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4 Senior Russian Diplomats Have Died in the Last Two Months.

  December 20, 2016: Andrey Karlov, Russian ambassador to Turkey, was shot dead in Ankara by a “Turkish police officer”. January 9, 2017: Andrei Malanin, a senior diplomat at Russia’s … Continue reading

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Stay Strong Mr. Trump! We All Have Faith in You!

The seat of the presidency is always beseiged by jealous actors, and this hasn’t been more apparent than with individuals like John Mccain and Lindsey Graham. If you look at … Continue reading

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Let’s See What the Left is Up To. (Smell my Fingers Late Night Edition)

You know you love to hear how the deep state thinks. I do too. And that’s why we’re back here again to decipher the radical left’s narrative! Alright, according to … Continue reading

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That’s Interesting. Those Fists at the Bottom Look Eerily Similar to Otpor!

HuffingPaint on Valentines Day invokes the brand, that for thousands of people, symbolizes death and suffering. Are we, somehow, in the Balkans now? Aren’t you excited? You should be. Otpor … Continue reading

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Over 12,000 Tweets Calling for Trump’s Assassination

Here’s a little bit of a shocker for sane people like you and I. The mutterings of the unhinged. Celebrities, 9-5 people, and even 0-0 people calling for the assassination … Continue reading

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That’s Not the Whole Story

By now, you’ve heard that Gen Flynn had resigned from Trump’s administration, and the fake news are capitalizing on this now by printing thousands of duplicate articles, pushing a very … Continue reading

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Do the Asians Know Something We Don’t?

More crime statistics for 2015. Crimes perpetrated by Natives, Hawaiians, and Asians combined. anti white           2.9% anti black           2.1% anti native         8% anti asian           3% anti hawaiian    0% anti arab    … Continue reading

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FBI Crime Statistics 2015. Hate Crimes Perpetrated Against Lesbians and Bisexuals Equal Between Blacks and Whites.

From the Hate Crime Statistics released by the FBI for the year 2015. Hate Crimes commited against Lesbians and Bisexuals are equally divided between blacks and whites.  Hate crimes against … Continue reading

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The Left Ramps up Their Anti-Trump Rhetoric – But There’s No Room for Expansion

I wanted to venture out into the wilderness to see how the beasts lived. That’s when I found this on Vox. ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a … Continue reading

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Mexican Marines Take Out Cartel Boss with Minigun (Video)

Straight outta Terminator.  An apache with a .50 cal minigun destroys a cartel boss along with 7 of his henchmen. The target was the leader of the Beltran Leyva cartel.

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The Guardian, Washington Post, NyTimes, and Clickbots from China

Vesselnews dot Io.  I’m not familiar with this website, but if their report is true, the failing WaPo, NyTimes, and The Guardian, are all customers of click service providers from … Continue reading

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All In the Same Week?

Did your favorite Social Media Platform just revise its privacy policy? Did your favorite Social Media hub just get flooded with fake accounts pushing pro-war sentiments?   Did your online … Continue reading

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Immersion In the Apple Barrel Bro.

The first time I saw Sarah Silverman was on an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Right then I knew Silverman was someone who pulled strings to get gigs in Hollywood. … Continue reading

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Schumer is Too Important to Comment on the Attack of a 12 Year Old Kid Wearing a MAGA Hat.

Scanning Schumer’s Twitter timeline, Schumer makes zero condemnations of the attack on Gavin, a 12 year old boy who was beaten on the schoolbus for wearing a MAGA hat.  Schumer … Continue reading

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3 Days Before the RFERL Article, the Kiev Post Boasted of Ukraine’s “Creeping Offensive.”

Perhaps this is the reason the RFERL was not able to contain the information.  The Kiev Post boasted of their military’s offensive campaign into the demilitarized zones. The Kyiv Post … Continue reading

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BBG Controlled RFERL Boasted of “Creeping Offensive.” Breach of Minsk Accords.

RFERL, notorious for stirring discontent across the European webscape, mistakenly reveals that Kiev is on a campaign to escalate tensions between the US and Russia. Straight from the horse’s mouth, … Continue reading

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My Take on Why the Democrats are Burning cars, Killing People, and Kidnapping & Torturing Disabled Kids.

It’s much like Iraq. Safe spaces were invaded, and puppet leaders were not installed. The resulting power vacuum has left numerous tribal chiefs vying for the top spot. Tribal chiefs … Continue reading

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Kiev Bullying Civilians in Donetsk Again.

Filmed by a BBC journalist: tanks spotted in a residential area inside the demilitarized zone.  (A breach of the Minsk agreement.)

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A Funny Article About John Mccain. (Rolling Stone, 2008)

This article is packed with really good stuff. John Mccain: Make Believe Maverick.  -There’s a distance between the two men that belies their shared experience in North Vietnam — call … Continue reading

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Trump’s Executive Order is a Defensive Reaction. John Mccain and Lindsey Graham’s Military Offensive Against Syria was the Wrecking Ball that Scattered the Refugees.

Agree or disagree? Refugee rapes across Europe, but zero news coverage States-side. Merkel’s wish to contain the PR disaster that was so conveniently dubbed the “refugee crisis.” I didn’t write … Continue reading

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There’s Very Little Reason to Trust Business Insider

It’s literally in the name: “Business Insider.” In an attempt to defend the TPP, Business Insider drags the dead horse out of the closet to scare Twitter users into thinking … Continue reading

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Did You Know That $10 Million a Day is Spent on Israel?

2 articles for you guys today. The screenshot is from AlJazeera. Pay Taxes to Pay Israel!  Good Boy. A Fortune dot com article from 2016 details the $38 billion military … Continue reading

01/24/2017 · 2 Comments

The Secret To Maintaining Control When You’re the New President (Finito)

There you have it. The three biggest threats to Trump’s presidency. Which one should get the axe?

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Lindsey Graham Pushes FBI to Investigate Trump

A January 20th article from fake news site MotherJones: “I want to know what they did and who they did it with.” He went on: “I want to see all … Continue reading

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David VS Goliath

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Chemical Weapons Fiasco Back in 2013. ISIS Rebels Were the Ones Who Used Sarin. (Video)

Women’s marches, lgbt parades, burning Larry King’s limo, kidnapping disabled men, but zero rallies to stop the spread of ISIS?   Thanks Madonna!

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The Secret to Maintaining Control When You’re the New President

Ladies and gentlemen, the architects of ISIS.

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Video Can No Longer be Trusted (Video)

Stanford U has developed a way to manipulate video footage in real time. What you see on TV and the internet may not be actual recordings any more.  Adobe has … Continue reading

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Pelosi Met With Key Members of the Democracy Alliance. A Soros Organization.

Checking the news on Twitter, it appears that the Democracy Alliance hosted a DC meeting with its key members on Sunday. Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi attended. The Democracy Alliance … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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