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WordPress Reader. LIKE and COMMENT Buttons Missing?

Odd behavior.  Certain blogs on the feed reader don’t have their LIKE buttons enabled. Here’s a workaround to it. Typically, at the bottom of each blog post are a number … Continue reading

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Westerners Incensed at China’s New Student Guideline “Get Lots of Good Sleep.”

You can touch off westerners by simply giving good advice these days. A new draft proposal in Zhejiang advises parents to let their kids go to sleep at 9pm, even … Continue reading

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Gutterball! Hong Kong’s Economy Enters a “Technical Recession”

This might benefit China. No joke. Seeing that protesters refuse to be a part of China’s growing transformation, they will be left behind. Over time, Hong Kong will turn into … Continue reading

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Could You Give Up Facebook and Youtube if You Were a Politics Guy? The Internet Needs a Reset.

For those of us who don’t have either Facebook or Youtube, the question is easy. We dip in and dip out, like dolphins at Seaworld, no problem.  But I know … Continue reading

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Mississippi Rally. Trump Mentions Anderson Cooper. CNN’s Lights Abrubtly Shut Off.

This is at the Mississippi Rally at around the 1:08:30 mark. Other highlights: Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are not Russian agents. Beto dropped like a dog. The Washngton Post … Continue reading

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Beto Are You Okay , Are You Okay Beto.

Beto O’Rourke drops out of the presidential race, and Kamala Harris lays off dozens of aides at her Baltimore HQ. Beto is expected to NOT run for any other office … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Kids Go Trick or Treating Anymore…

While we’re on that subject, Democrat congresswoman shows up to a committee meeting, wearing nothing but a pleather (plastic leather) batman costume. So gross. From theGatewayPundit https://www  .thegatewaypundit  .com/2019/10/holy-potbelly-dem-congresswoman-katie-porter-wears-batman-costume-to-cast-vote-in-committee/ On … Continue reading

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The Whistleblower’s Father is a Bank Executive?

The Deepstate + Criminal Bankster Elites? Ciaramella left the Trump White House soon after Mueller was appointed. Attempts to reach Ciaramella were unsuccessful, although his father said in a phone … Continue reading

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Good Morning! Secret Cables Found w/ Baghdadi Connects to State Dept.

Who is Greg Rubini? I don’t know. But if you look at Sidney Powell’s Twitter handle, she retweets Rubini. Sidney Powell is the attorney (Flynn’s attorney), who exposed the cover … Continue reading

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The Unemployment in the US is All Trump’s Fault.

Or is it Vladimir Putin’s fault? The unemployment is so low in the US, that there is a “widespread worker shortage.”  This should make every patriotic American angry.   From … Continue reading

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Good Alternative to Eating Meat

This is a good way to save money if you’re in college, or if you’re just looking to change things up a little.  I was trying to cook up onion … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Remember, George Soros Gets His Money Through Donors.

-In 2016, the OSF-funded organization Transparify found that Open Society Foundations was the least transparent non-profit among those in the United States which it reviewed. Open Society Foundations earned a … Continue reading

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Bestowing High Praise Upon Terrorism? China Disapproves.

It’s a rare sight to see conservative Chinese newspapers express themselves in a manner that mimics western tabloidism (Western journalism). But when they do, it’s funny as fuck, and refreshing.

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Someone Leaked the Star Wars Plot.

And allegedly, it’s just as bad as the previous two films.  I won’t post the plot here, but it’s out on the internet. Someone summarized it below.  I cannot confirm … Continue reading

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Emily Zamourka Blessed with a Second Chance in Life

The story brings two smiles to people’s faces. Her voice is said to be that of an angel’s, and at the same time it demonstrates that there is a yearning … Continue reading

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Verizon is Trying to Sell Off Huffington Post

One Less Fake News Site to Worry About in 2020 Inevitability. You can only broadcast so much indecency masked in “progressivism,” and “wokeness,” before people start to question if their … Continue reading

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Congressman Biggs Now Has 173 Votes to Censure Senator Liddle’ Adam Schiff.

Schiff being censured for making false statements at a congressional hearing would be great for TV.  You know what really would make the Democrats go berserk? If Adam Schiff were … Continue reading

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Stressed Out? Watch Animal Videos!

Dr.Phil, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, The View, Colbert, all these shows are the leading cause of depression and suicide.  Why not opt for something natural instead!? Here’s a guy bonding with … Continue reading

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You are Beautiful. No Matter Who You Are.

It’s all about teamwork.  I sounded like a dictator leading an authoritarian regime writing that; which is really odd.  How did things get so twisted, that the concept of teamwork … Continue reading

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Turkey and the Kurds Agree to US Brokered Ceasefire

Trump’s unorthodox diplomacy works, but low IQ democrats won’t understand how it works. Early in the morning A few hours later An hour passes Here’s the letter that Trump fired … Continue reading

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Subpoena With Deceased Elijah Cummings’ Signature is a Forgery

Congressman Elijah Cummings died early this morning at about 2:50 am. It was reported that he had been in the hospital since 7 days ago. This subpoena was signed 7 … Continue reading

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Erdogan VS Putin and Assad

Small signs of trouble. Russian Air Force intercepts Turkish F-16 in northern Syria: media The Russian Air Force allegedly intercepted a Turkish warplane as it was flying over Syrian airspace … Continue reading

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President Trump Asks Us to Pray for Nancy Pelosi

Oh I don’t know. I think my prayers are already working.  Pelosi and Schumer storm out of a White House meeting after experiencing a mega mental meltdown. It’s reported that … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard Clips at the DemDebate

I know some of you guys out there are fans of Tulsi, so here are just the clips of Tulsi from tonight’s Demdebate.

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Democrats Have No Plan for Medicare for All

Several choice clips from the Democrat debate. Just follow this thread on twitter by Karli Bonne. In the tweet that I referenced with the picture above, Pete Butigieg criticizes … Continue reading

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125 House Republicans to Censure Schiff + Project Veritas Video Part 2

125 House Republicans move to censure Senator Schiff for lying on TV about the Trump Zelensky phone call. “Schiff simply does not have the gravitas that a weighty procedure such … Continue reading

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Employees Reveal that CNN’s Offices are Dark Chambers Saturated with Negativity

The new Project Veritas Video. I’m pretty sure I saw two latino employees in the video express their discontent at the way that the company is being run by Jeff … Continue reading

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Cry Havoc! Arizona Attorney Linked to John McCain Arrested

And let slip Paul Peterson, McCain’s Bag Boy. -Recently we reported on the arrest of Paul Peterson, an attorney and former elected public servant, who is now facing DOJ charges … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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