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This is the Candidate that Liberals are Voting for. Funny! (Video)

With a flash of her smile she says “Well if you went on to read the rest of the sentence…” Clinton in this video confirmed the authenticity of the Podesta … Continue reading

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Polls That Will Shatter the Illusion (Uno)

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Polls That Will Shatter the Illusion (Dos)

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Donna Brazille Comes up Short During Attempt to Protect Hillary Clinton. (AfriSynergyNews)

Donna Brazille is pretty high up in the DNC. She also used to be a commentator for CNN. In this interview with Megyn Kelly, Donna Brazille says all the wrong … Continue reading

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Retired 3 Star General on Hillary’s Big Booboo Last Night.

Verified account it seems. It’s in response to Hillary’s disclosure on live TV of the nation’s nuclear response time. They’re going to have to pad the polls even more to … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud Detected. Indiana.

An article at Indystar dot com writes: Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson said her office has found voter registration forms containing first names and birth dates different from what voters provided. … Continue reading

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Remember The Time Hillary Read a Script and Spoke it Word for Word on Chris Hayes’ Show?

Remember how her words seemed slower, unempathetic and staggered? She did it again tonight at the debate. Skip to 59:40 for this video. Notice how she wasn’t able to stop … Continue reading

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BAZINGUS! Robert Creamer Forced to Resign. (Fired)

Following in the footsteps of Debbie, Luis, Amy, and Brad? Perhaps Hillary should step down too! For more information on this scandal, please refer to:

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Holy Moly! The Scandal Grows Wider and Wider! Cesar Vargas, the Guy in the Project Veritas Video was a Part of the Bernie Sanders Campaign!

It’s looking less likely that Bernie was blackmailed. It’s looking more and more like he was the bait for left leaning college voters!!  Thanks Huffington Post! You guys are swell! … Continue reading

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Federal Grand Jury to Investigate Anthony Weiner Scandal. SHTF!

As federal authorities continue to investigate Anthony Weiner’s sexually charged online chats with an underage girl, has learned that a grand jury could hear the case against the ex-congressman … Continue reading

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BUSTED. Bob Creamer, One of the Guys in the Project Veritas Videos is Also a Huffington Post Writer.

For more background info, please refer to these posts.

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Scott Foval, the Guy in the Project Veritas Video Was a Huffington Post Contributor.

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Video Number 2. CBS, CNN, ABC, Will Never Cover This. Obama a Stuttering Mess. Don’t Watch this Video Liberals.

Bill is mad, Chelsea is Livid, Hillary is Hysterical. John Oliver’s waiting for orders. Bill Maher messed his shorts. Amy Schumer just screamed at her uncle. Barbara Streisand walked into … Continue reading

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Avg Salary of Highest Paid. Men: $295K. Women:$182K. (Clinton Foundation)

Remember to vote on Nov 8!

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Your Favorite Handsome CNN Anchor Caught Astro-Turfing on Live TV . CNN!

Anderson Cooper playing line backer for Hillary. This is the video that they’re arguing about.  The Clinton Tapes.

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Hillary Needs 11 Advisors Just to Compose 1 Tweet. (Scandal)

It takes 11 people to to write a tweet pandering to Puerto Rico? Must be an expensive lie I surmise. twatter1 twatter2 twatter3 twatter4 twatter5    

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They’re Making Their Moves. Nuclear War with Russia Looking More and More Likely. UK Freezes RT’s Bank Accounts More as this develops.

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JPalmieri, the Person Caught in the Previous Catholicism E-mail Leak, Caught Again. This Time Involving Foreign Money Donations to Clinton Foundation and to the State Dept. (Scandal)

JPalmieri was caught trashing evangelicals in one of the leaked e-mail correspondences with JPodesta and JHalpin. In that same E-mail chain, JHalpin was caught calling Catholicism a “Bastardization of the … Continue reading

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Trump Expresses His Concern About War.

Trump briefly mentions the topic of war in his speech in NC. It’s undeniable that a lot of people in Washington are rattled by the recent developments in Yemen. Not … Continue reading

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BUSTED. Summer Zervos, One of Trump’s Accusers and her Ties to Navy and Defense Contractors.

Who is Summer Zervos? According to Jezebel, Zervos claims she was groped by Trump. Imagine in the 90’s, none of us would have known about any of this. And this … Continue reading

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Hot Butter BUSTED. DNC Staffer Christina Approached Paustenbach and Miranda Luis for Approval of Fake Craigslist Sexual Assault Gig. (Scandal)

From the earlier reports of collusion and corruption. A proposal for a fake Craigslist ad was submitted to the DNC communications team leaders back in May, 2016.  Its purpose was … Continue reading

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Corrupt Judge Who Presided Over Lawsuit Against Trump, and Member of La Raza. Cousin is a Raving Fan of the Clintons. (Scandal)

La Raza translated into english means “the race.” While the American media portrays La Raza as a benign society open to the promotion of Latino interests, the term La Raza … Continue reading

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African American Leader Supports Trump. It’s Time to Think. (Video)

Don’t plug your ears democrats. Don’t shut your eyes and scream lalalala.  If you actually watch some of Trump’s rallies, you’ll realize that he actually isn’t the hateful, racist, misogynist, … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching on Live TV?? (Video)

Even the girl knew what was going on. Facepalm.

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Mass Surveillance is Bad, Sure. But a More Sinister Consequence is the Blackmail of Your Local Representatives. (Leaks)

Something for the tech people. We’ve all been aware of big brother. Mass surveillance. Nothing to fear if nothing to hide. But the one thing no one stresses is that … Continue reading

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John Mccain Calls a Female Journalist “A**H***” 5 Times. (Video)

Here are Mccain’s comments on the Trump “pussy” video: Incredible hypocrisy!  

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Wylie Mao, Hillary Campaign Field Organizer Caught on Video. “I Would Have to Grab Emma’s Ass, Twice” +Ripping Up Registration Ballots is Allowed Under Hillary

“I don’t give a shit, they are not going to fire me.” says Wylie Mao. “I think that the bar of acceptable conduct on this campaign is pretty, pretty low.” … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Connection

A person named Pir requested for backup from Podesta, Mills, Huma, and Sullivan, to get Hollywood to intervene with Elizabeth Warren’s bid for the 2016 elections. A mini tribal war … Continue reading

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Update on the Death of Shawn Lucas.

Over the last couple of weeks, people have been coming to my blog to read up on Shawn Lucas.  I’ve been wanting to write a post about it, but I … Continue reading

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