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Video Can No Longer be Trusted (Video)

Stanford U has developed a way to manipulate video footage in real time. What you see on TV and the internet may not be actual recordings any more.  Adobe has … Continue reading

11/15/2016 · 2 Comments

Pelosi Met With Key Members of the Democracy Alliance. A Soros Organization.

Checking the news on Twitter, it appears that the Democracy Alliance hosted a DC meeting with its key members on Sunday. Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi attended. The Democracy Alliance … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Protests Update 3. Link Found Between George Soros and Washington CAN.

Anti Trump Protests in Washington State are being organized by a group called Washington CAN. Washington CAN has a WordPress Blog. Its earliest blog documented activity is from 1998: Minimum … Continue reading

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1988 Interview. George Soros Says No Guilt, No Remorse. Even Laughs for Collaborating With the Nazis. Watch This Video Before It Gets Taken Down.

Skip to 7:00 for the segment of the interview, where George Soros says it himself he did not care for the Hungarian Jews, when hundreds of thousands were being shipped … Continue reading

11/12/2016 · 5 Comments

Link Found Between Hiker and Hillary. Suspicious!

A day after Hillary conceded the election, a person by the name of Margot Gerster posted on Facebook, a photo of her chance meeting with Chappaqua neighbor Hillary Clinton. Social … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Riots Update 2. Canadian Film-maker’s Story is Somewhat Suspicious

Developing Story: The Santa Monica Police Department has reported no calls from a Calgarian bearing wounds. The Calgary Film-maker claimed he received 5 staples to his head after receiving emergency … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Riots Update. Link Found Between Riots and George Soros.

Social media has uncovered a link between billionaire Hungarian lobbyist George Soros and the recent flare ups of protests in the United States.  United We Dream, a youth-led organization that … Continue reading

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Hillary Tied to Bizarre Occult “Spirit Cooking” Ritual.

Stay up to date with what’s happening behind the scenes. What people are talking about.

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Corrupt Vox News Admits they Were Wrong About Hillary.

I’ve been saying this about them all this time. Motherjones, Vox, Huffington Post, CBS, CNN, Daily Beast, Politico… The alt left folks. Corrupt to the core.

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Hides in Plain Sight (Part 3)

Heirarchies There’s a big reason why the FBI won’t investigate Hillary Clinton. It’s because the organization is vast. Taking down Clinton would fill up federal and state penitentiaries all across … Continue reading

11/07/2016 · 1 Comment

Hides In Plain Sight (Part 2)

High Art in a Decadent Society It’s often said that a civilization enters its final stage, when it shows outward signs of immorality. Warning: if you are not accustomed to … Continue reading

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Hides In Plain Sight (Part 1)

Jesus protect us in our darkest hour. The Christianity I believe in is the unwavering faith in one God. God the father, and Jesus his son, with no other god … Continue reading

11/07/2016 · 1 Comment

Odd. FBI Records Vault Twitter Acct. Is Back Online. Cryptic Tweets.

This is the official verified Twitter account of the FBI records vault. It had been offline since Oct 8, 2015. Its first tweet after waking from hibernation is about Donald … Continue reading

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Insider Talk: “Britney Spears and John Mccain are Slaves.” (Scandal)

Brad dislikes John Mccain, Britney Spears, and George Bush.

10/31/2016 · Leave a comment

Podesta Fears Netanyahu. (Scandal)

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Podesta’s instincts.

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Podesta Team Mocks Katy Perry (Scandal)

Even celebrities are beneath their consideration.

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Neera Tandem Thinks Joe Biden is Below Stephen Colbert. (Scandal)

“But it’s like super ratings push for Colbert.  I don’t think he’d take him unless he was making news.”

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Insider Talk: “Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem are Nails on a Chalkboard.” (Scandal)

A PR advisor brainstorms ways to bump Hillary’s dismal ratings.

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“He’ll Do Whatever We Want.” Clinton Campaign on Larry Wilmore. (Scandal)

They don’t think too highly of “Colbert’s replacement.” 1

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No-one Ever, EVER, Says No to Hillary Clinton. EVER. This Guy at Her Rally Didn’t Have a Choice.

A video clip from 2 days ago. What happens when a politician lies so much, that it becomes a chore for an actor to feign enthusiasm? He falls asleep.

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John Kirby Spills the Beans on Advanced Weapons Systems Sold To Qatar. $19 billion contracts. (BUSTED)

Skip to 27:16. During Hillary’s 2012 run as secretary of state, Hillary accepted bribes from 3 lobbyists hired by a leading defense contractor.  That same defense contractor was a major … Continue reading

10/27/2016 · Leave a comment

Remember When 3 DNC Staffers Resigned After Being Exposed for Religious Bigotry?

Out of all the leaks that came from the DNC, the one e-mail that took 3 top DNC staffers down was the one where they pit Jews against Christians against … Continue reading

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Sizzling Hot on Twitter Right Now. Footage from 2014 of Rigged Voting Machine.

This is rare footage of a rigged voting machine, changing a person’s vote from republican to democrat.

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Washington Post Claims Trump’s Chances of Winning are Approaching Zero. ORLY!?

5 Pictures you need to see.  Fresh. Cleveland Oct 22 – 1 Cleveland Oct 22 – 2 Cleveland Oct 22 – 3 Tampa Oct 24 Hillary Cleveland (A few days … Continue reading

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CNN Claims Project Veritas Video is Fake. This Stay at Home Mom Digs Up CNN Footage that Proves Project Veritas Video is Real.

In this case, a stay-at-home mom managed to shame CNN with their own footage vindicating James O’Keefe’s exposé showing the DNC’s corrupt efforts to win the election against Donald Trump.  In the clip (below) created … Continue reading

10/22/2016 · 3 Comments

2 Daily Sheeple Videos You Should See. (Because TIME and Global News are Boring)

Is Hillary the epitome of white privilege? “White privilege” is a trendy liberal term that has in recent times, come to replace the old and outdated terms “entitled,” and “Spoiled.” … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud Detected in Georgia

Jay from Altnews dot com reports that 1,580 early votes have just been cast in the same county as the one where a DNC bus was captured dumping raw sewage … Continue reading

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Who is George Soros. Bill O’ Reilly Show.

George Soros, a man with nearly unlimited political power is featured in this video.  Through Soros’ Open Society Foundation, people, politicians, lobbyists and journalists are controlled and directly manipulated by … Continue reading

10/21/2016 · 1 Comment

Voting Machine Hacking. Court Hearing. (Video)

A computer programmer from LSC, testified in court, that he designed a program that had the capability of rigging elections, 51% to 49%. A congressman (Tom Feeny, former speaker of … Continue reading

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