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Racism is a Contentious Issue in the West, but in Israel it is Fully Institutionalized.

I really hate bringing this up because if I were to focus on this issue, I would end up having to write hundreds of articles, and I’m afraid of alienating … Continue reading

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Police Brutality on Black Americans, (And Other Colored People)?

There’s a reason for that. You can find clues in this article by the Intercept. It lays out several details of how American police are shipped abroad to train with … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post Writes a Scathing Article on CBS Boss Les Moonves

    The Huffington Post published an article two days ago describing how Les Moonves discriminated against Janet Jackson. The article seemed to imply that it was racial discrimination. Quite … Continue reading

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Trevor Noah’s Racist Skit in 2013. (Comedian Calls Aboriginals Ugly)

As if there wasn’t already an abundance of intolerance on the net, another race had been revealed to have been the recipient of hate by the liberals.  Blacks and Orientals … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel Racist Skit (Offensive)

Jon Stewart and Colbert aren’t the only racists sleeping in the Democrat camp.  This one is a skit that Kimmel did by using blackface: a technique that is highly highly … Continue reading

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Stewart and Colbert Mock 9/11 Victims with Anti Black Skit.

This was a taped show of the Daily Show after 911. Colbert mocks MC Hammer and makes a harmful critique on rap culture.  Nobody noticed back then.

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Who Controls the Alt-Right?

People have generally thought that the actions and the words of the alt right bore an uncanny resemblance to nazi-ism. You thought that too didn’t you? Well guess where the … Continue reading

06/07/2018 · 2 Comments

Why Would You Want to Hurt the Meek Children of Palestine?

The kid in the video calls herself Janna Jihad. It’s a strange play on the word because in the western world, Jihad is taken as a word for terrorism. But … Continue reading

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Israeli Reserve Brigadier-General Zvika Fogel: “Shoot Children”

You don’t have to leave a like on this one and it is completely fine. No one likes to hear gruesome news, myself included.  On April 21, 2018, Zvika Fogel … Continue reading

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Turn the Tide

16 out of 20 experts agree. More and more people are waking up.

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The JFK Files: The Martin Luther King Jr. Movement was Infiltrated.

The recently declassified JFK files indicate that James Earl Ray may not have been the assassin. On Wikipedia this is what it says. There was a high degree of infiltration … Continue reading

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Missouri Republican Billy Long Wasn’t the Only Republican to Defend Diamond and Silk.

Republican lawmakers continued to grumble over Facebook’s treatment of Trump-supporting sisters Diamond and Silk to the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during his second day of Capitol Hill testimony. Rep. Bill … Continue reading

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Republican Representative Billy Long Defends Diamond and Silk

Facebook’s Zuckerberg questioned on what he thought was “dangerous” about Diamond & Silk. And Zuckerberg confirmed what we all knew, and that is that he doesn’t do any of the … Continue reading

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North Carolina: Teaching a New Generation of Students to Embrace Racism.

As a kid growing up, racism was a mild issue. My friends taught me to be racist against whites. Not my teachers, not my parents, but schoolmates. Everybody was a … Continue reading

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Perverted Berkeley Lefty Sexually Assaults 16 yr Old Boy. Boy Has Unexpected Reaction.

This is the sick twisted world we live in. Berkeley Antifa protestors attract the sickest of perverts. Antifa activist tackles a 16 year old boy and causes the boy to … Continue reading

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Undercover Police Officer Looks Away While Liberal Activist Beats a Disabled Man Viciously

These were from the Charlottesvile counterprotest on the same day. This guy flashed his badge This is the guy who beat the disabled man with a stick Mob violence. See … Continue reading

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African American Singer Targetted with Censorship on Youtube

To know who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not permitted to speak against. Well, I’ve been warning about the mainstream media for years, and to some extent, … Continue reading

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Let’s Give This Man Some Support

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(Aerial View) Protesting Free Speech is Unamerican. Colored Man Stands with Free Speech Rally

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Indian Man Destroys Media Narrative About Free Speech Rally. Fascist Alt-Left

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New Info on Charlottesville Leader Jason Kessler. (Jewish Ancestry)

Evidence has surfaced it appears, that Kessler isn’t a White Nationalist. According to this investigation, Kessler is Jewish. This is where the information appeared. Two individuals who claimed to know … Continue reading

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Violent Fascists Drag Old Lady Carrying an American Flag

The Boston Free Speech rally as I understand it is composed of 30 attendees. The Antifa counter protest is somewhere in the 20 thousands? Police officers have been attacked by … Continue reading

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Fmr NBA Star Charles Barkley Lays’a Smackdown on White ppl Pretending to be Black

When asked what we should do about the confederate statues, Barkley quipped: “I’m 54 years old. I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life. If you ask … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well. Vice Appears to Have Broken Lefty Rule #1.

Rule No. 1 is to never reveal sympathy for terrorists! This tweet that Vice editors rushed to delete, shines a spotlight on the mindset of liberals!  It is this specific … Continue reading

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The Alt-Left Winces at the COVFEFE. (Memories of the Media Circus)

                                  == == == == == Even I don’t know what Covfefe is, but … Continue reading

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== == == == == == == ==    When Liberals fail at building relationships, thier first course of action is to call for…    == == == == == == … Continue reading

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Checking Out My Favorite Twitter Hashtag ‘White People.’ Now I Understand America

== == == ==PS: You can’t call me racist if I’m not white. Lah LA LA, LA LA Lah. Let’s watch more CNN.== == == ==  

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1 Day Prior, National Guard Prepped for Massive Escalation. Part 5

Further proof that Charlottesville was part of a pre-planned operation. Massive civil unrest and division between Virginians were the intended outcome.

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5 Days Prior, Crisis Actors Were Hired. One State Away from Virginia. Part 4

A few hours after these ads were discovered, someone quickly flagged it for removal. Further proof of a cover-up.  

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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