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Hong Kong Protesters Caught with Improvised Explosive Devices

Plenty of things have happened in Hong Kong since the last time I checked. On Nov 10, Hong Kong protesters doused a man with flammable liquid and set him on … Continue reading

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Westerners Incensed at China’s New Student Guideline “Get Lots of Good Sleep.”

You can touch off westerners by simply giving good advice these days. A new draft proposal in Zhejiang advises parents to let their kids go to sleep at 9pm, even … Continue reading

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Gutterball! Hong Kong’s Economy Enters a “Technical Recession”

This might benefit China. No joke. Seeing that protesters refuse to be a part of China’s growing transformation, they will be left behind. Over time, Hong Kong will turn into … Continue reading

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Bestowing High Praise Upon Terrorism? China Disapproves.

It’s a rare sight to see conservative Chinese newspapers express themselves in a manner that mimics western tabloidism (Western journalism). But when they do, it’s funny as fuck, and refreshing.

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Authoritarian VS Democratic

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against … Continue reading

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Oh Snap! China Abandons Iran!

  https://www  .aljazeera  .com/news/2019/10/iran-chinese-state-oil-firm-withdraws-5bn-deal-191006191347427.html Chinese company pulls out of the agreement in what appears to be the latest economic setback because of US sanctions. China’s state oil company pulled out … Continue reading

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China Bans Degenerate South Park Cartoon from TV.

Imagine that you spent years teaching kids how to be shallow & amoral, then you decry censorship because China wouldn’t let you do the same to the kids in their … Continue reading

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Along with Soros’ Open Society Foundation, OCCRP says its funders are Google, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human … Continue reading

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Burglary by Claiming 51st States.

  An interesting bill pushed by male stripper Marco Rubio has surfaced.  It says that Hong Kong has back doors to sanctions relief by the US. I was misinformed when … Continue reading

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Soros Loses to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Again.

Translated from Chinese: From Observer Network News on September 17 2019, via Guancha dot CN Hong Kong media said that Soros colluded with Li Zhiying’s chaotic port and attempted to … Continue reading

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The Future has Not Yet Been Written

You can do it bro! Every choice you make matters! It’s not too late to start now! Don’t wait until tomorrow! Everyday is an opportunity to make peace! Your destiny … Continue reading

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Maximum Pressure. Iran Signs Deep Debt w/ China. Many Fine Print Details.

Taking a look at stats from 2018: -Iran’s GDP growth in 2017/18 dropped to 3.8 percent as the effect of a large surge in oil revenues in the previous year … Continue reading

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Ultra Liberal Reddit is Slowly Siding with China

Good news. For weeks, the r/worldnews subreddit had been spammed by numerous HK activists pushing users to sympathize with the HK protests. But an article submitted yesterday has gone against … Continue reading

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec – Part 2

This video on Youtube has been trending for almost 2 days now. It’s interesting because it explains why aircraft engines play such a large role in the China/US trade war. … Continue reading

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Does Joshua Wong Wear Lace Panties? Hong Kong Protest Ring Leader Might be a Neo Nazi Brony

A fan of the show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Often male, but female fans are not uncommon. (plural: bronies) Bronies usually show a want to be accepted as … Continue reading

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The Trade War on China Began When Soros Lost Billions Betting Against Xi Jinping.

In June 2009, Soros was interviewed by China Central Television, where he gloated that he was rebuked by the Hong Kong government for attempting to undermine their currency. Billionaire financier … Continue reading

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec in Italy. Sneaky Sneaky Do Some Researchy.

The details are scattered in fragments all across the internet, but piece them together and you end up with a partial puzzle. Engines. WASHINGTON — A Russian defense industry executive … Continue reading

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Watch: Senior Citizens Beaten with Weapons by Hong Kong Protesters

Western shills are very angry that this video was released.  They spent so much money to propagandize Hong Kong, only to have their “protesters” exposed by the Chinese news. A … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Protesters Arm 13 and 12 Year Old Boys w/ Firebombs, Helmets, and Metal Bars

Oy Vey! Western journalists and millennial hippies are having a strenuous time confronting reality! It’s like these videos won’t stop posting themselves. I mean, how is theGuardian supposed to portray … Continue reading

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Caught on Video: 6+ Protesters Molest Woman at Hong Kong Train Station

It’s wall to wall anti China coverage on Reddit, and it’s all about the arrests at the train station. But what happened at the train station anyways before the police … Continue reading

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Imagine if the Chinese Government had Said Something Like this.

In our clown world, anything is possible! Absolutely! This is a mock-up of what comes out of the mouths of US senators biweekly. It’s very casual and very hard to … Continue reading

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Deep State Shekel Shill Force Wrecked. China Creates 6 new FTZ’s.

6 new free trade zones are in the works. Shangdong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hebei, Yunnan, and Heilongjiang. You’ll notice that they’re all provinces that are adjacent to GuangDong where Hong Kong … Continue reading

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China Doesn’t Seem All That Worried About the Trade War

Look at that. All the way down at the bottom. Hardly even makes an impression on the readers.

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Watch. Hong Kong Protesters Attack Police Vans Like Zombies

Very peaceful protests. It’s their democratic right to protest their own backyard if they wanted to…if they had backyards. Tons of poor HK’ers live in shoebox sized appartments no larger … Continue reading

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Watch. Hong Kong Policeman Stabbed and Bloody.

It was a smokey Canton night, and in the distance a journalists pet cow was farting….  journalists write like utter douchebags. A video of a police officer who was stabed … Continue reading

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HK Protesters Try to Light Police Officers on Fire.

Aww snap bruh. Watch, there will be zero vultures @ CNN asking this guy if he would give them permission to use his video! Speechless#HKG報 #觀塘遊行 #黑衣太惡 #HongKongProtests #HongKong #HongKongProtesters … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam of the HK SAR Calls for Dialogue in HK

The term SAR stands for “Special Administrative Region,” an autonomous area of land inside China. The are two in total, Macau and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong became a special administrative … Continue reading

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Pilot Tells Passengers to “Feel Free to Talk to Hong Kong Protesters in Black Shirts.” Gets Fired

Marvelous performance. Exemplary gentleman. An airplane pilot gets on the horn and enthusiastically tells the passengers of an ongoing disruption at the airport. He minimizes the protesters’ well observed anarchistic … Continue reading

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Ben Swann: US Should Butt Out of Hong Kong’s Business

It’s not just the people around the world who find American senators disgusting, Americans find them righteously filthy too! — Jon Chan (@sumtingwong2019) August 21, 2019

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