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The Resistance

Son I am disappoint Cancel culture Antifa Virtue signalling Obama. “8 years, zero scandals.” Parents who grew up playing World of Warcraft 19 hours a day. “Woke” liberals Google employees … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders is Polling High

Project Veritas’ videos backfired. It only pushed people to gravitate toward Sanders more. The Project Veritas videos sought to appeal to Democrat sensibilities when they released videos showing what I … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard Clips at the DemDebate

I know some of you guys out there are fans of Tulsi, so here are just the clips of Tulsi from tonight’s Demdebate.

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Deep State Shekel Shill Force Wrecked. China Creates 6 new FTZ’s.

6 new free trade zones are in the works. Shangdong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hebei, Yunnan, and Heilongjiang. You’ll notice that they’re all provinces that are adjacent to GuangDong where Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Ben Swann: US Should Butt Out of Hong Kong’s Business

It’s not just the people around the world who find American senators disgusting, Americans find them righteously filthy too! — Jon Chan (@sumtingwong2019) August 21, 2019

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Hillary is in Cahoots with China?

Try again right wing pundits. China skewers Hillary with this video compilation of her biggest bloopers.   How American democracy and freedom damage the world peace? #HongKong — China … Continue reading

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Real Life Goblins. No Photoshop Needed.

Can you name them all? 1. Ellen Page. She forgot to wax her forehead that night. 2. Katie Bouman. The tapering of her facial features at the top and bottom … Continue reading

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Today I learned that South Africa’s Spies Hate Israel Too

This is an article from 2015 that I thought would be interesting to share. It appears that even South Africa gets its fair share of false flags and meddling. From … Continue reading

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Charity Starts With the Family

This is something that my parents taught me and as you grow older, you start to realize that the only honesty that exists in your life are the life lessons … Continue reading

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Old Movie Review. Don’t Call me Grandpa.

Movie night. My friends and I would gather for half off Wednesdays. Our cars were minty, we had on our freshest gear, everybody showered, and it was always the liveliest … Continue reading

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Left or Right, We Can All Get Along

I may have struck a few nerves with my last post, (because there were some nasty comments, just nasty). But regardless of whether you lean left or right, the most … Continue reading

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Are You Me? Trump’s Tweet This Morning Is What I Had Been Thinking of for Days!

“In our country, so much money has been poured down the drain for so many years, but when it comes to Border Security and the military, the Democrats fight to … Continue reading

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Good News is Hard to Find

You just want to post something to make your readers feel good about themselves, but news fillers. News fillers everywhere! I’d like to hear the news that says we’ve found … Continue reading

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Is the US Meddling with European Elections?

-As we reported in July, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has been canvassing Europe as he forms form a loose coalition of populist governments, coordinated through Brussels-based non-profit NGO; “The Movement.” … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietn…Goood Morning America!

Did you read that in a fruity voice? Because I didn’t write that in a fruity voice. I don’t know how else to start off the day. To the agnostic … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietn…Goood Morning America!

Did you read that in a fruity voice? Because I didn’t write that in a fruity voice. I don’t know how else to start off the day. To the agnostic … Continue reading

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Trump’s State of the Union Address 8/10!

It’s an hour and 20 minutes long, and it covers a wide area of topics. The part that stood out most is the part about medicine. I’m certain that a … Continue reading

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A Psych Evaluation is Not Scheduled for Trump’s Annual Physical on Friday

  Nor is it required.  An interesting thread I found on the Yellowbullet forums. A person asked, how will the democrats lie about it this time? He’s going in for … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tweet on African American and Hispanic Unemployment Hits the Spot

26k retweets compared to 16, 15, and 19, on the three preceding tweets.  Meanwhile the deepstate keeps attacking Trump with false accusations. MAGA.

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Bill Kristol. Trustworthy Scum? Or Schemingly Deceptive Establishmentarianist?

Kristol, one of the co-authors of the now defunct Project for a New American Century, one of the engineers of various illegal operations in several foreign sovereignties, and generally a … Continue reading

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The Democrepe.

A Missouri State Senator posted a controversial request on Facebook: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”  Now she’s under investigation by the secret service.  (Gee I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg will … Continue reading

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*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock

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In the Post ISIS World, Which Middle Eastern Nation is Better?

I’m not taking any sides between Iran and the US. I’m sufficiently aware of the dynamics between the US, Russia, Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia; but I think Iran is … Continue reading

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I May be Addicted to Politics. (Also Hit that Subscribe Button).

Summer is passing us by, and I wish I had gotten out more.  But I can’t stop reading about Trump, and the news, and all the other things. It’s the … Continue reading

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We’re Gonna Make it Aren’t We?

Optimism. I haven’t had this much optimism in a long time. Chancellor Merkel’s getting along with President Trump. President Trump is getting along with President Putin. President Putin is getting … Continue reading

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Corrupt AG Loretta Lynch Called for Blood and Death on the Streets Back in March this Year

  http://www.wnd .com/2017/03/loretta-lynch-need-more-marching-blood-death-on-streets/   WASHINGTON – The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – … Continue reading

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Alexandria Shooter James T Hodgekinson was a Bernie Sanders Supporter (Social Media Profile)

The Alexandria shooter appears to be a fan of psycho TV show hosts Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow, (and also a pair of low rent comedians: Trevor Noah and John … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday President Trump!

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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