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It’s Going to Get Hectic

Everybody already knows this, but I’m just going to remind people anyways. The trash talk is going to get more intense, the closer we get to election day. We’re going … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Flying the Cuckoo’s Nest. She Can’t Handle a Couple of Protesters with a Black Sign.(Video)

Clinton’s stage fright prompts the Secret Service to storm the stage. She’s then prodded to “continue talking.” Watch her crazy face. Here’s a screenshot of the protesters with the black … Continue reading

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Shawn Lucas, the Day He Went to Serve the Lawsuit to the DNC. (Video)

According to Ricardo, the video producer, this video was originally streamed on the 4th of July weekend, and therefore Lucas was not able to meet directly with Wasserman Schultz.  The … Continue reading

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Social Media Hubs Bombarded by Clinton Super Pac Correct the Record.

This is how you know that the shills are out in full force.  Today’s top most upvoted articles are from media houses that were exposed by the DNC leaks. R/politics … Continue reading

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The Body Count is Rising (3 Pics)

3 other people have died, with mainstream media paying little to no coverage of them on the internet.  Seth Rich, Victor Thorn, and John Ashe.  

08/04/2016 · 2 Comments

Shawn Lucas – Activist Who Served DNC with Fraud Case Dead. (Updated)

The body count is rising. Shaun Lucas found dead.  The latest update on this is that he died in his sleep. Refer to the tweets above. According to a Reddit … Continue reading

08/04/2016 · 55 Comments

Musical Chairs Toe the Party Line

Speculation abound.  Favors were struck in exchange for reservations at the Clinton ball.   Schultz being the co-chair of Hillary’s 2008 presidential run, failed to secure the nomination. But in … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Demons Approaching Critical Mass. DNC Kicks off False Flag Attacks, Starting with Japan.

DNC security confiscating Bernie signs from people.  Knife Attack in Japan, 15 dead.  It appears that Hillary’s demons are getting desperate, and it is only day 1. Updated list of … Continue reading

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Time, Fortune, CBS, CNN Shills on Overdrive. Trying to Drown out Marcia Fudge’s Disastrous Speech. (Video)

A Longer video of the new DNC Leader’s speech.  Boos all around, while the newly appointed officers  smile. Fake smiles certainly.

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Bernie Fans Boo Sanders

One Bernie fan pleads “Don’t Bernie Dooooooon’t.” Bernie stopped in his tracks. Crowd then chants “We want Bernie!”

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Is Bernie Sanders Being Blackmailed?

It’s looking more and more like a case of blackmail when even Bernie Sanders’ wife hesitates to drop the hammer  on Schultz.  Considering what Schultz wrote in this email, and … Continue reading

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It’s Here Suckas!!!

Oh I am clenching! I wonder how many of those are the 103 classified e-mails Director Comey mentioned!!!

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The Daily Show Film Crew Exposed (Video)

The Daily Show, notorious for splicing clips to present distorted narratives, exposed by 1 person with a phone camera. The Daily Show film crew tries to block him from recording, … Continue reading

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Still a Long Way to Go.

A really good movie. I freakin’ hated Erik Larsen because he couldn’t draw, but his creation really evolved.  This guy is actually more interesting than Spider man now. Our movies, … Continue reading

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The Smaller Circus

Western Alternative News Media is sometimes embarrassing.  Sometimes I wonder if in the process of being politically correct, they bother to check at all with the readers who lived through … Continue reading

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Bell Media, Parent to CTV, Manipulating the Audience.

Globe and Mail The incident happened last Thursday, not long after the 4 p.m. release of the CRTC’s so-called “pick-and-pay” decision, which will give consumers more freedom to choose cable … Continue reading

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When Asked About Police Corruption

Addressing people’s concerns, one issue at a time.

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Infographic on Kiev Oligarchs

Someone found these people important enough to make an infographic out of them, but because I’m not in Ukraine, I cannot get a feel of who is more evil than … Continue reading

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OKCupid Experimented on Customers. Lab Rats.

It’s not like we didn’t warn people about OKcupid.   …Or Facebook.  …Or Google. …In one experiment, the site told pairs they were a 90% match when in fact they were … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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