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March 1 Jimmy Dore Episode. (Video)

In this episode, Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal explain why Cornell West was denied tenure at Harvard. It’s no secret that “race” is the premium topic on editorial planning boards … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Cannot be Trusted

Sloppy job Youtube A few weeks later… This is why Youtube (Google) wants to silence people who speak the truth.  Sloppy job Youtube.

01/21/2021 · 1 Comment

Mr Dorsey. Please Review What Your Actions Have Wrought Over the Past Summer.

The internet has been a fantastic innovation for all of us to connect with other people around the world, but you and your allies in big tech are responsible for … Continue reading

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Fa-fa-fa-fa-fascism. (Internet Fascism). It’s Very Popular Inside Mainstream Echochambers.

Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Witness Twitter’s ideological dysphoria refusing reconciliation with its own previous maxims. We have a lot to fear from big tech censorship, even if … Continue reading

01/12/2021 · 1 Comment

TTIP is Coming

TTIP Authorizes corporations to sue foreign governments if governments block environmentally dangerous manufacturing/trade Allows corporations to blackmail weak countries with lawsuits if said countries refuse to trade. Water for example, … Continue reading

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“State Affiliated Media Outlets.”

A change on Twitter happened this afternoon. Twitter has started labeling tweets by Russian and Chinese news outlets as “State affiliated media.”  Here is an example.   Let me show … Continue reading

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Trump is a Victim of Bad Advice. Can we Feel Bad for Him? Lol.

Well, it’s not as if people did not warn him. The places where Trump supporters have been purged from: Reddit – Widespread ban of Trump supporters under the umbrella of … Continue reading

05/15/2020 · 1 Comment

Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojijiki Says that an “Open” Youtube is “Valuable.”

*COUGH* not sincere. Wojijiki posted a new blog post on her Googleblog Blog. Oh boy o boy! Youtube’s Susan Wojijiki did a good job banning people who practiced white supremacy, … Continue reading

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Uh Oh. The Hong Kong Pepe Frog Girl Who Lost her Eye Wasn’t Shot by the HK Police

This explains why Twitter and Youtube simultaneously banned Chinese users from their platforms. This is supposedly viral in China right now.  You’ve seen this picture being passed around everywhere right? … Continue reading

08/22/2019 · 2 Comments

America’s Big Boss on the Left is Soros. (He’s Daddy Big Bux for the Sluicy Dems)

You trust Politico right? So if Politico says that Soros LOVES Pelosi, then it must be true right? Check out the picture above, and then ask yourself why China is … Continue reading

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HUUWHAT!? State Dept Official Caught Organizing White Nationalist Org (SPLC)

You know that they play both sides right? Good cop bad cop to control the population. A U.S. State Department official oversaw the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist … Continue reading

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San Francisco. What Memories!

There are a ton of people who were born after Facebook came out!   I’m so glad that I’m not on Facebook! I can imagine the pressure of keeping up appearances; … Continue reading

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Both Jeb Bush and Netanyahoo Sent Veiled Threats this Morning

In this book, Piper says, “Israel’s Mossad was a primary (and critical) behind the scenes player in the conspiracy that ended the life of JFK. Through its own vast resources … Continue reading

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Hot. The New Project Veritas Video. Google Whistleblower.

Since Youtube is now the equivalent to a foreign entity actively subverting the nation and destroying western culture from within, we won’t link to Youtube. Instead, here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Boogers & Pubes. Facebook Contractors’ Desks Littered With Human Waste…

The slippery slope…we have gone well beyond that now fellow intrepid adventurers. From the New York Post -Employees at a Tampa, Fla., office of Cognizant, an agency Facebook contracts to … Continue reading

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Not Odd at All. Youtube Turns a Blind Eye to Hatespeech

I’ll just list a few lines off of one of Eminem’s songs, and we can count together how many times in one song he violates Youtube’s standards of conduct.  This … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan is Anti Vaccine.

Youtube has gone on a censorship spree on many many small to mid level youtubers. Some of the things that people are getting banned for: Anti Vaccine research Conspiracies Denying … Continue reading

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How Much Control Do You Have When You Vote as a: White Nationalist – Undocumented – BLM – Redditor – Cosplayer?

A detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions.  The … Continue reading

11/05/2018 · 2 Comments

Al Jazeera’s Documentary Leaked. Bigger Than Project Veritas. Bigger Than the Mueller Probe. (Video+Article)

The money, the power, and the influence. -Filmed in 2016 and fully completed by October 2017, The Lobby – USA never saw the light of the day thanks to overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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James Woods’ E-mail to His Twitter Followers

I’m detecting a shattered ego! 2 days since Woods’ suspension and he’s already bawling like a baby.  “Man up,” is what I believe he would say if it would have … Continue reading

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Qanon Germinating the Toxic Internet Wasteland.

The first time I heard about Q, I said to myself “hm, okay, this person has a lot of interesting things to say.” He always spoke in riddles, and most … Continue reading

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What is Going on in Here?? TUMBLR Has Lost Their Minds.

A notice was sent to me by Tumblr saying that I had “liked” or followed a blog that was suspected to have been linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA). … Continue reading

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Time to Go On a Witch Hunt

Today was an absolutely huge day for news. Chaos everywhere! First off Trump is going to skewer a traitor in the White House. Someone in the White House claimed that … Continue reading

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This Quote Blew My Mind. (Stargate. 1994)

“Now, something happened back on Earth. A rebellion or uprising, and the stargate was buried there.  Fearful of a rebellion here, Ra outlawed reading and writing. He didn’t want the … Continue reading

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Missouri Republican Billy Long Wasn’t the Only Republican to Defend Diamond and Silk.

Republican lawmakers continued to grumble over Facebook’s treatment of Trump-supporting sisters Diamond and Silk to the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during his second day of Capitol Hill testimony. Rep. Bill … Continue reading

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The Crimes are So Bad, The Military Could be Called In. (Sweden)

A lot of people have been talking about this for the past 3 years, and on occasion, smaller independent news sites pick up on it.  Sweden, and a few other … Continue reading

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Indian Man Destroys Media Narrative About Free Speech Rally. Fascist Alt-Left

08/19/2017 · Leave a comment

Unarmed Free Speech Rally Attendee Violently Assaulted. Boston.

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Why I Rarely Speak of Trump’s Good Deeds

I’m Christian. The image above is not a proclamation of evil, rather it is a sign for caution. Trump is doing good deeds. Trust me on that. But I speak … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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