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Now Is a Bad Time to be in Debt?

This article and a number of others on Zerohedge are making me worry. https://www .zerohedge .com/news/2018-08-16/anatomy-crisis-strong-dollar-and-disappearing-liquidity If I’m reading this right, the dollar is overvalued. Interest rates are going up … Continue reading

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Get a Loan to Buy That LED Aircooled Mechanical Keyboard + 4K Ultrawide Monitor!

I’ve seen this happen many times. The wife files for divorce. The kid gets initiated into a gang.  Your dog starts shitting on the neighbor’s yard. The other kid gets … Continue reading

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Canadian mint employee, who smuggled 22 gold pucks in his rectum has $145,900 fine reduced in court

Leston Lawrence, 35, was sentenced to 30 months in prison last year after stealing the pieces from the mint and selling 17 of them through Ottawa Gold Buyers. At the … Continue reading

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Guided Bomb Fragments At Site of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back to Lockheed Martin

-The MK-82 is a 500-pound air dropped guided bomb which US Air Force and military publications previously touted as “causing the least amount of collateral damage” — US defense contractors have over … Continue reading

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This is Richard “Beebo” Russel. The Man Who Stole the Plane From Seatac Airport

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Rare Chinese Blossom Amid a Blistering Heatwave

Park goers in Cardiff, Wales were surprised by a tree that blossomed for the first time in a century.  This is the Emmenopterys Henryi. It rarely grows in the southern … Continue reading

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Slain Paramedic in Rafah Was a Volunteer

A paramedic was killed by Israeli soldiers today in Rafah. He was a volunteer in the Medical Relief Society tasked to aid the injured in Gaza’s March of Return. Abdallah … Continue reading

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Canada Core Values. Increase Fame in Times of Crisis.

Trudeau to win the elections? Here’s how to capture the hearts and minds of Canadians. Fight for this Equality – The idea that everyone deserves to be on equal footing, … Continue reading

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Heck YEAH! This is How Canadians Will Love Him

I guess it’s time to remind Canadians….that when somebody acts through drastic measures, it’s usually overcompensation. A panic strike. Earlier this week, a Saudi propagandist group posted on social media, … Continue reading

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I Like What These People Had to Say About Iran.

Is Iran a Good Country? Jevin writes Contrary to what the answers say, countries are not the sum of its people. If it were, then we would have Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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FBI Records Show Dossier Author Deemed ‘Not Suitable For Use’ as Source (Judicial Watch)

FBI Records Show Dossier Author Deemed ‘Not Suitable For Use’ as Source, Show Several FBI Payments in 2016 (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today the FBI turned over 70 … Continue reading

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Trevor Noah’s Racist Skit in 2013. (Comedian Calls Aboriginals Ugly)

As if there wasn’t already an abundance of intolerance on the net, another race had been revealed to have been the recipient of hate by the liberals.  Blacks and Orientals … Continue reading

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Small Example of How Democrats Excuse Racism and Sexual Abuse Committed by Fellow Democrats

CBS President/CEO/Chairman of the Board, Les Moonves harassed and intimidated 6 women and at least a dozen more. Under typical liberal criterias, Moonves would be skewered and immolated at the … Continue reading

07/31/2018 · 9 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel Racist Skit (Offensive)

Jon Stewart and Colbert aren’t the only racists sleeping in the Democrat camp.  This one is a skit that Kimmel did by using blackface: a technique that is highly highly … Continue reading

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Stewart and Colbert Mock 9/11 Victims with Anti Black Skit.

This was a taped show of the Daily Show after 911. Colbert mocks MC Hammer and makes a harmful critique on rap culture.  Nobody noticed back then.

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Donald Trump Interview 2 Days After 9/11 at Ground Zero (Video)

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CSIS Says Black Astronauts Banned Because “Muh Russia.” Has CSIS Always Been This Bad? (Yes)

Being a non exceptional and below average civilian, I get extra points for making fun of the big guys. And you do too! As long as you’re not VIP. CSIS … Continue reading

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Obama’s GDP Growth Average Was a Low 2.05%

I’m not an expert on GDP but looking at this chart from Statista dot Com, Obama’s rocky GDP growth from 2011 to 2016 was 2.05% on average. Trump on the … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s Niece Sentenced in $110k Credit Card Case (Fox News)

For nearly a year, Caroline Biden, 31, used an unidentified victim’s Chase credit card at Bigelow’s pharmacy, the New York Post reported. According to prosecutors, the victim had given Biden … Continue reading

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23andMe Customers Hijacked! Big Time!

Did you ever pay money to see if you were adopted? What if you wanted to be sure you were 100% white? Mom’s savoir faire in recounting tales of college … Continue reading

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Albania, Netherlands, Belgrade, UK, New Jersey. All Could Not Replicate Guccifer2.0’s Internet Bandwidth. (Video)

All those countries could only achieve 1/4th of Guccifer2.0’s download speeds. Former NSA tech director on Guccifer2.0. This breaks the conspiracy that Guccifer2.0 was not a DNC operative. Skip to … Continue reading

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I Will Fight For You. I Will Never Ever Let You Down. The Forgotten Man and the Forgotten Woman. You’re Not Forgotten Anymore. (Video)


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The Lefty News Networks Are Inflexible. They’re keeping You from Getting What You Desire the Most.

They keep broadcasting Brennan’s words. Pelosi’s words. Kamalla’s, Schumer’s, and Paul Ryan’s words. The only person you want to hear from is Trump. Face it guys, you know it, I … Continue reading

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Thanking Jesus for Stopping a War Between Russia and the US

I was in a rush this morning to grab all the salty headlines from the nutty liberals, I almost forgot to thank Jesus for the Putin-Trump meeting. Watch the liberals … Continue reading

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Gary Kasparov Goes Into Hysterics (In Private) (In a Locked, Dark Closet) (We’re Assuming)

Gary Kasparov, the former Soviet chess grandmaster turned anti-Russia rabble-rouser, probably best conveyed the madness. “I’m ready to call this the darkest hour in the history of the American presidency,” … Continue reading

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Venus Will Be Very Visible This Weekend

I thought I was being spied on. I was doing my regular shit on my computer 2 nights ago when a bright light caught my eye. Was it a UAV? … Continue reading

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Let’s Revisit the Topic of Guccifer 2 Point Oh.

My memory is a little fuzzy on this because I didn’t write about this topic that much. But my suspicions from the start had been consistent with what I did … Continue reading

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Why Did 8 Republicans Spend 4th of July in Russia – The Jimmy Dore Show (Video)

https://www .youtube .com/watch?v=oM4YPA6vKo8 Just got word that the family of James Foley are suing the Assad government for 200 million. Their claim is that Assad paid ISIS to form a … Continue reading

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Canada’s Trudeau. How Does He Do It?!

So much energy. Canada’s Trudeau: he is blessed by youth and optimism. I can see similarities between him and Macron. Both being young, and truly having the motivation to do … Continue reading

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