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1 Day Prior, National Guard Prepped for Massive Escalation. Part 5

Further proof that Charlottesville was part of a pre-planned operation. Massive civil unrest and division between Virginians were the intended outcome.

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5 Days Prior, Crisis Actors Were Hired. One State Away from Virginia. Part 4

A few hours after these ads were discovered, someone quickly flagged it for removal. Further proof of a cover-up.  

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The Moment Alex Fields Hit the Gas Pedal. Part 3.

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Fascist Left Getting Worked Up Over White Supremacy. Part 2

More information here at WillyLoman’s blog. 

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State Department Employee Caught Spreading Charlottesville Viral Video. Part 1

When I’m right, I’m right. I, along with a handful of others were the only ones blogging on Saturday about foreign involvement in Charlottesville, while hundreds of WordPress bloggers were … Continue reading

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Many Instances of Antifa Committing Crimes Including Murders. The Public Forgets

Pablo Gomez Jr., 24, is suspected of stabbing one woman to death in Berkeley on Friday and injuring another in a separate incident. He was arrested by police in Burbank … Continue reading

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The LA Riots in 1992.

This is a scene from the 1992 LA riots. A trucker was swarmed and then savagely beaten. It was an unprovoked attack by rioters.  Mob mentality rarely ever takes a … Continue reading

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The Strange Evolution of Alex’s Car

As far as I can tell, ownership of the vehicle passed from the Vangheluwe family, to the Fields’ family sometime between 2011 and 2015.  Registry checks led people to the … Continue reading

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Potential New Soros False Flag Planned in Baltimore.

Antifa are planning to stage a rally in Baltimore later this afternoon. A potential flashpoint between Americans and foreign funded actors. If you live in Baltimore, stay away from Wyman … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Confusing Part. Mandatory Bathroom Break. Part 3.

Who is this freak show who attended the Antifa rally? George Soros is involved in stirring civil unrest. That’s the OTPOR symbol. The same OTPOR symbol that was used in … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Confusing Part. Alex Fields, Part 2.

This is the photo that surfaced on Twitter a mere few hours after the incident. The woman in the picture is supposed to be Alex Fields’ mother. But Alex’s face … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Confusing Part. Alex Fields, Part 1.

This is the man the news now confirms was behind the wheel of the Challenger. Alex James Fields. An areal view of the Challenger reveals it didn’t have a sunroof. … Continue reading

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A New Name Has Popped Up (Virginia Challenger Incident)

@xicana5 claims the grey Challenger belongs to a person who goes by the name of Alex Fields. Incidentally, a helicopter crash in Virginia. Joel Vengaloo’s ex girl friend was asked … Continue reading

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Kid Accused of Being the Driver of the Grey Challenger Says it Wasn’t Him.

  After the driver was arrested, people on the internet began searching registry databases for Dodge Challengers with the license plate GVF1111. They came up with these.   But so … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Charlottesville Incident

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The Russia Hacking Narrative Had Been Debunked for Over a Month

These are excerpts from an article at TheNation dot Com. There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by … Continue reading

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Son of Sam Serial Killer is Harmless. Bunny Foo Foo and Cuddly (CBS)

A guy who heard dogs talking, went around shooting brown haired women, worshipped demons, and evaded cops. Jewish serial killer David Berkowitz (AKA Son of Sam), is now the temporal … Continue reading

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To Misinform is to Stunt the Readers’ IQ. Sy Hersh Cracks Open the RussiaGate Conspiracy.

  About the kid, I’ll tell you what I know. What I know comes off an FBI report. Don’t ask me how. You can figure it out, I’ve been around … Continue reading

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The Battle for Independent Thought

James Damore’s thought diversity memo sparked the ire of Google execs. Now Google’s gates are being pried open by free speech advocates. Let the thoughts flow.

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Watch. Victoria Nuland Calls Infowars. Infowars Doesn’t Suspect a Thing.

Recognize the voice? That’s Victoria Nuland. Owen Shroyer had no clue. Nuland pretends to be “Pat,” an anonymous caller from NYC, and goads Infowars to talk about PNAC. The name … Continue reading

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Uh Oh, Here Comes Uncle McCain (Again)

  Think tanks. Think tanks everywhere. Soros, McCain, Graham, Kristol, Kagan, Rice, Rosenberger, Fly, McMaster, Obama, Schumer, McFaul.

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Susan Rice Thinks She’s Got Trump All Figured Out

Meanwhile Trump struggles to contain his amusement. In an op-ed on the NYT, the Obama era ambassador writes that the US can tolerate a boisterous Kim Jong un. Rice pretends … Continue reading

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Google+Facebook Monopoly. Paul Joseph Watson Banned From Facebook.

Paul Joseph Watson has been banned from Facebook. His videos on Youtube have been demonetized. Diamond and Silk’s videos on Youtube have also been demonetized. This will upset some of … Continue reading

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World War 3 is Bad MMM’Kay?

When senators, bankers, and war profiteers call all the shots, and we the poor people are called upon to fight their wars for them, wouldn’t it make sense to speak … Continue reading

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Start the New School Year Off With a Bang!

  One of Walmart’s display cases! I’m sorry, I can’t help but find this funny. It’s horrible what the optics of this advertisement unintentionally implies, but it’s funny. Maybe I’m … Continue reading

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History Would Be Wonderful, If Only it Were True.

When you search for connections between the Soviet Bolsheviks and the Soviet Jewish Population, the first link that Google tricks you into clicking is this: But why would Google’s manipulative … Continue reading

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Another Area of Concern

In my earlier posts we talked about how the CFR and the Neocons on the right edge us closer to war, instability, and conflict. Part 1 Part 2 But what … Continue reading

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Hi Don, Hi Kim. So Nice to Meet You

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Lavrov: Reasonable Approach for a Suitable Solution

It’s time to get comfy. This North Korea situation is a toughy.  I thoroughly believe that Kim Jong Un is willing to halt missile test operations. He might not admit … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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