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Remember When Netanyahu Said He Slept in Kushner’s Bed?

Jared Kushner ‘deeply involved’ in White House response to Khashoggi’s disappearance -Kushner’s relationship with Salman has been the subject of intense scrutiny and criticism. Other sources who spoke to Yahoo … Continue reading

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Has Entero D68 Returned? Paralyzed Kids in 22 States

Is the US MIC testing bio weapons again? From the AP NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials on Tuesday reported a jump in cases of a rare paralyzing illness … Continue reading

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Saudi Forensics General was One of the 15 Man Hit Squad Sent to Turkey. Khashoggi Case.

Hnntz hnntz hnntz hnntz. Now we know why the US is tip toe-ing gingerly on the Khashoggi disappearance. One of the men who flew to Turkey was the head of … Continue reading

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Bandai Namco US Has Noticed Senpai Elon Musk

This is great. We’re forging ahead into new territories. I was worried that electric technology was done for, but it seems that there is new hope in the horizon. China … Continue reading

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Elon Musk is a Fan of Anime

I can totally support this! Billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame has revealed another facet to his eccentric nature: he likes anime. Perhaps too much so, because he … Continue reading

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ISIS Attacks White Helmets. Steals Chlorine Gas.

Western military media complex BTFO. From VeteransToday ISIS terrorists have been able to seize toxic chemicals due to the irresponsible actions of the representatives of the Western countries, Lieutenant General … Continue reading

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Beijing’s Air Quality Improves, and Study Connects Parenting Quality to Social/Antisocial Behavior

Beijing’s air quality PM2.5 is a name given to atmospheric particles that produce haze and reduce visibility. PM2.5 has dropped by 16.7% in Beijing compared to this same time period … Continue reading

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Israeli Malware Exclusively Sold to Governments. Malware That is Used to Silence Journalists

Hmmm. Is this why Bloomberg is desperate to deflect attention away from Israel and onto China? From Techdirt Israeli Tech Company’s Spyware Still Being Used To Target Journalists And Activists … Continue reading

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Shinzo Abe Believes the US Has No Intention of Withdrawing from the Korean Peninsula

The deal was for North Korea to dismantle their nukes, make peace with SK, and to have the US lift their sanctions and to have them leave the Korean Peninsula. … Continue reading

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K Then.

Well alright then. NYT   The hacker named 4Chang Double Chang Arutz r/echochamber ((r/politics)) DailyMail Guardian Haaretz Sputnik Times of Israel Sure  

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Everyone Needs a Little Pick Me Up

  MY HEART — Puppies 🐶 (@PopularPups) October 3, 2018 Monday blues. Everybody’s got em. Well, if you’ve tried everything but have yet to find something, have a cute … Continue reading

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The UK’s Cyber Security Center Accuses Russia of Hacking the Russian Central Bank

Meme Monday everyone. Click on the bird at the top left hand corner to visit my landing page!

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Missing WaPo Journalist May Have Been the Target of a 15 man Hit Squad

-Early in the day Saturday Turkey’s Anadolu news agency announced the Istanbul public prosecutor’s office was formally probing the disappearance, and though yet to reveal any specific evidence to back … Continue reading

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GCHQ Sides with Apple and Amazon. “Nobody” knows What Bloomberg was Talking About.

-LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Britain’s national cyber security agency said on Friday it had no reason to doubt the assessments made by Apple Inc and Inc challenging a Bloomberg … Continue reading

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Whooooo! Here We Go. A Preview of AI. A Preview of the Future. And Terminator.

Try as he might, an AI engineer is unable to steer the lecture away from Politics and Weaponization. Chairman and President of Sinovision Ventures Kai-Fu Lee presents his work on … Continue reading

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See Them as People

Imagine, being powerless and unable to stop an encroaching swarm of vile Republicans. They’re confiscating your homes. Evicting you, and forcing you to not go to school. You have no … Continue reading

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Catholic Kavanaugh Wins!

Hmmm. Sensitive issue. Better tread carefully. Lot’s of people are angry! Brett Kavanaugh is the newest US supreme court judge. That’s a win for Catholics! But what type of Catholic … Continue reading

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All on Joe’s Tab

Proof that Israel’s Chair force 1 writes checks its ass can’t cash. And now we bail him out yet again.

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Bill Clinton Up to His Old Tricks in Munich, Germany

Hnnnggh hnnnnggh hnnnngh Bill wearing his pervert socks to Oktoberfest. Bill still can’t resist touching women hehehehe. Look at him he looks so happy hahahah! Still, nothing can compete with … Continue reading

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Bolton: This is Not the Obama Administration

  Hmmm. Does he mean the administration who won’t go after the “central bank of international terrorism”?

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Racism is a Contentious Issue in the West, but in Israel it is Fully Institutionalized.

I really hate bringing this up because if I were to focus on this issue, I would end up having to write hundreds of articles, and I’m afraid of alienating … Continue reading

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Pompeo Looks Away as Saudi Embassy Kidnaps WaPo Journalist in Turkey

We can’t be ruining our diplomatic ties to the Saudis now can we? -On Tuesday, Khashoggi, a Saudi national and Washington Post columnist, entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to … Continue reading

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2016 – The US hacked Germany

New documents made public by Wikileaks reveal that the USA spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private conversations with world leaders. The secret files seen by the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) show … Continue reading

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DERP. UK Hacked Belgium and the Netherlands.

-For a moment, it seemed the hackers had slipped up and exposed their identities. It was the summer of 2013, and European investigators were looking into an unprecedented breach of … Continue reading

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Brutal and Inhumane Treatment of West Bank Civilians

Monday’s planned demolition of a West Bank village and forcible transfer of its residents to make way for illegal Jewish settlements is a war crime that lays bare the Israeli … Continue reading

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When An Out of Towner Comes to Your House to Tell You How to Run Your Family

The workforce gender gap is a good thing to address. If there is a national desire to alter the job criterion for women, then good for the nation. But when … Continue reading

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2017 – Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada

It sounded like a bad Hollywood horror movie. Patients at a psychiatric hospital subjected to intensive shock treatments, LSD and drug-induced comas. But for hundreds of Canadians, it was an … Continue reading

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2017 – US Secretly Tested Carcinogen in Western Canada During the Cold War.

Back in October of 2017, Canadian online publication the National Post rebelled against the US by publishing an article detailing the US Army’s treachery.   The U.S. Army secretly dumped … Continue reading

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Iran Could Use Russia-US Deconfliction Line

Kim Jong Un Could Learn from Iran’s Success. Because capitulation is not what grants respect in the west. From Sputnik WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States is urging Iran to … Continue reading

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