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1 Day Prior, National Guard Prepped for Massive Escalation. Part 5

Further proof that Charlottesville was part of a pre-planned operation. Massive civil unrest and division between Virginians were the intended outcome. Advertisements

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The Future is Bright

But only if we apply proper maintenance to it daily. We knew fixing the world wouldn’t be easy. It takes the combined efforts of level headed doers and thinkers to … Continue reading

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The Sanctions Bill Needs to be Sent Back for Another Revision

The sanctions bill is claimed to be a restrictive measure against Iran (and by default Russia), but a closer examination of the bill reveals that it is more of a … Continue reading

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I Heard Nikki Hayley Was Looking for Footage of Sarin Gas.

ISIS just happens to have one custom made for her. I’m willing to bet that the Washington Post is already sitting on a ‘final cut’ of this film and is … Continue reading

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No Opinions Allowed (On Reddit)

Here is a quick comparison of r/Politics and r/the_Donald.  Notice how r/Politics gets all their talking points from only a handful of news companies? That’s what you call an ‘echo … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Trudeau is Awake

Right wing news sites aren’t the only ones I read. I sometimes check up on left wing web sites too. This one is from Der Spiegel’s G20 interview with Canada’s … Continue reading

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Antifa is Burning Down Germany

The left is so progressive and tolerant. They are the bastion of peace and pragmatism.

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Why Aren’t You Out There Collecting These Awesome Photos of the G20

This is a once in a lifetime event. Iconic meetings, high quality production. I haven’t seen so many good photos in a long time. France’s Macron in the French submarine … Continue reading

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The Left’s Weakness is Amplified By Trump’s Numerous Wins

Waiting for the glass ceiling to shatter, up on Hillary’s green screen. This is especially evident with Politico’s intentional disregard for American job growth. Greater stability in the world stage? … Continue reading

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G20 Day 2 – Putin Knows How to Make an Entrance

Day 2 of the G-20, Putin arrives on the scene with what appears to be the only armored limo amongst all the other 4 door Audis and Benzes the other … Continue reading

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US, Russia Reach Cease Fire Agreement in Syria

The US and Russia have reached a cease-fire agreement over the conflict in southwest Syria, officials announced Friday, as President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met for the first … Continue reading

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Tired of All the News About Fake News? Here’s More!

Here is a prime example of European fake news. This time from the Independent. Notice how the title only says “all men?” It’s the Independent’s way of making it appear … Continue reading

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Europe Needs to Step Up Its Efforts to Protect Women

Time and time again, users on social media have pointed out that European women are being shoved aside, just to give refugees preferential treatment. These are concerned middle class, low … Continue reading

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The Excuse of Inbreeding

Skimming Google for inbreeding stats, the sites that came up the most were Quora, Yahoo answers, a handful of obscure blogs, and an article by the NyTimes. Quora and Yahoo … Continue reading

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We Know President Trump Dislikes Fake News. But Do You Know What Type of News He Considers Fake?

Here’s a handy guide for the newcomers! I call it “grading a fail paper.” It’s either that or “pretend to be a teacher day.” Class, today’s fail paper comes from … Continue reading

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A Trump Supporter Comments on Sean Spicer’s False Flag.

Not at all uncommon, Trump supporters have their reservations about the recent Press Secretary Tweet by Sean Spicer.  These aren’t even democrat voters speaking out against false flag narratives by … Continue reading

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Personally, I’m Willing to Hear Chancellor Merkel Out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposes the new anti Russian sanctions drafted by the US Senate.  The dispute is over the negative impact the sanctions would have on the price of … Continue reading

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Hello Europe! Do You Get the Impression that CNN is a Reputable News Organization?

Oh man, nothing could be further from the truth.  CNN is the most disliked news outlet in America for several years running.  A few recent examples why Americans dislike CNN: … Continue reading

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Uhhm Sweety. (Part 2). CNN Caught Manufacturing Sympathy Video.

Actual footage of CNN film crew instructing actors where to stand and how to pose.  Part 1 can be found here:

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Uhhm Sweety

CNN caught manufacturing “sympathy” footage again.  More pictures below.  This is in the wake of the terror attack in London Yesterday.

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Survivors of the Evacuation Bus Blast (Video)

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Paris Shooting. Police Officer Shot at Champs Elysees Days out from French Elections.

  TERRORISTS appear to have once again struck at the heart of Paris, shooting one police officer dead and seriously injuring two others on the iconic Champs Elysees boulevard, just … Continue reading

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Christians Attending Mass on Good Friday. These are Christians Under Assad’s Protection.

Reminder, these are the images that NBC, CNN, NYT, CBC, Reuters, and CBS does not want you to see.

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Assad Army Makes Terrifying Discovery of Dead Civilians Murdered by Rebels in Aleppo

Reminder: NBC, CNN, NYT, and WaPo are lying to you about Syria.  This is what the Neocons and Neolibs don’t want you to hear. BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 P.M.) – The … Continue reading

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US Coalition Jets Have Struck an ISIS Chemical Storage Compound.

Fascinating. Hundreds of civilians dead. Yellow plumes of gas after the explosions. Does this mean we get to Tomahawk the DeepState now for national safety?

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MIT Professor Picks Apart US Intel of Khan Shaykhun Sarin Attack. Part 1

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Watch the Lavrov – Tillerson Press Conference Live Now

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British Reporter’s Promotional Video of ISIS Reveals White Helmets’ Ties to ISIS. (2015)

Where to start? This one is slightly complex. John Cantlie is a photojournalist.  His works have been featured in publications such as the Sunday Times, the Sunday Telegraph, Esquire, GQ, … Continue reading

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Video Proof. FSA (US backed rebels) Using Gas Grenades. Indiscriminate Fire (2103)

Keeping it frosty. Because there is a distinct lack of evidence of Assad using chemical weapons, I thought I’d give you evidence of FSA (ISIS) using chemical weapons.  Notice they’re … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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