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Hong Kong

I remember Hong Kong fondly. “He took a deep breath of air. Once again he caught a strangeness on the wind, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither odor nor perfume—just strange, … Continue reading

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Canada’s Early COVID-19 Cases Came from the US. Not China. Provincial Data Shows.

  Can we just get someone decent this time instead of Trump or Biden?  Tulsi, Bernie, or Jill Stein. Cmon. The National Post asked for data on the origins of … Continue reading

04/30/2020 · 2 Comments

France: France’s CoronaVirus Might Not Have Originated from China (nor Italy)

This news comes to us from Radio France Internationale and was first reported by SCMP dot Com, (one of the most Anti-China news publications out there).  The Covid-19 virus which … Continue reading

04/29/2020 · 2 Comments

Taiwan, Our Best, Most Useless Ally.

Watching PBS and CBC Canada, it appears that Taiwan enacted crackdowns on Covid as early as January 25. So why did our best ally not warn us here in the … Continue reading

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American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback? -Ron Unz

  American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback? Nearly 30,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus during the last two weeks, and by some estimates this is a substantial … Continue reading

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Hankering for a Third Wave Infection? No? Ban US Passports Just in Case.

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The Underappreciated World Health Organization

This guy gets up out of bed every morning to tell people to wash their hands. He is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He’s a microbiologist. He’s the Director General of the … Continue reading

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Keep Fighting. You Can Do This.

Spain Seguir luchando. Puedes hacerlo Russia Продолжайте бороться. Вы можете сделать это France Continuez à vous battre. Tu peux le faire USA Keep fighting. You can do this. Italy Continuare … Continue reading

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Chinese Doctors Fighting COVID. Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, Iraq.

Chinese doctors are sharing their experience and knowledge to help these following countries beat back the Corona Virus.  Taiwan is noticeably angry. South Africa China firmly supports South Africa’s endeavor … Continue reading

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Pandemics by Militaries, and Vaccine Worries.

  1918 Spanish flu -The term “Spanish” flu was coined because Spain was at the time the only European country where the press were printing reports of the outbreak, which … Continue reading

04/02/2020 · 4 Comments

Fort Detrick Restored to Full Capacity.

  It’s like watching supervillains in real time. Remember when strange cases of pneumonia were manifesting in Italy in November? Turns out Fort Detrick was partially operational in November. Fort … Continue reading

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Russia, Cuba, and China deliver Medical Aid to Countries Around the World.

Hello superpowers. Italy, Spain, Trinidad, Greece, Bangladesh, Tobago, Ireland, Serbia, Philippines, African Union.

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What was so Distracting When COVID was Ravaging China?

While people were busy making jokes about all the deaths in January in China, they never once considered that a Pandemic would function just like, surprise surprise, a Pandemic… I … Continue reading

03/26/2020 · 4 Comments

Corona Paranoia

Now that we’ve learned they initially treated COVID as a “foreign attack” instead of a health crisis, it is prudent to consider that they have been seeding germ warfare on … Continue reading

03/16/2020 · 2 Comments

2 Mil Face Masks, 10000 Ventilators, 20000 suits, 50000 Swabs En-Route to Italy

How dare you try to save so many lives out of the kindness of your heart!  China is prioritizing Italy in Italy’s battle against the coronavirus.  This news comes from … Continue reading

03/13/2020 · 2 Comments

Twitter+Facebook Contradict State Dept on Russian Covid-19 Rumors

Because this would have gone against last year’s assertions of successful social media purges of suspected Russian bot accounts.  Even Russians with non-Russian DNA living in non-Russian made houses and … Continue reading

02/29/2020 · 3 Comments

Small Update on the Corona Virus Bio Weapon Angle

Previously, I questioned whether or not the corona virus was an artificially engineered weapon designed to target specifically the Chinese DNA.  Well, I was given a quick answer to my … Continue reading

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16,155 Patients Have Recovered from the Corona Virus

The corona virus also appears to be weakening as the climate gets warmer. Xinhua has been covering COVID-19 non stop since late-December/January, so the Chinese media have been very transparent … Continue reading

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892 People Have Recovered from the Corona Virus.

I’m not seeing this mentioned at all on Reddit or Bitchute, but that’s not unusual because they’re very very busy promulgating online hysteria. Heat scanners checking for illnesses at a … Continue reading

02/05/2020 · 2 Comments

China Permits Clinical Trials of Remdesivir (Experimental Drug Developed by Gilead)

Remdesivir has gained clearance for testing against the Corona Virus in China. The China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing has already begun testing the drug since yesterday. I believe they were … Continue reading

02/04/2020 · 5 Comments

Normal Flu Versus Corona Virus.

Up to 79,400 people died from sickness during the flu seasons in 2017-2018.  61,200 died in 2018-2019.   This is the published data from the CDC.  Yes, I’m aware that … Continue reading

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643 Patients Have Recovered from the Corona Virus

The Corona Virus is not invincible.  In the first few days of internet panic, people were saying that the Corona Virus can be beaten by doing the things that you … Continue reading

02/03/2020 · 2 Comments

The Huoshenshan Hospital is Nearly Complete.

On Twitter. There is a timelapse video of the hospital’s construction posted up on the Evening Standard’s Youtube channel. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=HUoSTLS9ql0 Or if you prefer, you can also watch … Continue reading

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China is Building 2 Hospitals to Combat the Corona Virus

Micro doses of love. China’s lightning speed reaction to the Corona virus outbreak. Here is hospital 1.  It is expected to be operational by Feb 3. https://www  .youtube  .com/watch?v=t6nyrhpHAV8 A … Continue reading

01/28/2020 · 2 Comments

Hong Kong Protester Does a Spider Man Off the Second Floor.

Hmmm, I wonder if he did this to pull off an insurance scam. 請珍惜生命 — Jon Chan (@sumtingwong2019) December 24, 2019 It was all caught on video so there’s … Continue reading

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Spark Alliance Busted for Money Laundering

When will China sanction Reddit? 1 woman and 3 men were arrested 2 days ago in connection to a crowdfunding site called Spark Alliance.  Spark Alliance took in donations from … Continue reading

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CSIS: We Are Making Plans to Destroy China Right Now

Are you interested in seeing first hand how the people in the Military Industrial Complex think?  Tune in, it’s live right now. CSIS is the Center for Strategic & International … Continue reading

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Latest Happenings Tuesday Evening.

Au contraire mon Capitan! He’s back! The US house sanctions China for human rights reasons over Xinjiang’s vocational camps.  China plans to release a blacklist of Americans in retaliation for … Continue reading

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The Uyghur Re-Education Camps. Where’s the Terrorism Now?

The dynamics in this internet conversation reveals the raggedness of the brainwashed psyche.  Is it not better to have peace than it is to have conflict? On September 11, 2001, … Continue reading

11/29/2019 · 1 Comment

Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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