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China, Russia, US. Negotiations. Today is a Busy Day.

US demands China to release Canadian spy Michael Spavor from prison. Amnesty International demands Biden to drop politically motivated charges against Julian Assange. Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing starts … Continue reading

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Britain Fines Steroid Makers 260 Million Pounds

Britain’s competition regulator has fined more than 10 drug firms a record combined 260 million pounds ($360 million) for overcharging the National Health Service (NHS) for a steroid which rose … Continue reading

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Hong Kongers Snap Up UK Homes and Do What They Excel At: Being Landlords.

HONG KONG — Hong Kong residents are buying more houses and apartments to lease out for income in Britain, property agents say, a trend that coincides with what many expect … Continue reading

02/26/2021 · 1 Comment

Foreign Meddling. British Ambassador Arrested in Iran for Inciting Riots.

-Britain’s ambassador in Iran has been arrested in capital Tehran in what the Foreign Secretary has branded a “flagrant violation of international law”. -Robert Macaire was taken into custody for … Continue reading

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Ebay Logo Hacked. Replaced With Half Naked Woman.

Users of eBay were left wondering whether or not the site has been hacked after the site’s logo was replaced with a picture of a naked woman. Baffled buyers and … Continue reading

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Iran Tried to Divert British Tanker to Iranian Waters, But Retreated After a British Warship Warned Them.

BTFO WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Five boats believed to belong to Iranian Revolutionary Guards approached a British oil tanker in the Gulf on Wednesday and asked it to stop in Iranian … Continue reading

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UK Diplomat Wanted to “Flood” Whitehouse with Disinfo to Destroy the Trump Administration

Why is the UK Ambassador so jealous of Trump’s accomplishments? The phrase “success breeds jealousy” rings ever truer with every appearance of an adversary who sheds his skin. From the … Continue reading

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Theresa May Fires Gavin Williamson

Theresa May has done something tremendous. She has sacked Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. From Sputnik Compelling evidence indicating that UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was behind the Huawei leak led to Prime … Continue reading

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British House of Commons Defense Advisor Wanted to Mine Sevastopol Bay with Explosives.

And this is in a country that is 800 to a thousand miles away from the British coast. Pure evil British House of Commons advisor Chris Donnelly had called for … Continue reading

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Staged Filming of Mock ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib – Russian Mod

  As the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported, all the fake footage of “chemical attacks,” designed to facilitate the implication of Syrian government forces, is expected to be sent … Continue reading

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I Have Proof that TIME, Fox News, and Global News CA All Work for Russia

If the British newspaper theIndependent says so, then it must be true! Oh no! Don’t let the murder of an innocent college student distract you from actual news guys! Russian … Continue reading

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Everytime the UK Talks About Novichok

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Because that Worked so Well for Hillary Right?

I can’t help but sense that globalist bankers are running the headlines with these English newspapers. Hillary had all the news networks, billions in campaign dosh, a rigged primary, foreign … Continue reading

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OPCW Confirms, the UK Doesn’t Know Where the “Novichok” Originated

A supposed military grade super weapon ends up leaving two victims living? Sounds strange doesn’t it?

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French Jet Accidentally Drops Bomb on French Town.

Let’s the mystery work through you.  Perhaps it was a sign from God showing his displeasure at France threatening to strike God’s children in Syria.   The accident took place … Continue reading

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Survivors of the Evacuation Bus Blast (Video)

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MIT Professor Picks Apart US Intel of Khan Shaykhun Sarin Attack. Part 1

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British Journalist Interviewed by Al Jazeera Says ISIS Rebels Are Anything But Syrians. (2012)

Cantlie states that the ones he has seen are Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, and Chechnyan.  If you’re wondering, world leaders have been chanting this mantra that Syrian people should choose who to … Continue reading

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White Guy Talks About Freakish Terror (Syria)

Totally not clickbait.  Tom Duggan describes what happens when ISIS attacks Syrian civilians. Contradicts what military intel says.

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Get to the Choppa!

That’s interesting

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76% of Canadians Polled Say They Prefer a Trump Like Candidate for Canada.

“…a new Ipsos poll, conducted exclusively for Global News, found many Canadians would consider voting for a candidate who espouses policies similar to that of the GOP nominee.” There you have … Continue reading

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Brits Be Advised. The Washington Post Thinks Britain is Still Operating in a Feudal System

Serfs, peasants, people.  At the Washington Post water cooler, these three words are the same.  We’ve all done it before. We write a very greasy blog, then edit it to … Continue reading

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British Monarchy Upset Over Leaked Video

A home video filmed a year before Ol uncle Adolf’s appointment to the chancellery in 1933 has surfaced.  It shows a young queen giving the ‘hip hip cheerio’ to fascism … Continue reading

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Megadouche Cameron Gets No Love

The first 7 hours without a single reservist shilling for him. Quite the oddity to be honest. Usually there would be at least one or two conscripts shilling hard within … Continue reading

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David Cameron Follows ‘I Like Tits’

Downing Street’s official twitter account ‘UK Prime Minister’ is following a series of Twitter accounts ranging from the strange to the downright salacious, including one called “I Like Tits Daily.” … Continue reading

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Druidry is now a religion

Britain this Saturday acknowledged druidry as a religion and has granted it charitable status. This gives druid groups eligibility for tax advantages. Although this is not new to the varying … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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