait up on the wall … Continue reading

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Israeli Journalist from Haaretz Supports Ilhan Omar. Angela Davis Supports Ilhan Omar.

Life must be hard for shills when they try to make it look as if there is widespread condemnation of Ilhan. I mean they can post as many subversive tweets … Continue reading

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FRESH FRESH! Hundreds of Empty Seats Bought Out at Captain Marvel

You can pay a man to buy 1000 tickets, but you can’t pay him to sit on 1000 seats simultaneously.  Now imagine this on a nationwide scale.  There’s a term … Continue reading

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Who is Thor Halvorssen. Whoooops! Guaido’s Cousin.

Who is Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorsen is a “”Human rights activist.””  He is the son of the deceased Helum Halvorssen, who was once arrested for acts of terrorism. Helum was … Continue reading

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How dare she not go along with what bearded ISIS informants dressed as women told our bureau chiefs in Virginia! That’s racist communist and massaginism! Bearded ISIS dressed up as … Continue reading

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Disney Possibly Bought Out Box Office Tickets to Boost Captain Marvel Perception

Movie studios typically wait a week before releasing flics overseas, but due to Captain Marvel’s ultra low reception domestically, Disney opened it up to overseas markets right on the third … Continue reading

03/11/2019 · 3 Comments

UN Workers On Ethiopia Plane Crash

2 days before the crash this was posted by the US State Dept, advising Americans to steer clear of Ethiopia. Meskel is less than 5 miles off the airport. 19 … Continue reading

03/10/2019 · 4 Comments

Michael Jackson Will Remain More Popular than Madonna, Elvis, the Beatles, and Beyonce Combined, for Many More Years.

  Heh heh. His songs weren’t that bad. I still enjoy listening to them. Michael Jackson’s two accusers couldn’t suck his money off him when he was alive, so now … Continue reading

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Bow Chika Wow Wow. Disney Bots Flood Captain Marvel with Fake Reviews

Captain Marvel’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes was squarely pegged at 30%, that is before Rotten Tomatoes began to delete all the negative reviews, while permitting hundreds of Disney bots to … Continue reading

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A Journey Into the Mind’s Eye. Part 2

Watch this video about Disney This isn’t just fringe conspiracy. It was so bad that they had to dispatch the mainstream media to put out the fires. You can search … Continue reading

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A Journey Into the Mind’s Eye Part 1

Strong Independent Woman.  Forced to pledge allegiance to a foreign nation. University prof. Human rights activist. First black woman to represent Georgia in the House. B.A. in international relations.  M.A. … Continue reading

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Para La Guerra NADA. The Venezuelan People Reject the False Song of Marco Rubio’s Stripper Mix Tape

That’s pretty quick of the Venezuelans: bringing attention to the imminent invasion by US democracy peddlers. Para La Guerra NADA, if I remember my Spanish correctly, means “for war, NO!” … Continue reading

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TruNews: Israeli Mossad is in Venezuela (Video)

    6:30 A retired general in Venezuela texted a Jewish Latino associate of the show. 300 mossad agents left Israel on a plane headed to Venezeula. “There’s going to … Continue reading

02/25/2019 · 1 Comment

Good Guy Maduro. Crowd Comparison.

This looks to be about the same size as the Trump rallies back in 2016. Most likely even bigger. “Yankee go home!” I’m sure billions of US tax dollars have … Continue reading

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US Weapons Bound for Venezuela Set on Fire by US Backed Protesters

It’s a good time to remind everyone that Venezuela does not want any ((humanitarian aid)) from the US. They have all the food they need. Also, Marco Rubio was a … Continue reading

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The DuPonts are Regarded as One of the “Weaker” Elite Families

This is a continuation of that Venezuela post from 1 week ago. An anonymous poster claiming to have worked with mid level spooks did a 2 day Q&A where he … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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