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Uh Oh, Looks Like the International Bankers are Preparing for the Next Phase of the War. Colombia’s FARC to be Removed from EU Terror List.

Remember when… With the prospects of a Trump presidency looming ever closer, international bankers are revising their strategies, to prepare for a potential rogue player.  Hillary’s media allies are defecting, … Continue reading

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TIME and NETFLIX Wants to Make Movie Stars Out of the White Helmets. But They Didn’t Know that People Knew Since 5 Months Ago, that White Helmets Were Al-Queda.

All the way back from May 5, 2016.  View and share this video to your friends! Stay informed!

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The Price for the Life of a 7 Year Old Boy in Cameroon is $1,700 USD?

Not many will remember this. It wasn’t heavily repeated in US news, but back in April, the United States Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and her convoy ran over … Continue reading

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Hillary Loses it in Latest Video. Look at those Bugged Out Eyes.

Hillary asks why she isn’t 50 points up. It’s the voice.  It’s mean-spirited.  It’s literally dripping with hate.  She cares for no-one. And I also won’t mention the high level … Continue reading

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Correct the Record (CTR), the Organization Principally Responsible for Flooding Social Media Hubs with Pro Hillary Misinformation, Caught in MASSIVE Money Laundering.

David Brock, the owner of CTR was caught shuffling money between several of his organizations, while taking 12.5% cuts with every money transfer.  This is research done by The Citizens … Continue reading

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Paul Combetta, The Man Who was Given Immunity by the DOJ After Deleting Hillary’s Emails, Caught Asking Reddit 2 Years Ago “How to Delete Email Headers.” (Part 2)

A few more items that tie the story together. The username Stonetear on Reddit posted a lost-and-found ad for a missing dog in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Reddit users were also … Continue reading

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Paul Combetta, The Man Who was Given Immunity by the DOJ After Deleting Hillary’s Emails, Caught Asking Reddit 2 Years Ago “How to Delete Email Headers.” (Part 1)

A few enterprising individuals discovered that Paul Combetta’s username on Reddit was “Stonetear.”  A search for the username Stonetear yielded a result which showed the person asking how to delete … Continue reading

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Everything You Were Taught to Fear About Foreign Countries is Actually a Projection of Guilt. This Particularly Applies to What was Very Recently Revealed About the Inner Workings of the DNC.

A massive massive new leak involving bureaucrats, who were appointed top positions in government by Obama, for the donations they made to the DNC.  It appears that qualification for any … Continue reading

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Yahoo, and Bing More Trustworthy than Google. Sputnik Exclusive Research. Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton.

A really good look at how Google manipulates the auto-complete search fields, to keep people from finding facts. Just think of how many millions of internet surfers are hooked on … Continue reading

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Brilliant Idea by Palestine

This is the first time I’ve seen this photo, and it’s strange because as far as internet searches go, the earliest date I could find on this photo is May … Continue reading

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Google Manipulating Search Results (Video)

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It’s Going to Get Hectic

Everybody already knows this, but I’m just going to remind people anyways. The trash talk is going to get more intense, the closer we get to election day. We’re going … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Flying the Cuckoo’s Nest. She Can’t Handle a Couple of Protesters with a Black Sign.(Video)

Clinton’s stage fright prompts the Secret Service to storm the stage. She’s then prodded to “continue talking.” Watch her crazy face. Here’s a screenshot of the protesters with the black … Continue reading

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Shawn Lucas, the Day He Went to Serve the Lawsuit to the DNC. (Video)

According to Ricardo, the video producer, this video was originally streamed on the 4th of July weekend, and therefore Lucas was not able to meet directly with Wasserman Schultz.  The … Continue reading

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Social Media Hubs Bombarded by Clinton Super Pac Correct the Record.

This is how you know that the shills are out in full force.  Today’s top most upvoted articles are from media houses that were exposed by the DNC leaks. R/politics … Continue reading

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The Body Count is Rising (3 Pics)

3 other people have died, with mainstream media paying little to no coverage of them on the internet.  Seth Rich, Victor Thorn, and John Ashe.  

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Shawn Lucas – Activist Who Served DNC with Fraud Case Dead. (Updated)

The body count is rising. Shaun Lucas found dead.  The latest update on this is that he died in his sleep. Refer to the tweets above. According to a Reddit … Continue reading

08/04/2016 · 57 Comments

Musical Chairs Toe the Party Line

Speculation abound.  Favors were struck in exchange for reservations at the Clinton ball.   Schultz being the co-chair of Hillary’s 2008 presidential run, failed to secure the nomination. But in … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Demons Approaching Critical Mass. DNC Kicks off False Flag Attacks, Starting with Japan.

DNC security confiscating Bernie signs from people.  Knife Attack in Japan, 15 dead.  It appears that Hillary’s demons are getting desperate, and it is only day 1. Updated list of … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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