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Alva Johnson Accused Trump of Forcibly Kissing Her. Then a Wild Video Footage Appeared.

This appeared on RawStory this morning. I wonder if the people at Rawstory have ever seen international leaders greet each other because this is how international presidents and royalty greet … Continue reading

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Haha. Low IQ CNN Bent the Knee. CNN is now Covering the 4th of July Parade

I guess they’re really desperate for cash. If you’re a CNN viewer, you’re just like them, no backbone, no principles.  Happy 4th of July!

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Force People to Like Your Pride Parades at Gunpoint, Can’t Stand Others Having Their Own

MSNBC refuses to attend the 4th of July celebrations, and CBS, ABC and CNN will follow suit. Buddy, no-one sends invitations to the 4th of July. You just do or … Continue reading

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Poland’s Catholics Protect Children’s Pilgrimage from LGBT Protesters.

Plus Romanian pro normalcy groups counterprotest the LGBT march in Romania. Mainstream media silent. From Lifesitenews, June 18, 2019. Hundreds of Polish Catholics protect children’s pilgrimage from LGBT marchers -CZĘSTOCHOWA, … Continue reading

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Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged.

The Israeli military had originally claimed that only Palestinians set fire to West Bank fields, but changed versions after video released by NGO B’Tselem showed otherwise The Israeli military admitted … Continue reading

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Exactly 2 Years Ago in Caracas. (Video)

Will ya look at that! A perfectly functioning Caracas before Eliot Abrams manufactured a ((crisis)). The uploader of this video filmed himself walking through the streets of Caracas. People were … Continue reading

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How dare she not go along with what bearded ISIS informants dressed as women told our bureau chiefs in Virginia! That’s racist communist and massaginism! Bearded ISIS dressed up as … Continue reading

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2 Vids Debunk the So Called ((Venezuelan “Humanitarian” Crisis))

  Aran Tirado films herself at a mall showing what clearly appears to be a perfectly functioning system. This tells us that the so called “humanitarian crisis” is a power … Continue reading

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If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Catholics Keep Losing Street Cred Year In Year Out

It’s because the church lets CNN do the talking for them. Don’t they realize that CNN enforces an opposing religion? When the Covington Schoolboys came under attack, only the castaways … Continue reading

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Anti Trump Protesters Shout Homophobic Rants While Quoting a Bible, But One of Them Also Wears a Star of Remphan. Psyop

This appears to have taken place at the same protest where the incident between the kid with the MAGA hat and the Native American Indian Vietnam Veteran took place. These … Continue reading

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Hungary’s New Labor Laws

Quite the deluge of bad press surrounding Hungary’s new labor laws, making it nearly impossible to figure out how it could possibly benefit Fidezs and Orban to enact such a … Continue reading

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Pocahontas. I wonder how fast the deep state will turn on her and tank her prospects for running in the 2020 elections.    

01/05/2019 · 2 Comments

Using Google Will Decrease Your IQ. Here’s How You Do It!

Here are the top results on Google when searching for illegal immigrant rapes and murders. WOW! JUST WOW! The NPR article cites 4 studies that claim that illegal immigrants have … Continue reading

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US Holiday Retail Sales are Strongest in 6 Years. MAGA!

Are you still buying all the doom and gloom that the fake news peddles? The wheels are turning, the economy is moving. It’s a buyer’s market!

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British Newspaper theGuardian’s Race to the Bottom. (Or How Do I get a Job at theGuardian Writing BS?)

Feb 2016: ISIS is BAD!! Feb 2018: STOP killing those poor misunderstood terrorists! Dec 2018: Oh my God why aren’t you bombing those terrorists!

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SCATHING! Fox News Shows You CNN’s Lowlights in 2018. (CBS, MSNBC and ABC Included)

This is my first time seeing Laura Ingraham’s show. Hot bantz! Hot bantz I tell ya!

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Wew! Intelligence Select Committee Vice Chairman Senator Warner Ordered the Leak of Classified Info to Buzzfeed. (Developing)

TLDR: James Wolfe, the director of the SSCI (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) was caught leaking FISA documents to his girlfriend Ali Watkins at Buzzfeed. He was indicted in June. … Continue reading

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Working Overtime. Let’s Defend Hungary!

I don’t know why some people are so afraid of working overtime. Overtime is fantastic! Seriously, you get paid time and a half for basically doing what you were already … Continue reading

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NY Prosecutors Say that Cohen Tried to “Influence” the Outcome of the Elections.

I can’t decide which is dumber. The prosecutors, or the laws that the prosecutors invoke. Setting your day straight with amateur analysis of liberal psychosis! I’m your host Otto Octavius! … Continue reading

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The Extent of Cohen’s Contact with Russia Amounted to Spam Mail to a General Press Mailbox

And the hits just keep on coming. -Mueller, however, in his nine-page charging document filed with the court seen by Capitol Hill sources, failed to include the fact that Cohen … Continue reading

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Tell Me Your Secrets Grass

Sometimes you just have to piece things together yourself. Here’s the real reason why Trump cancelled the G20 meeting with Putin. Last night Trump abruptly left the Christmas tree lighting. … Continue reading

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The Atlantic Council Advises MBS How to ‘Refocus’ West From Kashoggi Murder

    The Atlantic Council, the US think tank that advises Facebook on which news is fake, has some friendly hints for Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on how to … Continue reading

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Well Played Australia

We have approached the point of singularity. There is no turning back now! Once more unto the breach dear friends!

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Do You Have that Friend Who Blames Everyone But Himself? (The Black Market and the Honduras Caravan)

If only you knew how bad things were.  These are all mainstream news articles except for one.

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Idaho Elementary Teachers Who Dressed Up As Mexicans And The Border Wall Suspended

Over a dozen Idaho elementary school teachers and staff members were suspended Saturday after the group dressed up as Mexicans and President Donald Trump’s Mexico-U.S. border wall for Halloween. Middleton … Continue reading

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Street Urchin John Bolton has Introduced 6 New Ways for Laundering Money

Bolton’s not going to catch any terrorists. Instead, he’s going to “catch” paid provocateurs on the USG’s payroll to frame false narratives. You heard it here first! Well maybe not … Continue reading

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Reuters’ Suspects False Flag in the NCRI Incident.

” A senior French official said Paris had no doubt that elements of the Iranian state were behind the bomb plot and that it was likely to have been hatched … Continue reading

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Israel betrays Trump! I know! It’s MINDBLOWING RIGHT!  They betrayed him! AHHHHHH!  Reminder, this Saturday on the 29th is a Christian Holiday. I’m taking bets now that Trump won’t write … Continue reading

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Word is Rosenstein has Resigned

This is probably the biggest scandal this decade, and the media just goes “meh.” As if they’re waiting for something bigger. This guy is literally an arch villain, an end … Continue reading

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