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World War 3 is Bad MMM’Kay?

When senators, bankers, and war profiteers call all the shots, and we the poor people are called upon to fight their wars for them, wouldn’t it make sense to speak … Continue reading

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Update: Comparison Between President Trump’s Tweet and the Original Gif

Here is a screenshot of the full motion video posted up by President Trump. And here is a screenshot of the Gif that HanA**HoleSolo took credit for. Different aspect ratio, … Continue reading

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Regular People are Okay.

I love criticizing the internet, but not all the time. Writing positive articles can sometimes improve the way your readers interact with people. It feels great, and pangs of guilt … Continue reading

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Hodgekinson’s Daughter (17) Doused Herself with Gasoline and Lit Herself on Fire

The story just get’s worse and worse as usual.  Looks like the #pizzagate angle is getting more credible by the minute.  Blackmail?

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Really Good Toothpaste

I know what you’re thinking. Old man toothpaste! I can’t believe that I forgot I was going write about toothpaste since about a month ago.  I’ve been so busy focusing … Continue reading

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Nina Dobrev Pls Date Me

Even though Hollywood is a satanic hive of scum and villainy, and that Hollywood is responsible for creating astroturf pud-whackers like Seth Meyer, I can overlook all that! Triple X … Continue reading

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5 of the Toughest People on Earth

These are the toughest kinds of people on Earth. In no particular oder: 1 Sailors While they may be citizens of their respective homelands, sailors live by a different set … Continue reading

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Mild Depression, Yes?

This is only for those who have mild depression.  If you have heavy depression, don’t read. This isn’t for you. Embrace your mild depression, it’s healthy.  Listen to your favorite … Continue reading

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The Apple Barrel

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Immersion In the Apple Barrel Bro.

The first time I saw Sarah Silverman was on an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Right then I knew Silverman was someone who pulled strings to get gigs in Hollywood. … Continue reading

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Trump’s Executive Order is a Defensive Reaction. John Mccain and Lindsey Graham’s Military Offensive Against Syria was the Wrecking Ball that Scattered the Refugees.

Agree or disagree? Refugee rapes across Europe, but zero news coverage States-side. Merkel’s wish to contain the PR disaster that was so conveniently dubbed the “refugee crisis.” I didn’t write … Continue reading

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Preview – Spring

Can you guess the title?

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Pre-Obama-Uninstallment-Celebration. Wew! Getting That In Before CBS, TIME and Fortune Spams WordPress on the 20th.

 Fixed the eyes a little bit.

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Work in Progress – Winter

Arrr Matey, I be gettin my sealegs back.

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Ninja 2 Layers

What started out as a quick sketch turned out to be a weekend affair. I wanted this done by Friday, but I was seriously running low on creativity.  It didn’t … Continue reading

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Necromancy. Why You Shouldn’t Do It.

If we look at all the ancient cultures that practiced necromancy and where they are now, it’s easy to conclude that necromancy is not a good thing.  Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Art

Good morning. I wish everyone a nice day today. Be good to each other and don’t be dicks.

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Frustrated with Politics?

Many bloggers, myself included, have at one time or another, come to a point where they have asked themselves: AM I MAKING A DIFFERENCE Especially with politics. We write about … Continue reading

01/13/2017 · 2 Comments

Into the Groove

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Hygiene Tips. Mini Guide for Attaining Clear Skin.

Alright, here we go. I hope I didn’t overhype this mini guide by talking about it in earlier posts.  One of the things that will improve your chances with meeting … Continue reading

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It Just Hit Me. New York is a Blue State.

I’ve always assumed New York was conservative. It’s one of those things that I’ve never given much thought. It’s odd that I simply associated cold winters with conservatism, because the … Continue reading

01/10/2017 · 2 Comments

December Update

Hi people. I haven’t posted since the week of Trump’s victory and there’s a good reason for that. I’m taking a short break. Not a bad reason right? I’m taking … Continue reading

11/30/2016 · 3 Comments

Corrupt Vox News Admits they Were Wrong About Hillary.

I’ve been saying this about them all this time. Motherjones, Vox, Huffington Post, CBS, CNN, Daily Beast, Politico… The alt left folks. Corrupt to the core.

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Homeless Woman Who Defended Trump’s Hollywood Star Bullied by Democrat Voters.

Hillary Sycophants in a nutshell.  Here’s a picture of one of the signs that those bullies beat her up for. They claimed it was “hate speech.” That doesn’t look like … Continue reading

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FBI to Re-open Case on Hillary’s E-mails.

From Rep Jason Chaffetz on Twitter: FBI Dir just informed me, “The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” Case reopened. … Continue reading

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I Have to Make an Apology. Sorry Guys.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made several insensitive comments/remarks. I’m not going to blame the elections, and I’m not going to project my guilt onto others like they do … Continue reading

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Holas Amigos. Donde Estas Los Constituyentes (Part Dos)

Remember when we told you that only 30 people attended Tim Kaine’s Florida rally? And you guys didn’t believe it? Here are 2 aereal shots to convince non believers. And … Continue reading

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Remember When 3 DNC Staffers Resigned After Being Exposed for Religious Bigotry?

Out of all the leaks that came from the DNC, the one e-mail that took 3 top DNC staffers down was the one where they pit Jews against Christians against … Continue reading

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2 Daily Sheeple Videos You Should See. (Because TIME and Global News are Boring)

Is Hillary the epitome of white privilege? “White privilege” is a trendy liberal term that has in recent times, come to replace the old and outdated terms “entitled,” and “Spoiled.” … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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